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Vantage Card Services has been processing payments for over 20 years and serves businesses in all 50 states. At first glance, this company might not look as enticing as others. Instead of gimmicks like free terminal offers or rate beating deals, it offers pricing insight and knowledge from inside the industry. That might be a good sign, but can it provide the services you need for the best price possible? This Vantage Card Service review and profile will explore those questions and give an objective perspective on what this company would mean for your business.
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What processing services does Vantage offer?

The website may not be showy, but Vantage’s services can handle card payments and checks whether you do business in store, online, on the go, or by mail/phone order. The company can also provide gift cards, loyalty programs, and ATM services.

Vantage Card Services homepage

Card Processing

Is that credit or debit? Doesn’t matter! With Vantage you can accept all major brands of credit cards and debit cards as well as gift/loyalty cards.

Check Processing

Checks are still a preferred method of payment for some people but that doesn’t mean they need to be a hassle for your business to accept. With Vantage you can utilize electronic check conversion to transform paper checks into a secure electronic transaction, eliminating the risk associated with waiting for a check to clear. Additionally, electronic check processing eliminates the need for you to physically deposit the check at a bank.

In Store Processing

Vantage can do the processing for your store, but you will need equipment to do it. Terminals, PIN pads, check readers, or point of sale systems; your need will determine the right equipment option for your store. While Vantage offers a limited amount of equipment options, as long as the equipment you would like to use is not for a specific processor, the company says you should be able to reprogram your credit card equipment or purchase outside of them.

Online Processing

Having an online store allows you to sell anytime and anywhere your customers have access to the internet. Vantage offers payment gateways to allow convenient and secure ecommerce payment processing. E-Commerce solutions are tailored to the particular needs of your business and Vantage offers support for determining the best one for your business.

Mobile Processing

If you vend at tradeshows or fairs, do in-home services, work in the transportation business, or provide any other service that moves from place to place, mobile processing can enhance the way you do business. Vantage has wireless terminals and options for converting your smartphone or tablet mechanism for taking payments while on-the-go.

Mail/Phone Order Processing

If you need a way to transform your computer into a payment processing machine, a virtual terminal is a great option and Vantage can provide it. Virtual Terminals allow you to key-in payments or use an attached card reader. You can also set up recurring billing and send invoices.

Other Services Offered Through Vantage

Vantage offers services that go beyond processing. Gift cards, loyalty programs, and ATM machines can prove to be helpful additions to your business.

Gift Card

If you are interested in expanding your influence, gift cards are a great way to help your current customers share your business with others. With Vantage, you have the option to customize a card to the specifications of your brand or choose from a standard template. Being able to track spending patterns and trends is another benefit.

Loyalty Program

Vantage offers vPunch for a loyalty program. It allows you to turn any customer’s existing credit or debit card into an automatic reward program. You set the reward requirements and once a customer meets them, the reward coupon prints like a receipt.

ATM Services

Providing a means for customers to get cash can boost traffic and sales for your business. Through partnership with Aptus Financial, Vantage can provide you with ATM services. In addition to the cash spent at your business, you can also charge a transaction fee on withdrawals for extra income.

What about equipment?

Vantage has a limited selection of equipment to offer, but mentions that as long as equipment or software is not tied to a specific payment processor you will be able to use it. Vantage also offers support and recommendations for purchasing equipment if you need it. Vantage cannot reprogram PIN pads, but it can offer a swap to those who qualify.

Any help with security?

For business and cardholder security, Vantage partners with ControlScan to help simplify both achievement and maintenance of PCI compliance. ControlScan offers a wizard tool to help with the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire, and a help desk with customer service is available for questions.

Vantage Card Services Rates and Fees

Vantage doesn’t hold back when it comes to imparting details about pricing and how it differs from the questionable tactics that other processors use. Objectively, the information Vantage provides is pretty solid. The company holds to an interchange plus pricing model and boasts month to month contracts with no undisclosed fees.

Exact pricing is not given because it will vary depending on the business’s needs but you can request a Vantage quote directly through CardFellow to find out your pricing. Our free service allows you to privately compare pricing of any processors you choose. Sign up here!

Vantage Card Services Reviews

Judging by the lack of complaints, Vantage Card Services may very well be a diamond in the rough. The company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2002 and boasts an A+ rating without a single complaint or negative review. You would think with a distinct name like Vantage Card Services it would be easy to find complaints on Ripoff Report but, in spite of being in business for over 20 years, there are no complaints there either. That is fairly impressive.

No reviews (good or bad) surface when searching Google reviews or Yelp, but Vantage does have a section of their website for testimonials. Under most circumstances I tend to disregard company posted testimonials, but the ones on Vantage’s website sound fairly genuine. Clients praise pricing, customer service, and the company’s upfront approach to processing.

While this does sound promising, it is good to remember that experiences can vary and pricing is not the same for everyone (even when using the same processor). If you have insight from experience working with this company, we want to hear from you! Leave a review!


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Posted by Tim on Jun 01, 2019


Recently, a problem with the terminal resulted in it being replaced. Since then, credit card processing has been a nightmare. The customer service has been abysmal. They have stopped responding to emails and phone calls, because in the course of dealing with this problem, they have made numerous errors on their end, resulting in thousands of dollars of lost charges, numerous irate customers, and loss of regular clientele. Stay away from Vantage.

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 31, 2016


Vantage Card Services is an older independent sales organization (ISO) that has a lot of good, accurate information on its Web site about the fundamentals of credit card processing fees. It also seems to practice what it preaches. All of the quotes and statements we’ve reviewed from Vantage Card Services have used pass-through pricing.