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MerchantPlus is a global payment processor, specializing in eCommerce and software-as-a-service (Saas) businesses. While the online world might be the company’s expertise, MerchantPlus does offer services for those in traditional store environments and those with mobile needs as well.
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Having been in business since 2003, MerchantPlus claims that it has the experience and ability to help businesses of any size, whether startup or large-scale. In this MerchantPlus review and profile, we’ll provide an overview of what the company has to offer your business and research what people’s experiences with the company say about it.

What services can MerchantPlus provide?

With MerchantPlus, you are able to process all major brands of credit and debit cards, though Discover and American Express require separate approval. You can also process electronic checks and ACH with some of the virtual terminal options. Whether you are interested in doing transactions in a traditional storefront environment, taking mobile payments, doing business online, or some combination of the three, MerchantPlus can assist your business.

MerchantPlus homepage

Traditional Storefront Transactions

MerchantPlus has terminals and point of sale systems available for people who tether their business to a specific location, like restaurants or retail. You can also convert a computer into a way of taking payment by using a virtual terminal.

Terminals can be used to take credit card payments and, if the terminal has a PIN pad, you can also take debit card payments. It is unclear if MerchantPlus supports check readers, for those who would like to accept checks as an electronic transaction.

Point of Sale System
If you would like a system that is more involved than just making transactions happen, a point of sale system might be right for you. A point of sale system integrates all methods of payment, from cash register to card payments, and also serves as a station for monitoring inventory and running reports. There may be other features available as well, depending on the specific system.

Virtual Terminal
MerchantPlus offers many different payment gateways that offer virtual terminals as a feature. A payment gateway is means for accepting payments online, but does not necessarily allow you to enter transactions yourself. Virtual terminals bridge this gap by allowing you to take payments with a computer, using the payment gateway, but not using your company’s website or shopping cart to do it.  This option can help those who accept mail and telephone order payments because transactions can be keyed in. Some of the virtual terminals also allow you to accept electronic checks and ACH payments.

Mobile Payments

People don’t always carry cash, but will usually have a payment card on them. MerchantPlus has options for allowing you to take card payments using your smartphone or mobile device. Whether you are a service that travels, or a vendor that attends fairs and or tradeshows, mobile payment offers you and your customers more convenience.

This option is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad payments. It requires you to download an app and take payments using a small card reader (also called a dongle) that attaches to your device. mPOS mobile application
With mPOS, all you need is your phone or mobile device to take a payment. The app is free to download and works with iOS and Android.

MerchantPlus Mobile
This proprietary MerchantPlus app works with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. No dongle necessary, you can just key-in the card being used for the transaction.

Online Business  

As mentioned in the intro, MerchantPlus caters to online businesses. With payment gateways and shopping carts to choose from, there are an abundance of options for those who do business in cyberspace.

Payment Gateway
The first thing you need for processing payments online is a payment gateway. MerchantPlus has plenty to choose from depending on your need, including the very popular and its own proprietary payment gateway NaviGate. Some options cater to those who do business internationally, others offer online check acceptance or ACH payments, and some come with virtual terminals (described above in the Traditional Storefront Transaction section).  With the variety of options available to you, MerchantPlus insists it can find a gateway that will integrate with your company website and shopping cart.

Shopping Carts
You will most likely be able to integrate your current shopping cart with one of the payment gateways offered. If, however, you are looking for a shopping cart, MerchantPlus has over 30 different software options that it actively supports.

What other software options are there?

MerchantPlus has a lot of software and apps that can help with various needs. Billing and CRM platforms, ticket sales, booking platforms for the hospitality industry, recurring billing options, invoicing help, and other tools are all offered as additional support for your business.

Is there any help with security?

MerchantPlus boasts validation on their website from TrustWave, PCI Security Standards Council, and Visa. The company is a Level 1 Certified Payment Gateway. The company’s internal programs and the NaviGate gateway utilize up to date security protocols. All MerchantPlus account types are eligible to take advantage of tools to create best practices for security, including PCI security scans and security training assessment quizzes.

Who do I go to if I need help?

MerchantPlus offers customer support by phone from its headquarters in New York. Spanish language assistance is available during business hours in Eastern Standard Time. Live chat and 24/7 online ticketing are also available if you prefer to communicate online.

MerchantPlus Rates and Fees

MerchantPlus offers different bundles based on your business needs. While they used to offer a “Starter” option, it no longer appears to be available. Whether or not you are a smaller business, requesting fully disclosed pricing information is important so you can know how much you will be paying for MerchantPlus’ service. You can do this through CardFellow. Sign up here for free!


The Advanced package is designed for established businesses. It features same-day application approval and claims low rates.
Monthly account fee: $30
Per transaction rate: 0.03% above interchange + $0.25

The Advanced package also includes a choice of 10 gateways, and claims no long term contracts.


The Enterprise package is designed for global and large businesses processing at least $500,000 per month. It features the ability to process transactions in multiple currencies and low volume-based rates.
Monthly account fee: $299
Per transaction rates starting at: 0.02% above interchange +$0.20

MerchantPlus Advanced and Enterprise accounts come with a program called RateAssure, designed to provide competitive rates based on your average monthly processing volume. As you process more transactions, MerchantPlus automatically lowers your interchange markup rate. Customers can expect to see the following interchange markups based on processing volume:

Average Monthly Processing Volume

Interchange Markup

$0 - $100,000


$100,001 - $500,000


$500,001 - $1,000,000


$1,000,001 - $5,000,000




As always when rates are listed on a processor’s site, your actual costs may vary. Be sure to request a fully disclosed MerchantPlus quote through CardFellow to see complete costs.

MerchantPlus Reviews

The first place we turn to see a company’s standing with its clients is the Better Business Bureau, but as you are about to find out, there is often more to gauging customer satisfaction than a single rating.

MerchantPlus is not currently accredited with the BBB, but the company does have a profile page where they currently show a D- rating on a scale of A+ to F. This is peculiar because the company only has 2 complaints closed in the last 3 years. Other companies we have reviewed have maintained A+ standing with hundreds of complaints. It appears that MerchantPlus may have failed to have responded to some complaints, and has yet to make up for it.

Only one of the BBB complaints is viewable. It alleges that MerchantPlus charged over $350 dollars in fees on a single transaction and refund ($72 processing fee, $72 refund fee, and another $200 in other extraneous fees). MerchantPlus does not appear to have responded to the complaint.

There is one review listed with Yelp and it is currently marked as a non-recommended review. It gives MerchantPlus 2 stars, complaining that MerchantPlus debited money from her account unauthorized, has multiple hidden fees, and that customer service is unreachable when there are problems. Ripoff Report also lists one review for MerchantPlus, complaining of unauthorized seizing of funds, and pushy and unhelpful customer service.

Countering these complaints are the testimonials that MerchantPlus includes on its website. The testimonials include full names and the company of the reviewer. Of course, they shower the company with praise for outstanding, easy to use service and being a pleasure to work with. They are testimonials on a company website, and pretty much what you would expect. That being said, the complaints do not out weight the testimonials (we have seen some seriously tipped scales reviewing other companies).

If you have chosen MerchantPlus as a processor, we would love some insight into your experience. Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 28, 2016


We haven’t seen many statements, quotes, or applications from MerchantPlus, but the company does advertise pricing on its Web site. It offers two interchange-plus pricing plans with a set monthly fee, volume mark, and transaction fee.