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Sterling Payment Technologies is a payment processing company that is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and has been operating since 2001. In early 2017, the company was acquired by EVO Payments. The company can provide a variety of services to businesses of all sizes throughout the US. But how does Sterling differ from all the other processors? To make your processing decision easier, this Sterling Payment Technologies review and profile will clarify the services the company can provide and give insight about rates and fees. We’ll also update you on what clients are saying about working with Sterling.


What payment processing services does Sterling offer?

With Sterling’s services, whether you are a standard retail store, mail/phone order business, online shop, or mobile vendor, you can get your card payments processed. There are no details regarding equipment, but the company does offer a virtual terminal and gateways, as well as PAYware Mobile. Gift cards and an electronic cash register integration program called Bridge Business Intelligence are additional services.

Card Processing

While not everyone carries cash on hand, most people will have a payment card in their purse or pocket. Being able to accept card payments is a good way to ensure you won’t miss out on sales for lack of payment options. With Sterling Payment Technologies you have the ability to process credit, debit, and EBT, as well as gift cards.

Virtual Terminal

If you are interested in taking payments with a desktop or laptop, Sterling offers a virtual terminal with custom programmable fields, recurring billing (such as for subscriptions), reporting, and secure data storage. Transactions can be keyed-in with just an internet-connected computer, but an optional card reader can be connected for swiping cards. Sterling suggests the virtual terminal solution for a variety of businesses, including retail, medical and dental offices, non-store business such as landscaping and contractors, internet-only retailers, and any businesses accepting mail or telephone orders.


While Sterling Payment Technologies does not offer specifics, they do provide payment gateways for ecommerce. A gateway is what allows you to connect with your customers and process payments through your website.

PAYware Mobile

Why be tethered to a storefront, when you can bring the ability to take payments anywhere there are customers? Mobile processing is a great convenience for people who travel with tradeshows or fairs, offer in-home services, or who are in the business of transportation. With Sterling, you can accept transactions with Apple, Android, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets using PAYware Mobile.

The PAYware Mobile secure reader attaches to your device to swipe cards. You can easily get customer signatures and email receipts, while enjoying real-time transaction reporting. The card reader is encrypted for protection and the solution meets PA-DSS requirements for security for you and your customers.

Gift Cards

With gift cards you can expand your influence by allowing existing customers to share your business with others. Sterling Payment Technologies offers two programs depending on your needs:

Quick Card Program
With the Quick Card Program, you can choose a card from a range of designs and customize the cards with business name. Quick Cards are usually delivered in 1 to 2 weeks.

Custom Card Program
With the Custom Card Program, you receive professionally designed gift cards printed in full color. Custom Cards are usually delivered in 3 to 5 weeks.

Both programs come with a starter kit of marketing supplies to promote your gift cards, including card carriers, window stickers, and more. Cards can be issued in any amount the customer chooses, and are reloadable. Remaining card balance, if any, displays on the receipt when a gift card is used.

Bridge Business Intelligence

Sterling’s Bridge Business Intelligence program integrates your electronic cash registers. This wireless option lets you accept transactions in multiple locations, including places that don’t have reliable internet access, like outdoor fairs, concerts, kiosks, and more. Sterling boasts transaction processing in under two seconds for quick checkout. Transaction reports are available in real-time and can be accessed from any internet connection. This robust solution allows you to review sales data from multiple locations, create staff schedules, and adjust pricing on products.

What is the Sterling Advantage Program?

If you choose a Sterling Advantage membership, you gain access to sets of services designed for business productivity. The memberships are organized into three groups that cater to different needs: the terminal program, the integrated program, and the hybrid program.

Terminal Program

The Sterling Terminal Program helps businesses process transactions using traditional terminals. The program includes free equipment repair (on non-wireless terminals), free supplies, fraud alerts, reporting features, and discounts on business services.

