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Okay, so there are a few names involved here. Upserve Payments is the processing division of Upserve, a restaurant management system, originally called Swipely. Upserve purchased the Breadcrumb POS system from Groupon in 2016. So Upserve Payments and Breadcrumb are part of Upserve, formerly Swipely.

This profile will focus on Upserve Payments fees, services, and reviews. If you’re looking for info on Upserve the point of sale system, that’s here.

Onward to Upserve Payments!

Upserve Payments’ Fees

There are 4 pricing packages for Upserve the restaurant management software, so you’ll first need to choose your package.

The Core package is $99/month per location.
The Pro package is $249/month per location.
The Executive package starts at $499/month per location.
Pricing for the Enterprise package is not published and will be set on a business-by-business basis.

Only the Enterprise package list the ability to use your own processor as a feature. For other packages, expect to pay interchange + assessments, plus a 10 cent fee per transaction.

You can check how Upserve pricing compares with other options by using CardFellow’s quote comparison tool.

Software and Equipment

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Upserve bought the Breadcrumb POS system in 2016. Businesses that want to utilize Breadcrumb will be able to do so through Upserve Payments. Additionally, Upserve mentions on its website that it supports multiple other POS systems, including Aloha, Digital Dining, and Micros.

Features and Services

Upserve Payments offers credit and debit card processing for all major card brands, including American Express. The company also states that qualifying businesses are eligible for next-day funding of their transactions.

Transaction Management

In addition to credit card processing, Upserve offers transaction management options that allow you to effectively track or control voids and discounts. The mobile tracking option allows you to view real-time sales data and other reports no matter where you are, or how many locations you run.


In 2016, Upserve and Square Capital announced an agreement to bring Square’s funding to some eligible Upserve businesses. However, at this time, Upserve and Square Capital funding is limited to businesses that are contacted by the company; it’s not currently possible to apply for Square Capital funding through Upserve.

This video from Upserve offers an introduction to its features:

Reviews of Upserve Payments

Remember when I said that there are multiple names where Upserve is involved? That holds true when looking into the company’s reputation online. There are no reviews for Upserve on Yelp or Google Reviews, and no Better Business Bureau profile. However, there is some information for Swipely, Upserve’s former name.

Swipely (now Upserve) at the Better Business Bureau

As Swipely, Upserve has an A+ rating with the BBB, where it has been accredited since 2010. The company has not had any complaints lodged in 3 years, but does have 1 negative customer review listed. The lone review states that the company claims to have 24/7 customer service, but when you call, you’ll be told that a specialist will have to call you back. It also alleges that the company continues to debit the reviewer’s account after cancellation and marked “would not recommend” the business in response to the BBB prompt.

Upserve includes testimonials on its website, with reviews praising good service, fair pricing, and good reporting. Reviews include the reviewer’s first name and business name to lend authenticity.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


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