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Plug n Play WebXpress Review


Plug'n Pay's WebXpress gateway is an attempt to simplify online payments by offering a "plug-in" solution for an ecommerce website. All the programming code you need is generated automatically by the WebXpress Wizard.

The Wizard will provide code for "place order" buttons and updateable quantity fields, allowing for easy ordering. Transactions are processed in real-time and can even include sales tax calculation at state, county, and city levels. Read on to learn what else it can do and whether it’s the right choice for you.

What is WebXpress?

WebXpress is the gateway developed by Plug’n Pay, an e-commerce services provider founded in 1996 in Long Island, NY. The company’s gateway is entirely hosted on Plug’n Pay’s secure servers, which Plug’n Pay touts as being a more secure solution.

WebXpress allows you to accept credit and debit cards (and, optionally, e-checks) through your website.

Compatible Processors

The good news is that WebXpress is not proprietary, meaning you’ll have a greater choice of processors. WebXpress is compatible with First Data and Chase Paymentech, which means that any of those two companies’ resellers may be able to support WebXpress. Additional processors may also be compatible.

WebXpress Features

WebXpress’ features include e-check acceptance, a virtual terminal, multi-currency support, billing and invoice options, real time reporting, customized customer emails, QuickBooks integration, and fraud prevention tools.

E-Check Acceptance
Give your customers the flexibility to pay by e-check with WebXpress. You don’t need any additional integrations, and you’ll see e-check transactions with the rest of your transaction reports. Note: the e-check option is an add-on service and has additional fees separate from the gateway costs. There is no term contract or cancellation fee to discontinue use of the e-check option.

Virtual Terminal
Ideal for mail and phone orders, the Plug’n Play WebXpress gateway includes a virtual terminal option at no additional cost, for entering card information by hand or swiping a card in person. The virtual terminal works on internet-connected computers to allow point-of-sale transactions without separate point-of-sale equipment. The virtual terminal is compatible with many card swipers for optionally swiping cards instead of manually keying them in. When swiped, the virtual terminal will automatically populate the data fields on the virtual terminal payment screen, and then the transaction total can be added and submitted to process the sale.

Multi-Currency Support
E-commerce businesses can easily make sales to international customers by allowing pricing in the buyer’s currency. Powered by Planet Payment, Plug’n Pay’s multi-currency option doesn’t require any overseas bank accounts or international business locations. International customers are able to pay using Visa and MasterCard and many major currencies are supported, including British pounds, Japanese yen, euros, and more.

Billing and invoicing
Plug’n Pay WebXpress does not offer traditional recurring billing services, but does offer bill presentment and invoicing. The billing presentment service allows for a semi-automated process of invoicing and billing. Businesses upload invoices, and customers log in to a free online portal to review the invoice and pay their bill. Businesses specify if invoices are single payments or multiple and customers can choose to pay automatically whenever a new invoice is uploaded. The billing presentment option can function similarly to a recurring billing system if the business chooses to upload multiple invoices for one customer, or sets up an installment billing invoice, but the business must still upload invoices to the online billing portal before customers can view them or pay.

Billing and invoicing can be further simplified with the membership management services available through WebXpress. Membership management is ideal for businesses that offer subscription-based services, allowing easy management of client lists, providing event registration forms for business websites, and more.

Real Time Reporting
Being able to see transaction data in real time helps you make better sales decisions. With WebXpress, you can view data 24/7 and get accurate information about your sales.

Customized Customer Emails
Make your customers feel like they matter with customized emails. WebXpress lets you send personalized emails from within the gateway, so you can take advantage of future sales opportunities or share important information about things like shipping.

QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software programs on the planet. WebXpress’ QuickBooks integration allows you to import transaction details into the software, saving you time and hassle.

Fraud Prevention Tools
You can’t afford to let fraud hurt your business. WebXpress’ FraudTrak chargeback protection includes address verification, cardholder authentication (known as CVV2), IP address frequency checks to determine how often a customer is trying to use a credit card, and negative database checks (which store the data not associated with a given credit card).


Plugn Pay sells card readers and printers that are compatible with WebXpress, allowing you to create the right solution for your particular business. Card readers and printers are recommended for businesses that take credit cards in person using the virtual terminal.


WebXpress is PCI compliant. It offers FraudTrak chargeback protection, which includes an address verification feature, CVV2 cardholder authentication, a function that measures how often a credit cardholder from a given IP address tries to use a card, and a negative database that contains data not associated with a credit card.

In addition, Plug’n Pay’s customizable order forms use 256 bit SSL encryption. And you can set the system access for each of your employees within WebXpress to protect customer data.

Product Features

Selective: First Data, Chase Paymentech


  • Includes virtual terminal
  • Fraud prevention features
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data
  • Mobile swiper support
  • Card storage vault
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Multi-currency support
  • Web Service API
  • Customized risk preferences
  • Real-time reports
  • Electronic invoicing

Plug n Play WebXpress Q&A

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from CardFellow, on May 06, 2016

The WebXpress gateway is designed to make it easier to integrate payment acceptance for ecommerce sites. It doesn't have recurring billing, but it does offer other helpful features like QuickBooks integration and invoicing. It also works with multiple credit card processors, so you're not locked into one company.

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