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Prodigy Payment Systems was acquired by EVO Payments International and is located in Texas and serves businesses throughout the United States. Primarily focused on small to medium-sized retail businesses, the company provides basic payment processing services that can meet a variety of needs. In this Prodigy Payment Systems review and profile, we will discuss the services offered, as well as what client experiences suggest about working with the company.
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What services are offered by Prodigy Payment Systems?

You won’t find many bells or whistles here, but Prodigy Payment Systems provides the essentials of what you need for processing electronic payments. The company provides credit and debit card processing, check conversion and guarantee, wireless processing, internet processing, and gift cards.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Accepting card payments is a great way to increase the likeliness of a sale, as even those who don’t have cash with them likely have a card in their pocket or purse. With Prodigy you can use a credit card terminal or a computer with a virtual terminal to accept major credit and debit cards. With debit cards, you can offer cash back options to increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Additionally, Prodigy Payment Systems offers the ability to accept EBT transactions and provides training on the process of accepting EBT.

Check Conversion and Guarantee

Paper checks have been a common payment for a long time, but processing them digitally has definitely made improvements. By converting paper checks into electronic transactions you can minimize bounced checks and needless trips to the bank. The process is easy; simply scan the customer’s paper check with a check reader and receive approval that guarantees the value of the check. The guarantee protects your business from bounced checks, since Prodigy Payment Systems accepts responsibility for the check once approval is given. The check is then automatically deposited into your business account.

Wireless Processing

Are you limited by your location? If you want to take payments from a variety of places, including tradeshows, fairs, and more, Prodigy Payment Systems offers the convenience of wireless terminals. Wireless processing is recommended for businesses that don’t have a storefront, or regularly accept payments outside of a traditional storefront, such as landscapers, transportation services, artists, delivery businesses, and more.

Internet Processing

Being able to accept payments online means having the ability to accept payments 24/7 anywhere a customer has internet. Prodigy Payment Systems offers virtual terminals and integrated e-commerce websites for providing your customers with convenient online shopping. Online shopping carts are also available for your website.

Gift Cards

If you are thinking about offering gift cards, Prodigy Payment Systems has an electronic gift card option. Gift cards are offered with every point-of-sale terminal and for businesses with one location or many. You can choose between customized cards that include your logo and business information, or standard pre-designed cards. Cards are rechargeable, encouraging repeat business, and transactions are processed quickly and securely just like credit cards.

Does Prodigy Payment Systems offer equipment?

Prodigy Payment Systems’ equipment offers include credit and debit card processing terminals, wireless processing terminals, check scanning equipment, and PIN pads. Exact details of what brands or models the company has are not offered on its website.

Prodigy Payment Systems Rates and Fees

Prodigy Payment Systems doesn’t publish its pricing online, you will need to get a quote to find out how much its services will cost your business. Sign up at CardFellow to request a Prodigy quote. Our free service allows you to request pricing information and privately compare it with any other processors you choose.

Prodigy Payment Systems Reviews

Well, Prodigy Payment Systems may not have a lot of bells and whistles attached to its services, but the company has definitely sounded an alarm among its clients. 54 complaints at the Better Business Bureau and 29 complaints on Ripoff Report certainly warrant some attention.

Prodigy Payment Systems is not yet accredited with the BBB, but in spite of the 54 complaints, the company holds an A rating. The majority of the complaints appear to be about difficulty cancelling, auto-renewed contracts, high cancellation fees, and rude customer service agents when trying to get issues resolved. Reasons for why people wanted to cancel are unstated, but other complaints report hidden fees, held funds, and deceptive sales tactics leading to higher than promised rates.

On Ripoff Report, additional allegations of being double charged and having funds extracted without reason suggest that with this company you need to watch your statements closely. Others state being lied to about pricing, tricked or forced into leasing equipment, and reiterate the complaints on the BBB.

There is a lot of outrage in these reviews, but remember that no one has the same pricing or experience even with the same processor. If you have worked with this company and can help shed some light on what it is like to be a client, leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 29, 2016


Prodigy Payment Systems has been well know to CardFellow over the years for using high-pressure sales tactics followed by opaque pricing and cancellation fees. The company was somewhat recently acquired by EVO Payments International.