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Midland States Merchant Services is the credit card processing division of Midland States Bank. MSMS doesn’t ‘outsource’ processing like some banks, meaning your merchant account is directly with Midland. If you’re in the market for a credit card processing company, read on for details about what to expect with Midland States.

What can Midland States Merchant Services do?

Midland States Merchant Services offers payment processing for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and American Express. You can choose whether to take payments online or in person. For taking payments in person, traditional in-store processing or newer smartphone processing are both available. Fleet card acceptance for gas stations is available as well.

In-Person Processing

If you run a business that takes payments when customers are physically present with their cards, you’ll need in-person processing. With Midland States, you can choose either stationary processing or mobile processing. Mobile processing allows you to accept payments from multiple locations, while traditional stationary processing is designed for businesses that stay put, like restaurants and retailers.

Online Processing

MSMS doesn’t offer much detail about its online processing options, but states that it offers several gateway choices. If you’re not sure what you need for online processing, be sure to check out our primer on How to Take Credit Cards Online.

Gas Station Processing

Midland States Merchant Services can help gas stations by allowing fleet card acceptance for Voyager and Wright Express cards.

Other Services

In addition to the card acceptance services mentioned above, Midland States Merchant Services can set you up to accept checks, sell and process gift cards, and take EBT.

Check Acceptance

Some customers still prefer to pay by check. Midland States allows for electronic check processing, turning a paper check into a digital transaction at the time of sale.

Gift Cards

Gift cards is another avenue that Midland States can support, but doesn’t offer much detail. It says that it offers a comprehensive electronic gift card program, but doesn’t offer further information about whether the cards are customizable, reloadable, or offer reporting capabilities.

EBT Acceptance

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is the name for government benefits cards. EBT provides funds from programs like SNAP and other food-assistance programs. If you have clients that use EBT, or are missing out on sales because you can’t currently accept it, getting set up to take it could benefit your bottom line.

Midland States Merchant Services Rates and Fees

Like most processors, Midland States doesn’t list rate or fee information on its website. The company does mention flat rate credit card processing, but doesn’t offer further details. Not to worry. You can get a free, no-obligation quote from Midland States Merchant Services by using this tool to request a private quote for your business.


MSMS doesn’t provide any information about available equipment. You’ll need to speak directly with Midland for questions about what terminals or machines are supported. When you request a quote from Midland through CardFellow’s quote request tool, you’ll have access to a private message board where you can discuss your equipment needs directly with a representative.

Midland States Merchant Services Reviews

As with all banks that have their own processing division, it’s difficult to separate reviews by Midland States banking customers from Midland States merchant services/processing customers. At this time, we can’t turn up any reviews specific to Midland States Merchant Services. If you’ve worked with them for your processing, do us and other businesses a favor: Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


Midland offers services for businesses like retailers and restaurants but can also provide specialty services like fleet card acceptance.

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