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There are three different websites for companies called Money Tree Merchant Services. For the purposes of this article, we’re discussing this one, located in Woodland Hills, CA. One of the selling points that Money Tree Merchant Services pushes is that it includes a number of free features, such as equipment and software.
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What payment services does Money Tree Merchant Services offer?

Money Tree Merchant Services offers credit and debit card processing and electronic check services. You can take cards and checks in person using traditional credit card processing equipment or online with an ecommerce gateway.

Money Tree Merchant Services homepage

E-Commerce Gateway

If you’ve got a website through which you sell items, you’ll need a gateway for transactions. Money Tree offers the Authorize.Net gateway with free setup.

Electronic Check Processing

Give your customers the flexibility to pay how they want. Money Tree enables you to process electronic checks. You’ll receive funds within 24 to 48 hours.

Additional Services

Beyond the basic payment services, Money Tree also offers accounting software, reprogramming of existing equipment merchant cash advances, gift and loyalty cards, and viral marketing.

Accounting Software

When you sign up with Money Tree, you’ll receive QuickBooks Pro Merchant software for free. You can manage invoices, track sales and process credit card transactions from one place.

Merchant Cash Advances

Everyone needs a little extra cash sometimes. Based on your current monthly average credit card processing revenues, you could be eligible for a lump sum of up to $150,000. Money Tree’s website says there are no fixed payments or set timeframes for repayment. Remember that merchant cash advances are financial obligations similar to loans, so be sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift and loyalty cards can increase your sales. Money Tree offers two gift and loyalty card packages: a free starter package and an option to customize the cards. Both packages include an acrylic card display and account setup and training.

Viral Marketing

What if you had a way to boost your marketing efforts? Money Tree offers Fanminder, an online marketing tool that enables you to contact your customers efficiently and quickly to share promotions and other important news.


Money Tree offers a free credit card terminal, a free mobile credit card swiper, and a free card reader for mobile devices. The company primary offers Hypercom equipment, but can reprogram many existing machines so you can keep using your current equipment if you prefer. Most major brands can be reprogrammed.


Money Tree’s website does not mention anything about its security practices, nor whether the devices it offers are PCI compliant. If you decide to work with Money Tree Merchant Services, be sure to ask about security measures and how to protect your customers and your business.

Money Tree Merchant Services Rates and Fees

Money Tree has different service rates and fees depending on the device or software you use. The company prices on a tiered (bundled) pricing model. While we give Money Tree credit for publishing many of its charges, we urge caution when considering quotes for processing that utilize tiered pricing, as it is often expensive and opaque.

For the dual comm terminal, the wireless card reader, the mobile device card reader, and the accounting software, published pricing is 1.29% for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Money Tree also lists 1.15% for partially qualified cards, and 1.80% for non-qualified cards (for the wireless card reader, it’s 1.80% plus $0.10 per non-qualified card transactions).

Money Tree also charges $0.08 per Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PIN transactions when you use the dual comm terminal or the wireless card reader.

Additional fees apply, and are subject to change. Beyond the transaction fees, recurring monthly fees also apply, including a monthly minimum of $25, with a $5 or $10 service charge per month. ($5 for the dual comm terminal, $10 for the wireless card reader service fee.) A $4.95 PCI compliance fee will also be applied after the first 12 months of processing.

EBT transactions are $0.15 each, while voice authorization is $1 per instance and voice AVS is $0.75 per instance. Retrieval requests cost $10. Chargebacks, ACH rejections, and ACH changes are $20 each.

There is a charge of $0.05 per wireless transaction, and a monthly charge of $15 for wireless service for the wireless card reader.

It costs $0.25 per transaction to communicate with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover when you use the mobile device card reader. Money Tree charges $2 per statement sent by US mail. It costs $10 for the primary phone line to use the mobile gateway, and $5 per additional phone line. You’ll pay $0.25 per batch deposit. The first mobile device card reader is free, but each additional device is $19.95.

With Money Tree, it costs 1.59% plus $0.20 to process checks. There’s a $15 monthly minimum, and a $10 monthly service fee.

If this is all a bit overwhelming, you can have our software calculate costs for you by using our quote comparison tool to request a quote from Money Tree Merchant Services.

Contract and Cancellation Fee

Money Tree’s website contains no information about contracts or cancellation fees. Be sure to read all documents carefully to understand if there is a contract term or a fee for early termination.

Money Tree Merchant Services Reviews and Reputation

The only reviews available for Money Tree are for companies whose addresses don’t match the one given on Money Tree’s website. It’s unclear whether those companies are (or have ever been) affiliated with Money Tree.

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Posted by Peter Hawman on Mar 20, 2023


They advertise via text-message spamming from disposable phone numbers, and get rude and hang up if you call to ask for the spamming to stop. They also lie through their teeth, making all sorts of bogus claims about where they get the numbers and who actually sent the text message and even claiming they screen the national do-not-call list even though they clearly have absolutely no idea how it works. Shady beyond belief!