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Aka Certified Payment Processing and Summit Merchant Solutions Intrepid Payment Processing has gone by a few different names over the years, including Certified Payment Processing and Summit Merchant Solutions. In this Intrepid Payment Processing review and profile, we’ll focus on the company’s services as Intrepid Payment Processing, but we’ll also include information on reviews received as Certified Payment Processing, as those reviews offer insight into potential pitfalls of working with Intrepid. Intrepid Payment Processing is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank.
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Fifth Third Bank

What services does Intrepid Payment Processing offer?

Most of the usual processing services, including credit and debit card acceptance through in-person or mobile device. Intrepid also offers EBT card acceptance, electronic check conversion, and gift and loyalty cards.

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Credit and Debit Card Acceptance

Whether you’re already processing cards and looking for a new processor or you’re interested in taking cards for the first time, Intrepid offers in-person card acceptance through traditional credit card machines, or the option to take payments through your smartphone. If you’re a retailer, restaurant, or other business with a brick-and-mortar location where customers come to you, a traditional credit card machine may suit your purposes. If you’re frequently on the road (like for tradeshows or craft fairs) or you go to customers (such as for delivery businesses, landscaping, etc.) a smartphone processing option will offer convenience and security.

EBT Acceptance

EBT cards look and act like credit cards, but require a special set up process. If you want to accept EBT to broaden your customer base, you can get set up with Intrepid Payment Processing to accept EBT cards right in your store.

Electronic Check Conversion

For your customers that still want to use checks, you can easily and securely accept them with an electronic check conversion option available from Intrepid. With check conversion, the customer’s paper check is fed through a check imager at the time of sale and converted into an electronic deposit. Conversion eliminates the need to physically deposit the check at your bank.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Take advantage of the popularity of gift cards by offering your own. Intrepid Payment Processing can get you set up to sell and redeem gift cards. Interested in a loyalty program to encourage repeat business? Intrepid can help with that as well.

Can I get equipment from Intrepid Payment Processing?

You can, but it will likely be through an expensive 4-year lease. We’ve written about the pitfalls of leasing in an article here: Don’t Lease a Credit Card Machine. Specific features will vary by model, but available options include EMV capable machines, wireless terminals, and contactless technology acceptance.

What does it cost?

Intrepid Payment Processing doesn’t post any information about its rates, fees, or pricing model. Complaints available online indicate expensive costs, but you don’t need to rely on vague information. You can request a quote from Intrepid Payment Processing right through this profile. You just need to sign in to your CardFellow account (if you haven’t already) and click the green “request quote” button. If you need a CardFellow account, it’s free, fast, and private. Sign up today!

What about contracts and termination fees?

Yes and yes. Intrepid Payment Processing contracts are 3 year automatic-renewal terms. An early termination fee of several hundred dollars may also apply.

Intrepid Payment Processing Reviews

Intrepid Payment Processing doesn’t have a lot of reviews online under that name. However, Certified Payment Processing (Intrepid’s prior name) has plenty of reviews, and they’re overwhelmingly negative.

The Better Business Bureau has a profile for Certified Payment Processing. CPP is not accredited with the BBB and has an F rating, one of the few businesses we’ve seen with that grade. The company has had 288 complaints lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years, but it’s unclear if new reviews and complaints are being added since the company has a new name.

Reviewing the complaints shows that customers are unhappy with misleading and aggressive sales tactics, promises not followed through (including not paying off prior equipment leases as promised), expensive costs, misleading pricing, expensive cancellation fees, and deducting undisclosed annual fees.

Ripoff Report has 39 reviews for Certified Payment Processing in its directory, though some of the complaints are from employees/sales reps and not customers. Complaints allege pushy and aggressive sales people who claim that businesses need to meet with them about federal regulations and other misleading reasons. Additionally, reviews mention high fees and expensive cancellation fees.

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Posted by Diane on Jul 01, 2020


This company has become a nightmare to cancel. I have called several times and been asked the same questions over and over and told each person that my business closed and I needed to close account and they would transfer me and transfer me and then tell me they could not get in touch with Intrepid. I thought I was talking to someone with Intrepid. I called 3 times and spoke with people and was told Intrepid would call me back. I have not heard back. I have wasted so much time.

Posted by David Emery on Oct 27, 2017


Shady sales team did not explain the contract included a three year commitment. Also they promised lower rates but that is not the case. They are more expensive than others once you see all the fees! It's ridiculous. I read another review say they were a bait and switch and that is exactly right! Don't believe a word they say.

Posted by Reggie Hoppins on Apr 06, 2017


IPP (Intrepid) will promise a lot to get you to sign but deliver on very little. They stated the monthly fees would be lower than what I was paying and they were not, and the transactions had little fees attached. We signed up with them in December of 2016 and where told they would pay the cancellation fee of our old processor for switching, however we were never switched and after seeing they where higher we decided to stay with our old processor. Well, now they are hitting us for a $495.00 early cancellation fee after 3 months. They are a bait and switch company and I would never recommend using their service.

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 31, 2016


Intrepid Payment Processing is over 10 years old and boasts over 50,000 clients, but we’ve never had the opportunity to review paperwork from IPP. Its Web site is very vague on the pricing policies and terms of its services.

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