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Linked2Pay Review


Linked2Pay is a gateway that allows you to take credit cards online. It works with many shopping carts, so if you already have an ecommerce site, you may be able to simply add the Linked2Pay gateway to your current set up.

Read on to learn whether Linked2Pay is right for your business.

What is Linked2Pay?

Launched in 2011, Linked2Pay is a payment gateway offered by the payment technology company Transmodus. In 2014, transmodus won the Gold Medal for Best Innovation via Automated Clearing House at the Innovation Project sponsored by

If you want to take credit cards online, you’ll need a payment gateway (like Linked2Pay) and a merchant account with a compatible credit card processing company.

Compatible Processors

Linked2Pay is not proprietary and can work with many different processors. Vantiv, TSYS, and First Data are all compatible with Linked2Pay, so as long as your processing company uses one of those platforms, you can likely use Linked2Pay as your gateway.

Linked2pay Features

Linked2Pay has plenty of helpful features to ensure a smooth, convenient payment process for you and your customers. Linked2Pay’s features include hosted payment pages, recurring payments, tailored reporting, a full API library, Dropbox integration, custom receipts, a virtual terminal, online form building, email payments, phone payment acceptance, shopping cart integration, and streamlined check processing.

Instant merchant settlement also ensures that funds are available quickly.

Hosted Payments Page

Linked2Pay offers two options for hosted payment pages for secure customer checkout: the On-Page option, and the Re-Direct option. The On-Page option provides a seamless look, with the page opening over your existing website. Customers simply enter their payment information, and when they close the payment page, they are back on your existing website. The Re-Direct option takes the customer to a separate checkout page, but can still be customized to match your look. After customers enter their payment information, they can navigate back to your website.

Recurring Payments

If you offer products or services that require recurring billing, Linked2Pay allows you to set the billing cycle and the amount. You save time and effort, and you get your payments when you need them.

Tailored Reporting

As a business owner, you know what information you need in order to run your company. Linked2Pay lets you customize your reports so you only receive relevant information.

Full API Library

If you’re a developer, you’ll be happy to know that Linked2Pay offers a full API library that lets you use the gateway the way your business needs. You can sign up for a Sandbox account to test as many Linked2Pay solutions as you like.

Dropbox Integration

There’s a reason millions of people use Dropbox – it’s a quick and convenient way to share files. Sometimes, your customers might want to include documentation with their order and payment. Linked2pay’s integration with Dropbox enables them to easily share those files with you.

Custom Receipts

Want to stand out from the crowd? Design custom receipts with Linked2Pay. Share the information you want on the receipt so it looks the way you want it to.

Virtual Terminal

Do you take payments over the phone or by mail? You need a virtual terminal in order to enter credit card information, which Linked2Pay includes in its gateway. The virtual terminal can be used with any internet-connected computer for secure credit card processing.

Online Form Building

Creating online payment forms doesn’t have to be a headache. Just copy and paste the code from Linked2Pay’s online form builder and you’re ready to go. You can add whatever fields you like to create a tailored form.

Email Payments

Communicating with customers about payment can be challenging. Linked2Pay’s email payment request functionality removes the hassle. You can send out one email or thousands. You can also send out invoices. Do you need to pay someone? The email payment feature lets you do that, too.

Phone Payment Acceptance

Not everyone feels comfortable paying online. That’s why Linked2Pay offers a secure phone payment system. All your customers need to do is call a toll-free number, provide an identification number, and pay their bill. They can even pay by check.

Shopping Cart Integration

Do you have an online shopping cart that you already love, or one that you want to use? Linked2Pay integrates with a wide variety of digital shopping carts on the market, so you can offer your customers the best possible online shopping experience.

Streamlined Check Acceptance

Give your customers the flexibility to pay by check with Linked2Pay. The gateway has a check scanning function, so you don’t have to worry about making data entry errors. Linked2Pay also claims that it can deposit checks faster into banks than other gateways.


Linked2Pay sells several accessories for use with its gateway, including card readers, wireless card readers, and printers. Accessories are optional; you can still use the gateway without purchasing the card readers or printers.


Linked2pay is PCI compliant. Although its website claims the gateway offers the highest security features, it only offers information about two: tokenization and risk management. Tokenization refers to the transformation of credit card data into an unidentifiable “token.” You don’t store the token – Linked2Pay does, which reduces your risk.

Linked2Pay works with LexisNexis to provide risk management solutions. LexisNexis has created a cross-industry database of fraudulent and suspicious events and then flags a transaction if it matches information in the database.

Product Features

Selective: TSYS


  • Includes virtual terminal
  • Fraud prevention features
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data
  • Mobile swiper support
  • Card storage vault
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Multi-currency support
  • Web Service API
  • Customized risk preferences
  • Real-time reports
  • Electronic invoicing

Linked2Pay Q&A

Linked2Pay Reviews ( 5)

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from James F Spallino, on May 01, 2019

Excellent product and so easy to use and integrate into our POS system. Highly recommend.

from George, on May 01, 2019

We have been using the product for roughly a year and switched from a competing product. The customization of invoice payments links has been a real time saver. Our clients know exactly how much to remit, we know when payment has been received, and we both avoid extra phone calls. This product saves us both hard and soft costs.

from Robert W. Olson, Jr., APC, on May 01, 2019

I've been using the linked2pay interface for almost 5 years now. It is extraordinarily easy to use - all I did was drop the interface at my website's "pay" page and include the link on my PDF bills. Clients then pay online by credit card or ETF without my taking any further action. It's quick, safe and economical, and above all EASY.

from John, on Dec 13, 2018

Asked for additional information and then said they don't support our type of business due to the MCC code when they had the MCC code to begin with from the very start of the application.

from CardFellow, on May 12, 2016

Linked2Pay has a bunch of great features, including recurring billing, hosted payment pages, phone payments, and shopping cart integration. It also works with different processors so you're not limited to one choice of company.

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