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Intrix Technology is a payment processor that has been doing business since 2007. The company can provide services for both card-present acceptance and online or mail/phone order acceptance. It offers a variety of other business services as well, but how can you tell if this is the processor for you? In this Intrix Technology review and profile we’ll provide objective information about its services and reputation and aim to answer just that.
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What services can Intrix Technology offer my business?

Intrix Technology can help you accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Even if you are considered “high risk,” the company might have options for you. It can also provide cash advances, and offers a gift card program. Intrix Technology offers a payment gateway with a virtual terminal for accepting payments online, by phone, or by mail order, and provides a QuickBooks plugin for reconciling transaction data with existing accounting software as well.

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Card Processing

Will that be credit or debit? With Intrix Technology you can accept all major cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners’ Club, and JCB. PIN-based debit cards can also be accepted as well as EBT and store valued gift cards.

Check Processing

Paper checks might seem a bit old fashioned, but processing them doesn’t have to be. Intrix Technology offers electronic ACH check processing to convert traditional paper checks into an electronic transaction. This doesn’t just help make the transaction more secure, it also eliminates the need to physically deposit checks at a bank and can result in faster funding. Funds will be directly debited from customers’ bank accounts, and receipts can be emailed to customers automatically. With ACH processing you can also set up recurring payments, allowing you to easily bill customers for repeat transactions such as subscription services.

Merchant Cash Advances

Intrix Technology partners with Principis to offer merchant cash advances to businesses seeking working capital. Cash advances can be used for almost any business purpose but you should be aware that they are a very costly way of investing in your business and it is worth looking into other options.

Gift Cards

Have you thought about offering gift cards at your business? Intrix Technology’s gift card program boasts that it’s a popular way to help drive sales, increase brand awareness, and encourage repeat business.

Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal  

You might be wondering what a payment gateway and virtual terminal can do for your business, we’ll explain!

A payment gateway is what allows your customers to make payments through your website. Intrix Technology offers a full-featured payment gateway with a virtual terminal option. The virtual terminal allows you to turn whatever online computer you are using into a payment taking machine.

The payment gateway offers a hosted payment page for secure online transactions. With the hosted payment page option, customers enter their card data into a form at the time of checkout online. The form is stored securely with Intrix Technology, limiting the risk of credit card data theft and reducing fraud liability for your business.

With the Intrix Technology virtual terminal, transactions can be keyed in manually, or swiped with an optional card reader for added convenience and potentially lower costs. The virtual terminal is PCI-DSS complaint and allows for use of common fraud filters, including Address Verification Service, Verified by Visa, and MasterCard SecureCode.

For subscription businesses, or those that need to schedule payments, recurring billing can also be set up with the virtual terminal. This allows you to easily receive payments for goods or services charged to customers on a set schedule.

What about equipment?

If you are looking for equipment, Intrix Technology offers many credit card processing equipment options, including traditional countertop terminals, wireless terminals, PIN pads, receipt printers, and check readers. Intrix Technology’s available models vary, but include major brands such as Verifone, Hypercom, Ingenico, and MagTek.

Any security benefits?

Intrix Technology complies with current standards and utilizes tokenization technology. Tokenization is a process where sensitive customer payment information in converted into a code, rendering it useless to thieves.

Also, Intrix offers a range of tools to help businesses prevent fraudulent transactions. Tools include Address Verification Services, where a business can match the customer’s given address with the billing address of the card used, and Card Verification Value, where a 3 or 4-digit code on the card is verified to ensure the card is physically present with the purchaser.

Intrix Technology Rates and Fees

There isn’t any information published on Intrix Technology’s website about rates and fees. This is usually because pricing can vary from business to business. You can get fully disclosed pricing information by requesting an Intrix Technology quote through CardFellow. Our free service will allow you to privately request and compare pricing from any processor you choose. Sign up here!

Intrix Technology Reviews 

If you are looking for what people have to say about Intrix Technologies, you might be disappointed. We scoured our sources for reviews but not much surfaced. Ripoff Report, Yelp, Google, and other good go-to sites for listening to what people have to report were quiet.

The company does have an accredited profile with the Better Business Bureau. It boasts an A+ rating and there has only been 1 complaint closed within the last three years. The complaint details are not visible but it falls into the category of “Problems with Products/Services.” Countering this mystery complaint are testimonials on Intrix Technology’s website, where reviewers claim good pricing and responsive customer service.

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