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Mintlink is not just a straight credit card processing company. It’s a creative web design agency and digital business solutions company. However, the company does offer credit card processing as well, and that’s primarily what we’ll focus on in this Mintlink review and profile. Mintlink is located in Georgia and is an ISO and MSP of Fifth Third Bank.

How can I take payments with Mintlink?

You can take cards in person, online, over the phone, by mail, using your mobile device, or any combination.

In Person

For in-person transactions, Mintlink can set you up with traditional credit card equipment to accept cards. You’ll be able to take major credit and debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.


Taking cards online is done through Mintlink’s ecommerce solution, we can be used in conjunction with Mintlink’s web services if you need help creating your site. You can also use online processing for receiving payment from invoices. Using Mintlink’s online processing solutions also gives you the ability to set up recurring billing. Recurring billing is ideal for situations in which you bill customers on a repeat basis for regular, scheduled sales of goods or services.

Phone and Mail Order

Phone and mail orders are easy with a virtual terminal, which doesn’t require your customer to be physically present at your store. You’ll be able to manually key in customers’ card information, or optionally use a USB or Bluetooth secure card reader if your customer is present.

Using Mobile Devices

More businesses than ever are finding themselves wanting or needing the ability to take credit cards even when they’re not at their regular location. Whether you’re a business that’s always on the move (like delivery businesses, traveling vendors, landscapers or contractors) or only occasionally need to take payments away from the store (like when you’re at a tradeshow) Mintlink can get you set up with a mobile checkout solution.

What other services does Mintlink offer?

In addition to the payment services Mintlink offers, it can provide gift and loyalty card programs and access to working capital.

Gift and Loyalty Card Program

Gift cards are an increasingly popular option for many gift-giving occasions from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and retirements. Take advantage of the popularity to grow your own sales or use a loyalty card program to encourage repeat business.

Working Capital

If you need funds for business expenses, Mintlink offers access to working capital with next day funding. Any time you take money for business expenses, whether through a loan or a cash advance, be sure to thoroughly research the terms so you know what you’re getting into.

Can I get equipment from Mintlink?

Yes – Mintlink offers POS equipment for businesses that need equipment to take credit cards. However, it’s not clear if Mintlink sells equipment or leases it to you through another company. You’ll want to avoid leasing credit card machines.


Mintlink utilizes encryption technology and tokenization for secure card transactions. Both encryption and tokenization can help secure your customers’ card data and reduce your risk of security issues. Mintlink also offers PCI assistance to help you achieve PCI compliance. Lastly, Mintlink provides data breach assistance to help with the costs in the event of a breach.

What does it cost?

Mintlink doesn’t publish rate or fee information, but will provide a fully-disclosed quote for businesses through CardFellow. To get started log in to your CardFellow account and request a quote from Mintlink. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up now. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.

Mintlink Reviews

Unfortunately, there’s very little to go on when looking for customer review and experiences with Mintlink. The Better Business Bureau doesn’t have a profile or reviews for Mintlink. Additionally, Mintlink has no reviews on Yelp, doesn’t offer testimonials on its website, and doesn’t have much else in the way of an online presence.

There is only one Mintlink review in the Ripoff Report directory. The review complains that Mintlink has very long contracts that are difficult to get out of and that it will cost a lot of money. With no other reviews to corroborate or provide the other side, it’s difficult to give an accurate picture of Mintlink’s overall reputation.

This means it’s more important than ever to get accurate Mintlink reviews so that businesses considering Mintlink will know what they’re in for. Can you help out?

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


Mintlink offers lots of services, which can be helpful for businesses that prefer to limit how many companies they use.

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