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NMI Gateway Review


Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI) offers a robust gateway that works that works with many different shopping carts and is supported by a number of processors.

However, NMI doesn’t offer any products directly to businesses. If you’d like to use the NMI gateway you will need to go through a reseller. This review and profile is intended to offer information on what the gateway can do, but if you want to actually sign up to use it, you’ll need to get quotes from compatible processors. You can use our quote request tool to get started.

NMI Gateway Features

The NMI gateway offers many features, including a customer storage vault, virtual terminal, batch processing, support for Level III data, integration with many popular shopping carts, recurring billing options, electronic invoicing, a gateway emulator, and integration with QuickBooks

NMI gateway

Customer Vault

NMI’s customer vault is specifically designed for security by allowing you to send payment information through an SSL encrypted connection to be stored at NMI’s PCI certified facility. Once stored, you can access data remotely to process transactions without handling card information directly. Payment information isn’t stored on your network, reducing risk of fraud. 

Virtual Terminal

Mail and phone order businesses may prefer a virtual terminal. With NMI you can process transactions from any internet-connected computer with the virtual terminal included with a gateway. Manually enter transactions or use an optional encrypted card reader for card-present (swiped) transactions. For manual entry, the virtual terminal features a real-time field validator, highlighting invalid fields to prompt correction. In addition to accepting credit and debit cards, you can optionally use a check scanner to accept paper checks as well. The virtual terminal can be used in conjunction with the customer vault for storing data securely for future billing.

Batch Processing

Efficient batch processing for large numbers of transactions is available through the NMI gateway to businesses that log customer orders in spreadsheet formats. Batch processing can support a few hundred transactions up to hundreds of thousands of transactions at a time.

Level III Data Compatible

If you accept government and corporate cards, you must be able to process Level III data. If you’re not set up to correctly provide that information, you’ll pay more and may run into additional challenges processing transactions. NMI provides Level III processing through a comprehensive API to help ensure your B2B transactions run smoothly.

Shopping Cart Integration

The NMI gateway works with a wide range of popular shopping carts, including 3DCart, Big Commerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Shopify, InfusionSoft,, Volusion, WooCommerce, Magento, and more. The company may also be able to support carts not currently shown on their website and suggests contacting them directly.

Recurring Billing

NMI provides the ability to create and save “billing schedules” in order to charge customers on a recurring basis. NMI has two options: subscription-based and plan-based recurring billing. With the subscription-based model, you can set billing schedules individually for each customer, allowing for customization of pricing and billing date. With the plan-based model, you can create pre-defined billing plans and assign customers to the relevant plan. With the plan-based model, any changes made to the plan will apply at once to all customers associated with that plan, eliminating the need to manually update each customer on that plan.

Electronic Invoicing

Generate invoices with detailed information with NMI’s electronic invoicing option. Once created, invoices are converted to PDF and attached via email to send to your customer’s email. When they receive the email with the invoice, customers can follow a link to pay their bill online even if your business doesn’t have a website. Customers can make full or partial payments using different forms of payment. Invoices are stored within the payment gateway, allowing for easy viewing or re-sending, and are available for over 90 currencies.

Gateway Emulator

For businesses that are already processing with a different gateway, NMI makes the transition smoother by offering a gateway emulator. The emulator processes transmissions and responds with the messages used by the previous gateway, allowing for easy integration without reprogramming applications. 

QuickBooks Integration

NMI offers SyncPay for QuickBooks, allowing for easy accounting, sales receipt generation, payment on invoices, and more directly within QuickBooks.


NMI takes security seriously, and offers a wide variety of fraud tools and security measures, including payer authentication with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, the Merchant Defender system, iSpyFraud, and CertifyPCI.

Payer Authentication

Also known as Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, payer authentication is a security option to increase customer security in online transactions. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode validate the cardholder as the purchaser in an online transaction by requiring additional information known only to the cardholder. Businesses that use payer authentication may benefit from incentives that include lower interchange costs and chargeback protection.

Merchant Defender

The Merchant Defender system helps reduce liability and fraud issues associated with unencrypted credit card data. Merchant Defender eliminates clear text credit card information no matter how the transaction is processed, ensuring that sensitive payment data is never transmitted by or stored on your server, and won’t allow unencrypted payments to be entered. For businesses who manually enter transactions, NMI provides an encrypted keypad for security. Businesses that swipe transactions will receive an encrypted card reader.


Using iSpyFraud, you can set your own fraud filters to help screen for suspicious transactions. iSpyFraud is rule-based, allowing you to block suspicious activity, decline transactions before or after authorization based on suspicious details, limit the amount charged per transaction or in a specific time period, and more.


With CertifyPCI, you can achieve PCI compliance with a web-based tool to easily satisfy compliance requirements. CertifyPCI includes a $50,000 insurance policy in the event of a data breach.

Product Features



  • Includes virtual terminal
  • Fraud prevention features
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data
  • Mobile swiper support
  • Card storage vault
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Multi-currency support
  • Web Service API
  • Customized risk preferences
  • Real-time reports
  • Electronic invoicing

NMI Gateway Q&A

PayHub Payments answer:

The perform an authorization select the "Authorize" option under the "Credit Card" menu on the left hand side of the screen.


Dan Robbins
PayHub Payments

Heartland Payment Systems answer:

NMI can accept foreign credit cards.?


Dharma Merchant Services answer:

Yes, it definitely can!

PaymentCloud answer:

Yes, this gateway can handle international transactions.

PayHub Payments answer:

The NMI gateway is able to process international transactions.  I would recommend checking with your merchant account provider to ensure they don't have any restrictions on their end.

NMI Gateway Reviews ( 3)

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from Jessie , on Jun 01, 2021

Horrific experience. Do not use. NMI is dealing with constant recurring attacks on their merchants via their gateway. This was acknowledged as a big issue by numerous employees at NMI. It results in extensive fraudulent charges. Yet NMI is directly benefitting from this fraud and are not taking steps to address it. Shops are being charged thousands of dollars in fees as a result of these fraudulent attacks. These fees are paid directly to NMI.

from Devin Thomas, on Nov 15, 2018

Very disappointed in this company. Deposits didn't hit. No notification of this. Took an hour of phone calls to get an answer from someone. When they finally explained themselves, they took no responsibility and offered no apology. Too expensive to get this type of service.

from CardFellow, on May 06, 2016

The NMI gateway has lots of helpful features, including a virtual terminal and QuickBooks integration. NMI doesn't sell directly to businesses, though, so if you want to use the gateway, you'll need to get set up for a merchant account with a compatible credit card processing. Fortunately, many different processing companies can support the NMI gateway.

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