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Located outside of Dallas, Texas, SignaPay is a processing company that offers services to businesses across the United States. With so many choices, how do you know which credit card processor is right for you? Read the SignaPay review for more information on the company’s features, costs, customer reviews, and more.

SignaPay Services

SignaPay offers all the methods of payment you’d expect from a modern processing company, including traditional in-store processing, mobile, and online options. SignaPay offers an introduction video explaining its commitment to businesses:

In-Store Processing

For traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, SignaPay offers a choice of countertop terminals or full POS systems to allow you to accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Mobile Processing

If you need to take payments on the go, SignaPay can set you up with a mobile processing solution using the Clover Go smartphone reader or a portable, wireless countertop reader like the Dejavoo Z9. The wireless terminal option can be a great fit for traveling to tradeshows and other locations where a full terminal may help, while the smartphone reader is ideal for delivery services and taking payments at customer’s homes.

Online Processing

SignaPay’s gateway solution provides the ability to securely accept payments through your website or with a virtual terminal. The PCI compliant gateway lets you accept card payments or ACH transactions and includes a shopping cart option that integrates with your website.

PayLo Cash Discount Program

SignaPay offers a cash discount program, called PayLo, designed to help businesses defray the costs of accepting cards. When you use PayLo, SignaPay adds a customer service fee to all transactions. If a customer chooses to pay with cash, they’ll receive a discount on their purchase.

The company offers this video about the PayLo program:

Cash discounts are permitted even in states that prohibit credit card surcharges. We had not heard of adding a service fee before applying the discount, and spoke with SignaPay for clarification. The company confirmed to us that the program meets card brand requirements.

SignaPay will provide customized signage to inform customers of the service fee and how the cash discount program works. The actual service fee amount is determined when you sign up for the program, and depends on your average transaction size. For most businesses, it ranges from 3.75% – 3.95%.

The PayLo program is available with compatible Dejavoo terminals and SignaPay’s proprietary gateway. It’s a “plug and play” program where your staff won’t need to do any calculations. The credit card machine will apply the service charge and the discount (if applicable) and the customer’s receipt will list fee or discount.

There is a $9.95 monthly fee for the PayLo cash discount program.


SignaPay offers the Clover family of processing equipment, including the Clover Station POS system, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, and Clover Go for smartphones. Pricing for the systems is not published on the company’s website, and independent reviews reference leased equipment. We’ve reached out to SignaPay to find out if leasing is required and will update this review when we have that information.

It’s also important to note that Clover systems cannot be reprogrammed. They’ll only work with the processor from whom you buy it, so be sure you plan to stick with the processor you choose.

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SignaPay offers a proprietary gateway for online businesses. In addition to the Clover systems mentioned above, SignaPay can support some portable terminals by brands such as Dejavoo and Verifone.

SignaPay Rates and Fees

Like many processors, SignaPay doesn’t publish rates or fees on its website. However, you can request a quote from SignaPay right through this profile. It’s free, there’s no obligation, and you won’t get unwanted sales calls. Request a quote!

SignaPay Reviews

SignaPay includes customer testimonials on its website. Customers praise SignaPay for good pricing, assisting quickly with issues, helpful tech support, and the PayLo cash discount program. Testimonials include the reviewer’s name and business name.

Additionally, the company has independent reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website and on Yelp.

Better Business Bureau

On the Better Business Bureau website, SignaPay has been accredited since 2008 and currently shows an A+ rating. The company has had 3 complaints lodged with the BBB and two customers left negative reviews.

The complaints allege that SignaPay transferred funds held in escrow to a third party that went bankrupt, resulting in the customer not receiving that money. SignaPay replied that their records show the customer was sent a check. Another complaint claims that a SignaPay sales person fraudulently signed an equipment lease under the customer’s name. SignaPay claimed that the system was not sold through them, but a third party company. The final complaint states that SignaPay said they could close the customer’s account and provide a refund, but didn’t close the account as asked. SignaPay replied that the original cancellation notice was not provided to them, and that the customer’s account was cancelled and some money refunded once they were informed.

The negative reviews claim that SignaPay uses deceptive sales tactics (like not disclosing monthly equipment fees) and has poor customer service. In both cases, SignaPay replied to the review to provide their side of the story.


SignaPay has 3 reviews on Yelp, totaling 2.5 stars out of 5. A single 5-star review praises the company for caring about businesses and for low processing fees. The two 1-star reviews complain that SignaPay has poor customer service and takes money unauthorized.

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Posted by Karen on Jan 30, 2020


We constantly get calls from these people and despite telling them we are not interested, and repeatedly asking they stop calling us, the calls continue, new person calls, same scenario. The latest caller, Sam (Charleston, SC area), was quite rude and dismissive when I asked what the call was about. They can leave all the messages they want, they will not get a return call from us, and after being harassed with calls ad nauseam, they will never get a positive reference from this office.

Posted by CardFellow on Aug 30, 2017


SignaPay offers processing for a lot of business types and provides the option of automatic cash discounts for businesses that don't want to (or can't) surcharge credit cards.