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ReliantPay is a credit card processing company located in Missouri and serving businesses nationwide. Offering a full range of credit and debit card processing services – including online, in person, invoicing, and recurring billing options – the company can set you up with the equipment you need to take payments however you’d like. In this review, we’ll give you the scoop on ReliantPay’s services, rates and fees, customer opinion, and more.

Payment Services

ReliantPay lets you take credit and debit cards online or in person. The company offers credit card processing equipment (including countertop terminals, mobile solutions, and full point-of-sale systems) and the ability to accept checks with remote deposit and a check guarantee.

ReliantPay homepage

Online Processing

If you’re accepting credit cards online or over the phone, ReliantPay can set you up with a secure gateway or virtual terminal to take cards. The gateway option allows you to enable payment from your website, with customers entering their card details at checkout. The virtual terminal solution lets you enter card details into a secure online portal when customers call to place an order and provide their information over the phone.

In addition to ecommerce and phone order processing, ReliantPay offers electronic invoicing for businesses that prefer to bill their clients. If you need to regularly bill clients, you can opt for recurring billing solutions to charge a customer’s credit or debit card, or initiate an ACH transfer. You can choose from several different billing intervals, edit payment information and schedules, and view reports for your subscription billing clients.

Fleet Cards

Businesses that need to accept fleet cards, like Voyager and Wright Express, can get set up to do so through ReliantPay. Fleet cards are particularly important for gas stations and companies that offer services such as automotive repair. Read more about taking WEX and Voyager.

Additional Services

In addition to its range of payment services, ReliantPay offers related solutions, including an electronic gift card program and merchant cash advances for businesses looking to secure working capital for expenses.

Gift Cards

Electronic gift cards are an increasingly popular option for retailers and restaurants alike. ReliantPay posts example costs of $1.00/card for 1,000 cards, with a setup fee of $250 and a per-transaction fee of 50 cents. Your actual costs may vary, depending on the number of cards needed and other details.

Cash Advances

ReliantPay offers merchant cash advances through AdvanceMe, Inc. a company that helps fund small and medium businesses. Merchant cash advances differ from traditional loans in that there is no interest rate and no fixed repayment schedule. Instead, you’ll repay the money (and an agreed-upon fee) through a percentage of your daily credit card sales. Cash advances are generally easier to obtain than small business loans, but may also be more expensive overall. Read more about Merchant Cash Advances.

ReliantPay Pricing

ReliantPay states on its website is that rates start at 0.35%. This may indicate a tiered pricing model. The company also claims to offer no application fee and free ongoing support.

If you’d prefer to see a full quote with a breakdown of all rates and fees, try CardFellow’s quote request tool to get pricing from ReliantPay without sales calls. It’s free and there’s no obligation. Try it now!

Equipment Options

For mobile processing using your smartphone, ReliantPay offers the Clover Go or RoamPAY mobile reader. If you’re looking for a traditional countertop terminal, you can choose from models by manufacturers Verifone, Ingenico, or First Data. Specific features vary by model, but ReliantPay has options to fit your needs, including wireless models, EMV-capable machines, and compatible PIN pads.

Mobile readers and countertop terminals not quite cutting it? Those who prefer a full-featured point of sale system can purchase the Clover Station and customize it with apps from the Clover App marketplace. Be aware that Clover Stations cannot be reprogrammed, so when you purchase the system, it will only work with the processor from whom you buy it. It’s a good idea to be sure that you’re going to stick with a processor for awhile before purchasing a Clover.

Online processing is available using the Authorize.Net or eProcessing Network gateways, while you can choose to take payments over the phone with the First Data Payeezy virtual terminal.

ReliantPay dedicates a section of its website to an online shop for processing equipment, which has the added benefit of disclosing pricing for the machines you’re interested in.

ReliantPay Reviews

There aren’t a lot of ReliantPay reviews available online, but the ones that do exist tend to be positive. The company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and has an A+ rating with no complaints. The company has a 5-star score on Google reviews, with 3 reviewers praising the company for great customer service. ReliantPay’s Facebook page does not have any reviews, and a search of Yelp and Ripoff Report similarly turn up nothing. The company does not include testimonials on its website.

If you’ve used ReliantPay for credit and debit card processing at your business, let us (and other businesses!) know about your experience. Was it positive, negative, somewhere in the middle? What did you think of customer service? Leave a review!


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Posted by Bridget Cromer on Apr 27, 2018


We have been customer for 5 years and have found them extremely helpful and clear on costs and service.

Posted by CardFellow on Oct 30, 2017


It's great that ReliantPay discloses costs for equipment on its website, and provides information about what models are carried.