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Intuit, Inc. is a software developer best known as the creator of QuickBooks accounting software and TurboTax tax prep software. Intuit offers payment services for credit card processing through Intuit Payments, designed to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks. However, other payment processors can also be used with QuickBooks, and Intuit Payments’ history of expensive and deceptive pricing mean they might not be worth it for your business. Read on for information about Intuit Payments’ rates and fees, services, reviews and reputation, contracts, and more.
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What services does Intuit Payments offer?

You’ll be able to do any of the three common methods of credit card processing with Intuit Payments: point-of-sale processing, mobile processing, and online processing. You can accept virtually all credit and debit cards. Payment processing through Intuit integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks for easy accounting.

Intuit Payments

Point-of-sale Processing

For point-of-sale processing, Intuit offers QuickBooks point of sale solutions. QuickBooks supports iPad-based point-of-sale systems or desktop PC point-of-sale systems. The QuickBooks point-of-sale systems allow you to accept credit cards with QuickBooks payments, handle sales and inventory tracking, and track your customers.

Mobile Processing

If you accept payments on the go or outside of a traditional store environment you can take use Intuit’s GoPayment mobile option, but be warned that it may be expensive. You can read more in our article: GoPayment: A Costly Mistake!

Cards can be swiped or keyed, and card readers and apps are available for both iPhone and Android mobile devices. GoPayment is not available for Windows phones or Blackberries. Additionally, some mobile devices can support taking photos of customer credit card information to process transactions. Receipts can be emailed or texted to customers after the transaction is completed.

Online Payments

For accepting payments online, Intuit offers e-commerce processing for compatible web stores. A list of compatible web store vendors is available through Intuit. Compatible stores include those offered by Shopify, Big Commerce, 3DCart, and more.

If you don’t have an online store and simply need to invoice your customers and allow them to pay online, Intuit supports email invoices that include a “Pay Now” link to simplify payment acceptance. When invoicing, you can take major credit cards as well as ACH bank transfers, and payments will be deposited into your business account in 2-3 days.

Can I take credit cards with another processor and still use QuickBooks for accounting?

Many processors offer data exports for getting your information into QuickBooks, meaning you can find a processor with competitive pricing and still use your QuickBooks accounting software. For more information, see our article QuickBooks Integration: Getting Credit Card Processing Data Into QuickBooks.

What about equipment?

Intuit offers two options for point-of-sale systems: QuickBooks Point-of-Sale powered by Revel systems, and QuickBooks Point-of-Sale for desktops. The Revel POS is an iPad-based system that offers the ability to accept payments even during an internet outage with the “Always On” mode. The Revel POS tablet comes pre-configured with no additional software installation necessary and software updates delivered seamlessly.

For internet processing and desktop processing, Intuit provides a list of minimum system requirements for effective usage that includes a 2.4Ghz processor and a current web browser.

For mobile processing with the Intuit GoPayment card reader, an EMV chip card capable reader is expected to be available in 2016 for $30.

Is Intuit secure?

Intuit is PCI compliant and offers secure 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for cardholder and business security. Intuit payments services are also compatible with security-compliant devices.

Intuit Costs

Intuit has in the past used a tiered pricing model, which makes it very difficult to determine exactly what you’ll be paying. As of December 2015, the company states that they no longer use tiered pricing, but CardFellow has found inconsistencies when discussing rates and fees with Intuit. You can read our chat transcripts with Intuit during our attempts to clarify the costs.

Intuit publishes rates for two pricing plans for processing: pay-as-you-go and monthly. Note that there may be additional fees beyond the published rates.

Pay-As-You-Go Monthly
Monthly fee: $0 Monthly fee: $19.95
Swiped: 2.4% Swiped: 1.75%
Keyed: 3.4% Keyed: 3.15%
Per-transaction fee: $0.25 Per-transaction fee: $0.25
ACH/bank transfer: $0.50 ACH/bank transfer: $0.50

If you’re interested in seeing how Intuit Payments’ rates stack up to quotes that you get from processors in the CardFellow marketplace, sign up for a free CardFellow account and request a quote from Intuit.

Intuit Reviews

Intuit has been around for a long time, and has a mixed reputation online, with many complaints about the company in general. Outside of the processing industry, Intuit is known for high spending on lobbying efforts, such as lobbying the government to not allow electronic tax return filing directly with the government. Within the processing industry, Intuit has a reputation for trying to limit QuickBooks integration with credit card processors.

Available reviews and complaints online are not always about Intuit’s payment processing services specifically, but here’s an overview of what people say about payments through Intuit.

Intuit at the Better Business Bureau

Despite complaints, Intuit has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and currently has an A+ rating, the highest available. The company has had 1,814 complaints lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years. Not all complaints specifically refer to credit card processing or Intuit Payments, so it’s difficult to gauge how many of the reviews specifically have issues with Intuit Payments.

Complaints allege unauthorized charges and fees, being billed differently than agreed, Intuit setting up merchant accounts automatically when businesses use QuickBooks, failure to properly investigate chargebacks in a timely manner, and difficulty getting issues resolved when calling the company.

Intuit According to Intuit Users

Intuit’s website includes testimonials. Reviews praise Intuit’s streamlined processes, ease of collecting payment, seamless integration with accounting, and customization options. Testimonials don’t include the reviewer’s name or business name.

What CardFellow Thinks

We’ll be honest: we’re not Intuit Payments’ biggest fans. Their history of expensive and misleading pricing is fundamentally at odds with CardFellow’s belief in transparency in processing, and we’ve seen no evidence that Intuit has changed their ways. While the company states that they no longer use a tiered pricing structure, CardFellow was unable to get straight answers from Intuit regarding pricing.

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Posted by ESD Associates on Mar 31, 2020


We used Intuit ACH capability for years with no problems. We added merchant services to take credit cards. What a mistake. 3 months later, had a chargeback that cost $890 Was supposed to be $25. They were no help in resolving. Cancelled immediately. experience could have cost us nearly $4000.0 had it not been for the credit card company. Stay away.

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 31, 2016


The good things about Intuit end with its Quickbooks products. Intuit leverages Quickbooks to extract maximum profit from small businesses using an extremely aggressive and opaque bundled-surcharge pricing structure. There is nothing wrong with making a profit, but Intuit goes above and beyond to conceal just how much money it swindles from small businesses that use its accounting products. We would love to see Intuit make money above the table and disclose to businesses how much it charges above interchange.