Integrated Program

The Sterling Integrated Program helps businesses process transactions with integrated point-of-sale systems. The program includes business discounts, fraud alerts, deposit updates, reporting, and a PCI Protection Plan to help defray the costs associated with any data security breaches. The PCI Protection Plan features data breach coverage up to $50,000.

Hybrid Program

The Sterling Hybrid Program combines the features of both the Terminal and Integrated programs, allowing businesses flexibility in terminals while offering the same fraud protection and reporting. The Hybrid program also includes the Integrated program’s PCI Protection Plan and coverage.

Business Funding through Sterling

Sometimes you need money to make money and Sterling has a couple of options that might help:

Merchant Cash Advance

Cash advances are available through Sterling Funding to provide working capital for business needs such as buying equipment, purchasing inventory, advertising, and more. Funding applications are usually approved within 48 hours and you can be eligible for up to $250,000 with no application fee. Keep in mind that merchant cash advances can be costly endeavors. It is worth weighing other options.


If you are short on funds but in need of equipment, services, software, or supplies, Sterling’s EZpay is a third-party billing system that can help you get the working capital you need. Much like a merchant cash advance, a portion of future sales will be used to pay for your business needs. Payments are automatically deducted from your card sales every day. EZpay has customizable payment options and there is no credit check.

How is Sterling’s security?

Sterling Payment Technologies is PCI DSS compliant, meeting the established requirements of major credit card companies for safety precautions. The company also joined the PCI Security Standard Council to assist with refining PCI Data Security Standards and ensuring that businesses will stay protected from evolving security threats.

Sterling Payment Technologies boasts that its systems have never been breached due to its commitment to security. Sterling Payment Technologies provides a free online Security Center that offers a variety of resources related to security and PCI compliance for clients. The company’s website also includes a page for Best Practices related to fraud protection, and a list of information about securing your data.

Sterling Payment Technologies Rates and Fees

Sterling claims it has ”meet or beat” pricing with no hidden fees. Be aware that this could indicate a tiered pricing model and those are easily manipulated to look more appealing than they really are.

Exact pricing is not disclosed because pricing varies from business to business. In order to know what Sterling’s services will cost you, you will need to request a quote. CardFellow’s free service will allow you to get a fully disclosed quote from Sterling Payment Technologies, as well as help you compare it with any other processors you choose. Sign up here!

Sterling Payment Technologies Reviews

After analyzing 10 complaints with the Better Business Bureau, 11 on rip off report, and 6 negative reviews total from Google and Yelp, a pattern seems to emerge for Sterling Payment Technologies. A couple of complaints deviate with reports of a faulty gateway, bad customer service, or people being wrongly charged after ending their service, but the main issue is with an alleged 3 year contract and $395 early termination fee. Within these reviews, people mention the frustration of high pricing and hidden fees as the reason for their interest in cancelation. Unfortunately, according to reviewers, it was only upon trying to cancel did they find out about the undisclosed terms of the contract.

A single 5 star review on Yelp counters the other complaints, saying the company is reputable, with great customer service, and that the reviewer has never encountered a problem. People often have varied experiences with the same processor, because pricing does differ from business to business. Still, it’s a good idea to check your contract and make sure you know what you are getting into no matter which company you choose.

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Posted by deligirl on Jul 10, 2018


Ugh. Endless problems with them: duplicate processing resulting in chargebacks that were not my fault, passing the buck as to whose equipment was at fault. Major Mastercard problem with chargeback fees, still not my fault, never refunded to me. I canceled Sterling and went with Worldpay, and YES, no more duplicate processing!

Posted by Elliot on Jan 10, 2017



Posted by CardFellow on Mar 09, 2016


Sterling Payments markets its processing services directly, through independent sales agents (ISA), financial institutions, and partnerships with several POS providers. It focuses on service, fraud prevention, and risk management as strong points of its service. We have application paperwork for Sterling where the company was requiring a three-year contract with a $395 cancellation fee.