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Merchant Account Solutions (also known as Integrated Card Services) declares that it can provide payment processing services to every size of company, from start-ups to fortune 500s. Located in California, MAS has been serving companies in the US since 2007.

In this Merchant Account Solutions review and profile, we will outline the services provided and take a look at what its reputation has to say about becoming a client.

What services can MAS offer my business?

Whether you are a traditional brick and mortar store, a traveling retailer, or a virtual vendor, if you need transactions processed then Merchant Account Solutions can help.

Merchant Account Solutions

Credit and Debit Card Processing

MAS gives you the ability to accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Debit cards on major debit networks are also accepted. Merchant Account Solutions boasts next day funding for transactions.

Mobile Processing

If you travel a lot and do business at various locations, MAS offers mobile processing using SmartSwipe. Payments can be accepted using Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch using the SmartSwipe mobile card reader. SmartSwipe includes signature capture, tax calculator, tip options, and email receipts. You can also add pictures and descriptions of products.

E-Commerce/Virtual Terminals

If your storefront exists in cyberspace, Merchant Account Solutions provides secure solutions for accepting payments through your website or a virtual terminal. Using e-commerce gateways allows you to enter transactions manually from any internet-connected computer, or integrate with an existing shopping cart. Virtual terminals can also set up recurring billing for things like monthly memberships for customers.

QuickBooks Integration

Merchant Account Solutions can help process credit and debit transactions and get the information into QuickBooks. You can integrate information between your bank, your transactions, and the program, eliminating the need for double data entry. Get more information on integrating credit card processing with QuickBooks.

What options are there for equipment?

Merchant Account Solutions has an offer for free terminals. The terminals are from popular brands like Nurit, Way, and Verifone. The features will vary from model to model, some are standard retail terminals and others are wireless (for those that need to do transactions off-site).

Free equipment might sound pretty good, but be careful of what you are agreeing to when you sign up. You may end up paying more somewhere else to make up for the “free” terminal.

Merchant Account Solutions Rates and Fees

Merchant Account Solutions offers price matching, and claims that if they can’t match or beat other rates they will give you $100. Beyond that, Merchant Account Solutions publishes the following information about its pricing:

Rates starting at 0.39%
Equipment: Free

That is pretty vague. Additionally, it may indicate a tiered pricing model. If you want to find out what you will be paying if you do business with MAS, request a quote through CardFellow. Simply sign in to your CardFellow account and click “request quote” at the top of this profile. Don’t have a CardFellow account yet? No problem. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Sign up here.

Merchant Account Solutions Reviews

Recently accredited with the Better Business Bureau in 2015, Merchant Account Solutions has a profile with a B rating. The company has had 70 complaints closed in the last 3 years and has 4 reviews, equally split between positive and negative experience.

The majority of complaints fall in the “Problems with Products/Services” category, the next largest group was the “Billing/Collections Issues”, and the last were in the “Advertising/Sales Issues” category. Overall, complaints allege being tricked into signing contracts with terms they did not agree to (or were in fact told would not be in the contract). Some allege that they did not even realize they had entered into a contract. But, when they were faced with charges and tried to cancel the service, they were told they needed to pay a cancellation fee.

The most common complaint was about the early termination/cancellation fees. According to the complaints, the cancellation fees were about $500 and not disclosed as being part of the contract. Reasons for wanting to cancel varied but were often due to rates being higher than anticipated and hidden costs. The two positive reviews claim very helpful customer service experiences.

Ripoff Report echoes the complaints on the BBB’s site, with 11 reports that call MAS things like deceptive, thieves, and “class A ripoff artists.” There are no reviews on Yelp or Google to be found, but we did find an entire website devoted to an alleged scam through Merchant Account Solutions. Creating an entire website, rather than leaving a bad review somewhere, is quite a testament to that individual’s anger.

If you have worked with Merchant Account Solutions and have an experience you would like to share, leave a review!


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Posted by Pax on Oct 27, 2017


I signed up with this company 3 months ago. Everything sounded very nice. Only $7.95, low % per swipe, a little more if you punch in the info. The person that set up my screen sounded rude and rough. I tried to let that thought go but it did make me feel like I was dealing with people doing this from their house or something. I received my free swiper a little later. I was all set to go. First swipe didn't work, had to punch in, second swipe the same, and on and on. Called the company, no help there. They tried to sell me a bluetooth swiper for $160 or I would have to buy another phone or tablet for their swiper to work. Unbelievable. I told the guy I am not buying anything. This was not mentioned when I called for info. So he told me he was going to talk to his supervisor and see if he could get me the swiper for free. Never heard back from him. I also never received a contract that I signed from these people. So I decided to just go with Square. No hassle, no problems, free swiper, good and clear info and straight to the point. This company told me that if I stop now I pay a $600 early termination fee. This is for their crappy stuff that does not work! Buyer beware!! It's a shame that those scammy companies make it bad for the good companies out there.

Posted by Brenda on Apr 12, 2017


I was looking for a mobile friendly POS system to process credit/debit cards. Found this one and sent the requested info for sign up. I was told there was a $7.95 a month fee plus % swipe fee. I was told by phone that I would have a $2,000 daily limit. I processed my first transaction of $1358 and received an email saying processed. A few days later I received another email saying it had been held up. After 2 weeks of holding my customers money, they called and told me they had cancelled my account and refunded her. I had to contact customer and give her a $400 discount in order to get a partial payment. On March 2nd, 2017, this company charged my bank $36.46, on March 24th 2017 they charged my bank a $350 cancellation fee, on Apr 3rd 2017 they charged my bank account $26.47. I have both emailed and called this company to no avail. I have not had the use of this service, I did not cancel, they did. And they cost me the $458 discount I had to give the customer. Added to the $413.20 they have taken, this company has cost me much more than their service would have been worth. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Just received a call from MAS saying that I broke the contract (which, by the way, I never signed and they keep promising to send me a copy of but don’t) AND if you go to their website the top proclaims in large letters ” No contracts, no cancellation fees”. They area ripoff from what I can see.

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