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USAePay Gateway Review


USAePay is a payment gateway that offers a POS solution and a virtual terminal.

If you’re in the market for a new payment gateway as well as a POS system and a virtual terminal, you’ve probably discovered USAePay and are curious to learn more about it. This profile provides background about this gateway as well as information about its features. Read on to learn whether USAePay is right for you.

What is USAePay?

The company was founded in 1998 by GorCorp, a family-owned business. GorCorp still operates USAePay today.

The payment gateway began by specializing in the e-commerce industry. Today, USAePay has branched into the mail order, telephone order, bricks-and-mortar retail, and mobile payment spaces. It integrates with many existing shopping carts, making it an easy addition to current websites.

Compatible Processors

USAePay is not a proprietary system. It’s compatible with major payment processors such as TSYS, First Data, Global Payments, Chase Paymentech, Heartland, and Vantiv.

USAePay Features

USAePay’s features include a POS application, hosted payment pages, a virtual terminal, inventory management tools, customer management tools, fraud prevention, developer tools and APIs, an option for subscription payments, and a credit card account updater.

POS Application

You want to be able to process transactions from wherever you are. USAePay’s POS application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Hosted Payment Page

USAePay offers secure ePayment forms for websites. You can create payment forms that are automatically secured and PCI compliant. Payment forms are hosted on the secure USAePay servers and are encrypted for safety. Additionally, the payment forms can be customized for seamless branding. You can control the colors, background, header and footer information, table style, and more.

Virtual Terminal

If you operate a business that has a high volume of credit card orders over the phone or through the mail, you need a virtual terminal to enter credit card details. USAePay’s gateway comes with a virtual terminal so you can accept credit cards and satisfy customers.

Inventory Management Tools

When your customers ask you whether an item is in stock or not, do you have an answer for them? With USAePay’s inventory management tools, you do. A database contains all of your products, and you can group or view them by location, name, category, and price.

Customer Management Tools

Knowing your customers is vital to business success. USAePay’s customer management tools store customer data, lets you modify records, and generate reports on purchase history so you’ll know what your customers want.

Fraud Prevention

You can’t afford to be the victim of fraud, which is why USAePay offers a number of fraud prevention solutions. The fraud console center lets you verify customer addresses, block transactions based on the bank identification number, restrict IP addresses, authenticate credit cards, reject a transaction based on card type, refuse a transaction based on the buyer’s country, block credit card numbers, detect duplicate transactions, disapprove transactions based on email addresses, validate certain fields, assess a transaction’s risk in real time, disallow customers who try multiple credit cards, define allowable transaction amounts, and certify zip codes.

Developer Tools and APIs

USAePay makes it simple for developers to integrate the payment gateway into your site. There’s a developer’s reference guide and a sandbox test account to ensure the integration goes smoothly. Language-specific libraries are available for PHP, Java, jQuery, Perl, and more.

Subscription Payments

Your customers most likely already have subscriptions to goods or services, so if you want to take advantage of that opportunity and offer your own recurring payments, USAePay can help. Its business console includes an option to create subscriptions as well as a way to bill for them. For recurring payments, the gateway will automatically send a receipt to the customer.

Credit Card Account Updater

Don’t you hate it when a customer’s credit card expires between billing cycles and you don’t get paid? You have to call your customers and get new card information, taking staff time. USAePay understands your pain. That’s why the payment gateway includes a credit card account updater which lets you know the new card expiration date if the customer renews the card.


USAePay’s payment gateway is compatible with Bluetooth printers and scanners sold by its partners.


USAePay is Level 1 PCI compliant, the highest level of PCI compliance attainable. In addition, the payment gateway uses several third-party security assessors to ensure its security meets the highest industry standards.

Transport Layer Security, a digital communications protocol, ensures that no one can see information USAePay transmits. Each business communicates with the gateway using an encrypted string of information. If the key isn’t being used properly, the business can revoke it.

USAePay offers customizable fraud modules to protect yourself from criminals. You can block credit card transactions based on a variety of criteria (such as credit card number, the buyer’s country, the buyer’s email address, and the buyer’s home address).

Because credit card theft is a huge problem for merchants, USAePay developed a method to store credit card information without putting merchants or their customers at risk. The gateway stores credit cards individually, so no one can see an entire list of sensitive data. You can only view credit card numbers one by one, and they must first be decrypted (which takes a matter of seconds).


The console reports section provides a range of reports for back-office business management. You can choose a pre-made report, or create a custom report. Pre-made reports include credit card reports, check reports, sales, errors and declines, customer reports, expired card reports, and more. For custom reports, you can choose a variety of filters to get the information needed, including sales, credits, approved or declined transactions, date ranges, customer reports, card type, and more. Additionally, any time a recurring bill charge is processed, a report is automatically generated with the transaction information. Reports can be downloaded in Tab or Comma Delimited formats.

Product Features



  • Includes virtual terminal
  • Fraud prevention features
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data
  • Mobile swiper support
  • Card storage vault
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Multi-currency support
  • Web Service API
  • Customized risk preferences
  • Real-time reports
  • Electronic invoicing

USAePay Gateway Q&A

USAePay Gateway Reviews ( 2)

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from Jacob Kidd, on Jun 27, 2017

USA Epay has some nice features that allow for multiple users and permissions. They also allow more flexibility in re-charging customers and modifying order amounts. Authorize was where we were processing, but they had a grevious error where they double charged customers that took 20+ hours to fix. Got the run around and they told our customers that we had done it and it was our companies fault even though we received multiple memos. USA EPAY has been good to us. $25 a month well spent.

from CardFellow, on May 19, 2016

The USAePAY gateway offers a choice of processors, making it easier to shop around for good pricing. Additionally, it has features like hosted payment pages and a recurring billing option with automatic card updater.

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