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If you’re looking for a credit card processing company and are considering USPAY, you’ve come to the right place. In this USPAY review and profile, we will do an overview of the services and proprietary programs offered by the company, as well as checking in with what people have to say about it by examining customer reviews available online.
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USPAY is a payment processing company that started in 2005 and is headquartered in New York. The company offers services to a wide range of industries.

What services does USPAY offer?

When you use USPAY Group, you can take credit and debit cards, checks, and mobile payments. The company offers a gateway for ecommerce payments, and can also set you up to sell and redeem gift cards or create a customer loyalty program.


Credit and Debit Cards

If a customer wants to pay with it, USPAY can probably process it. USPAY accepts all major brands of credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and others. American Express and Discover may require separate approval. Debit transactions can also be processed.

Check Services

Paper checks continue to be a popular form of payment in some industries. Now, however, it is possible to convert paper checks into electronic transactions by scanning them. USPAY offers this as an option, as well as electronic check verification and guarantee conversion services to help prevent fraudulent or bad checks.

USPAY offers 4 different check programs that go beyond processing the check at the point-of-sale:

Quick Service Program (QSP)
In this program a check reader deposits funds into your business’s account, but the checks are not guaranteed. The checks must be under $50 or else a driver’s license is required and conversion fees apply.

Quick Service Program (QSP) Plus Conversion and Guarantee
This is also for those who process checks that are usually less than $50. In this program you get conversion and guarantee service on checks over $50.

ACH Debit
With this option you can set up authorized debits from a customer’s account using a virtual terminal. You must have an ACH authorization form for each transaction.

Check 21+ Remote Check Deposit
For this option you must have a check imager but you can accept mailed in payments, or payments where the customer is not actually present.

Mobile Payments

Why be tied to a single store front? There is a whole world of customers out there waiting for you! With a small swiper that attaches to your smartphone, you will be able to take payment wherever you are using the iProcess App. The app is a free download and both Apple and Android friendly.


Do you juggle more than one payment device at your business? LUCY is USPAY’s proprietary gateway, it can integrate your payment processing and route your payments to various payment devices using your point-of-sale or the internet for wireless devices.

Other features of using LUCY include being able to use applications like QuickBooks and Microsoft’s Retail Management System, creating recurring payments, and being able to obtain account and transaction information to create real-time, customizable reports.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Who doesn’t love a gift card as a present, or the thrill of redeeming points you’ve earned for something free? If you are interested in offering gift or loyalty cards, USPAY offers several bundles or can tailor a bundle to your specific need. With the bundles you can choose from getting custom designed cards, semi-custom designed cards, or a combo of both. You can also opt-in to get accessories like a display, card holder, or envelopes.

Gift cards can be loaded and reloaded by customers and given as gifts for occasions and holidays. Loyalty cards allow customers to earn points or rewards for shopping with you. Both offer tracking features that assist with knowing your demographic and revenue patterns or trends.

VIMAS Reporting

Multi-tasking might feel like an understatement when it comes to the challenge of running your own business. VIMAS is a proprietary tool of USPAY that aims to bring all aspects of your account together in one convenient online program. With VIMAS you can manage all aspects of your transactions while having access to a variety of tracking and reporting tools.

Too busy to be tied to a computer? Not a problem. An aspect of the program called V+ can send you text message alerts or emails regarding important account information like daily deposits, retrievals, and chargebacks.

USPAY Rates and Fees

USPAY does not publish its pricing, most likely because it varies from business to business. If you are interested in knowing what your costs would be, you can request a USPAY quote directly through CardFellow. The service allows you to privately request and compare quotes from different companies, no aggressive sales people required. Even better, it’s free!

One thing that USPAY does mention in its FAQ section is offering monthly or daily discount methods. This refers to when your processing fee is extracted (discounted) from your account. Generally, we recommend the monthly discount, but it is good to look into it and see what is right for your business.

USPAY Reviews 

Finding reviews for USPAY is a bit tricky since it is a relatively newer processor and has a name that can be easily confused with other companies. That being said, the company links to its profile with the Better Business Bureau. With an A+ rating and only 5 complaints closed within the last 3 years, you’d probably be displaying that as a badge of honor, too.

The complaints against the company are centered on “Advertising/Sales Issues” and “Billing/Collections Issues.” Only 2 of the complaints are viewable. The first alleges aggressive and dishonest sales tactics; namely the person ended up paying a lot more than they were led to believe they would by switching to USPAY. The second complains of very aggressive sales people that will not take “no”, “go away”, or even “stop calling me!” for an answer.

Ripoff Report and Yelp came up empty handed for reviews. There is one review on Google, though. It gives the company 1 star and simply states to be wary of the fine print with this company. The reviewer claims that USPAY was happier to collect the large cancellation fee, than work out the problem and keep the reviewer as a client.

There are no testimonials on USPAY’s website, but the company does boast an award given to them from a credit card processor review site.

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Posted by Paul on Mar 21, 2023


Ive been with USPAY since 2019, left due to a software integration in 2021 and then came back because the fees were much higher with the software. They deposit money next day for me and always help if I need assistance

Posted by Ashley on Aug 05, 2019


This company's customer service reps are rude and unhelpful. Fees are higher than our new processor and they took money from our account after we terminated our contract without our consent after they were sent a letter not allowing them to. Be very weary of working with this company as they still charge you for termination even if you follow the contract and were a good customer for the initial 3 years!

Posted by CardFellow on May 08, 2018


USPay lets you take checks and gift cards in addition to credit and debit.