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Retriever Payment Systems, a Vantiv company, was a payment processor headquartered in Ohio and serving businesses across the United States, but has since broken off into several apparently-independent offices. This profile is being left intact to give an overview of Retriever services, rates, and reviews, but be aware that individual features and services may be different depending on which Retriever office or agent you go through.

Retriever offers processing services and equipment to help a variety of industries, whether retail, mobile, mail/phone order, or online. Additionally, it has a Retriever Med division for medical and dental credit card processing. In this Retriever Payment Systems review and profile, we will tell you what you need to know about the services it provides and what clients are saying about the company.

What payment processing services can Retriever offer my business?

If you need cards or checks processed, Retriever Payment Systems can help, no matter what your preferred method of business may be.

Along with standard retail terminal options, Retriever also provides virtual terminals and gateways for processing transactions online and ecommerce. Mobile options, for those who need to take payments on the go, are available as well.

Retriever Payment Systems homepage

Credit and Debit Card Processing

With the convenience of cards, not everyone carries cash on them anymore. Retriever Payment Systems can help make sure you don’t miss out on sales by allowing you to accept all major forms of credit and debit cards.

Check Processing

Checks are still a preferred method of payment, but accepting them can be risky and require extra trips to the bank. To eliminate this problem, Retriever Payment Systems offers electronic check processing. The process is simple; using a check reader you scan the paper check and turn it into a digital transaction. The transaction is verified and authorized then deposited directly into your business account.

Virtual Terminals and Gateways

Need a processing method for mail or phone orders? Want to start an online store? Retriever Payment Systems has options for you.

Virtual Terminal
With a virtual terminal you can take payments with your desktop or laptop computer. It is a solid option for mail and telephone orders because it allows you to key-in transactions. The virtual terminal also allows batch uploading to submit multiple transactions efficiently.

If you would like to take payments through your website, a gateway is what you’ll need to connect with your customers. Retriever Payment Systems uses Authorize.Net to allow easy integration and user-friendly payment options. If you need advice while getting your online shop up and running, Retriever Payment Systems offers assistance as well.

Mobile Processing

Transactions don’t need to be tethered to one place anymore; with mobile processing you can take card payments anywhere and Retriever Payment Systems can process them. Stand-alone wireless terminals and card readers that attach to your smartphone or tablet allow you to travel to tradeshows, fairs, businesses, and homes and offer the convenience of card payment.

Other Featured Services

In addition to the payment processing services noted above, Retriever Payment Systems offers gift card and merchant cash advance options.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Have you ever considered offering gift or loyalty cards for your business? With Retriever’s options you can customize both types of cards. Gift cards can be loaded and reloaded with funds, a great way for existing customers to share your business with others. Loyalty cards are a way of rewarding your customers for choosing you. You can determine a system for earning and cashing in points based on the purchases they make. Both options are good ways to track spending patterns and trends as well.

Merchant Cash Advances

If you are in need of working capital, Retriever Payment Systems offers a merchant cash advance. These kinds of offers may be tempting, but can ultimately prove to be very costly. It may be worth exploring other options.

Retriever Med  

On a separate website, another Retriever agent talks about options for medical and dental practice credit card processing as an agent program of processor NPC. The company states that it adheres to both PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements. In addition to offering basic credit card processing services, the company touts its Practice Management Bridge program that integrates with practice management software.

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What equipment is available?

If you need equipment, Retriever Payment Systems has options for you to buy or lease. With popular brands like Hypercom, Nurit and Verifone, the company can provide various options for retail environments, wireless terminals, and mobile card readers. Check scanners are also available.

Retriever Payment Systems Rates and Fees

Retriever Payment Systems doesn’t publish rate information on their website but does boast "no hidden fees", no monthly minimums, and a no commitment contract. Compare those claims to the claims in the reviews section, though, and you might find a different story.

In order to know how much its services would cost your business, you will need to request a quote. CardFellow offers a free service for you to get fully disclosed quotes from any processors you choose and privately compare them. Sign up here to get a quote from Retriever Payment Systems!

Retriever Payment Systems Reviews 

It’s a little peculiar that there are multiple locations for Retriever Payment Systems that have profiles with the Better Business Bureau, but the main Waterville, Ohio office is not listed. It’s even stranger that the bulk of the complaints for Retriever appear to be mixed in with other Vantiv companies under the name National Processing Company located in Kentucky.

Since the complaints for Retriever Payment Systems cannot be easily singled out from the other companies, the BBB is rendered a difficult resource. However, the complaints with the BBB allege deceptive practices, unexpected annual fees, undisclosed PCI compliance fees, and difficulty with equipment. Some customers also complain of high cancellation fees for terminating accounts, and unexplained funds withdrawals.

A search for Retriever Payment Systems on Ripoff Report reveals 19 reviews. Reviewers complain of high and undisclosed fees, difficulty cancelling, feeling scammed into signing questionable contracts, and rude customer service. Balancing the complaints are six 5 star reviews on Google (the only negative review is called into question as being a competitor and not a client). Reviews on Google counter the complaints with reports of helpful customer service and overall better pricing than other processors.

While it may seem odd that there is such a divide on opinion, it’s not unusual for people to have varied experiences when dealing with the same processor. Pricing and service can vary from client to client. Also, the BBB and Ripoff Report are skewed in the direction of complaints, whereas Google is more opinion oriented, acting as a source where positive opinions may come up more often.

Good, bad, or neutral we are interested in what you have to say. Let us know if you have had an experience working with the company. Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 29, 2016


Retriever Payment Systems is an old independent sales organization (ISO) that grew quickly and was acquired by NPC, which was then acquired by Vantiv.

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