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Integrated Card Services (also known as Merchant Account Solutions or International Card Service) is a payment processing company located in California. The company has a variety of service and equipment options for those who take payments in person, on-the-go, over the phone, or online. In this Integrated Card Service review and profile, we’ll guide you through the services it provides and give you insight regarding the company’s reputation.
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What Services can ICS offer my business?

Integrated Card Service has a no frills approach to processing payments. If you are looking for options like gift cards, loyalty programs, and other added marketing perks, you might need to look elsewhere. That being said, if you are interesting in credit/debit card processing, check acceptance, mobile options, ecommerce/phone order solutions, or a cash advance, ICS could be a company to consider.

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Credit/Debit Card Processing

The ability to accept card payments is a convenience that many customers have come to expect from businesses. ICS can process both credit and debit transactions for you whether you are using a standard terminal, wireless terminal, mobile device, or even if it’s a card not present payment (online or over the phone). ICS offers equipment you can purchase, but can also reprogram your current terminal.

Check Acceptance

The use of pen and paper is being traded for digital options everywhere you turn, and while checks are no exception, they are not yet obsolete. With a check scanner, you can turn a paper check into an electronic transaction that can be processed by Integrated Card Service. This allows your customers the convenience of paying with a check, while minimizing the risk associated with accepting them.

Mobile Option

Not everyone stays put at a storefront location. If you take payments while traveling, as with tradeshows, farmers markets, lawn services, and other businesses on the move, Integrated Card Service can do the processing. ICS has a wireless terminal option, a virtual terminal option (this allows a laptop to act as a terminal where there is internet), and also claims it can reprogram existing equipment. ICS TelePay is also an option for you if you want to accept payments with a Blackberry.

Ecommerce/Phone Order Solutions

Integrated Card Service offers free virtual terminal software and free gateway software. ICS says that the software integrates with your existing website and most shopping carts, allowing you to take payments from customers online. This option is also a means for accepting keyed-in transactions any time or place where there is an internet connection, making it useful for mail/phone orders and turning your PC into a traveling terminal for mobile transactions.

Cash Advance

If you need funds for your business fast, you might be tempted to take a cash advance. Integrated Card Service states in can fund you between $5K and $500K.

But make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you do. Cash advances are known for being very expensive endeavors, and there might be better options for you.

QuickBooks Integration

Integrated Card Service offers free accounting software that can be integrated with QuickBooks software. This can be beneficial by eliminating extra data entry, helping you keep accurate records, allowing you to process payments directly from invoices, and process multiple invoices at once. It also helps by giving you the ability to set up recurring payments and billing schedules, and creating easy methods for viewing and sorting transactions.

What are the equipment options through ICS?

Integrated Card Service offers a limited selection of equipment from popular brands like Verifone, Nurit, and First Data to lease or buy. Options include traditional countertop terminals, wireless terminals, terminals that have check scanners attached to them, and full point-of-sale systems.

ICS can also reprogram existing terminals, but there is a disclaimer that not all terminals can be reprogrammed. The company also features a free credit card machine deal, one per client. Be cautious about offers for free equipment, as they often come with hidden fees and lengthy contracts that can ultimately add up to being more money that the terminal was worth.

Integrated Card Service Rates and Fees

Integrated Card Services does not publish its pricing. If you are interested in knowing how much you would be paying for its service, request a quote through CardFellow. You’ll get a fully disclosed quote and can optionally request quotes from additional processors to compare their offers to Integrated Card Service’s pricing.

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Integrated Card Service Reviews

Integrated Card Service has two other aliases, Merchant Account Solutions and International Card Service, so when you search the Better Business Bureau for ICS, you will be linked to the profile of Merchant Account Solutions. The company was recently accredited (2015), has a B rating, and has 70 complaints closed in the last 3 years. The complaints are largely concerned with hidden fees and higher rates than agreed upon. These factors lead clients into wanting to cancel where, in trying to do so, they realize they were locked into a contract they state they did not agree to and were faced with large early termination fees. The complaints allege deceptive company practices and sales representatives.

A search for Integrated Card Service on Ripoff Report brings up 34 reports that angrily declare similar experiences. Many feel that ICS is a scam, lying to people about what is in the contract and then robbing them on technicalities and undisclosed terms and fees. There are no reviews on Yelp but a lonely Google review sings its praise with a 5 star rating. The reviewer claims great service dealing with a dispute and appreciates ICS over other companies worked with in the past.

Experiences of working with the same processor can vary greatly. If you’ve worked with Integrated Card Service and would like to share your experience, leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 23, 2016


Integrated Card Service is a company with a few different names, which is always cause to raise an eyebrow. The statements we've reviewed from Integrated Card Service show that it prefers First Data for its primary processing relationship, and it favors bundled/tiered pricing without disclosing the rates. It's easy enough to do the math to determine rates, which is all the more reason for showing them in black and white.