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iTransact Gateway Review


Payment gateway iTransact is a way to take payments online when combined with a merchant account from a payment processing company.

If you’re in the market for a payment gateway for your ecommerce site, you might have already come across iTransact. Read on to learn about its features so you can decide whether it’s the right gateway for you.

Using iTransact

The iTransact gateway is a universal system for accepting online payments. It’s compatible with many different processors, including TSYS, First Data, Chase Paymentech, Heartland, and Elavon. Any processing company that uses those platforms for backend processing can potentially support iTransact.  

The company hosts everything on its secure servers, reducing your compliance and IT burden. You can test it out before making a decision, too, as iTransact offers a free testing mode.

iTransact Features

A range of features are available including hosted payments pages, API resources, a virtual terminal, a free shopping cart or existing cart integration, invoicing and recurring billing, and the ability to phone in transactions.

Hosted Payments Page

For security and convenience, iTransact offers hosted payment page options to direct customers to iTransact’s secure server. Your customers will enter their payment information through a payment form to complete their transaction. Hosted payment pages generally require less set up and are a secure option for businesses that don’t have time or resources for extensive IT processes.

API Resources

If you do have a development team, iTransact still has you covered. For developers, iTransact offers a range of tools for a variety of programming languages. Supported languages include, but aren’t limited to, Java, Perl, and Python. The API support center offers documentation, sample scripts, and more to help integrate iTransact into your existing website.

Virtual Terminal

If you accept credit card payments over the phone or by mail, iTransact’s virtual terminal allows you to enter those transactions and process them quickly. You don’t need special equipment – the web-based virtual terminal can be accessed from any internet-connected computer.

Free Shopping Cart or Integration with Existing Carts

You might not have found a shopping cart you love yet. iTransact offers RediCart, a Perl-based cart, free of charge. You can also integrate with over four dozen other shopping carts if RediCart doesn’t strike your fancy. If you’d rather not use a shopping cart at all, iTransact offers a form creation wizard for payment acceptance.

Invoicing and Recurring Billing

For businesses that bill clients, iTransact offers invoicing options for quick payment. Alternately, if you sell subscription packages or other goods or services that require recurring billing, iTransact reduces that hassle by automating repeated billing cycles.

Phoning in Transactions

Let’s say you sell a product or service, but you’re not in front of your POS system. iTransact lets you phone in the transaction for free so you can still record the transaction.


iTransact sells a number of accessories compatible with its gateway, including EMV chip card terminals, mobile card readers, and wireless card swipers.

Security and Fraud Management

iTransact is PCI compliant. In addition, iTransact re-encrypts customer payment information when it arrives at the gateway’s server. You don’t need a secure server; iTransact gives you a unique merchant identifier in the HTML of its order templates. When your customer places an order, he or she is directed to iTransact’s secure server to enter their customer account information.

iTransact uses the Security Metrics Site Certification Process to test and verify your credit card handling processes. This certification ensures that you’re not inadvertently storing any unencrypted credit cards on your networks. To help prevent fraud at the time of purchase, you can pre-screen transactions based on variables including zip code, IP address, size of the transaction, and more.


iTransact offers reports for back office management. You can view complete transaction histories, allowing quick review of all payments received. Additionally, when customers pay by electronic check, you’ll receive order confirmation and a detailed report on the transaction, including customer information, items ordered, and the total cost.

Product Features



  • Includes virtual terminal
  • Fraud prevention features
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data
  • Mobile swiper support
  • Card storage vault
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Multi-currency support
  • Web Service API
  • Customized risk preferences
  • Real-time reports
  • Electronic invoicing

iTransact Gateway Q&A

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from CardFellow, on May 13, 2016

The iTransact gateway has lots of good features. If you're a developer, there are API resources for you but if you're not, you can use hosted payment pages or payment forms to get set up quickly and securely. Includes recurring billing options as well.

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