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Paradise POS Review

POS Systems

The Paradise POS is an iPad-based point of sale system designed for convenient business management and payment functions with a small footprint system. Restaurant and retail versions are available.

POS Features

While the POS system has versions specifically for restaurants or retailers, some features apply to both business types. The system offers payment acceptance, inventory management, an offline model, and payroll functions.

With payment acceptance enabled, you can take major credit and debit cards, whether they’re magnetic strip, EMV chip cards, or contactless payments such as Apple Pay. An  offline mode ensures that your device will continue to work even if your connection goes down. Additionally, Paradise is "processor agnostic," meaning it doesn't lock you into a particular processor.

The payroll option helps you easily track employee hours with an employee punch-in/punch-out system. You can run reports to upload to an external payroll management system or to provide to your CPA or payroll consultant.

Additionally, Paradise supports mobile device management, allowing you to remotely log in to the system to view important information even if you're not physically in the same location as the POS system.

Paradise offers this short introductory video about the POS system:

All of your data within the Paradise POS is encrypted for security. Paradise also boasts 24/7 support with no call centers.

Paradise POS references a gift card program, but doesn’t provide any details about implementing the program or redeeming gift cards. We contacted Paradise for more information and were told that robust integrations are in the works. We'll update this section when those integrations are complete and more details are available.

Retail Features

A handy feature for retailers, Paradise POS works with barcode scanners, helping you easily manage inventory as well as check out customers faster. You can identify your best selling items using inventory reports, and track performance and payouts for commission-based employees.

Specialty retailers with age restrictions on items, such as tobacco shops or liquor stores, can take advantage of the ID scanner with age verification to ensure that customers are of legal purchasing age, helping your business avoid fines or loss of license.

Retailers that offer rental equipment can utilize a special “rental module” that allows you to customize rental time frames, accept and manage rental deposits, and streamline the return and checkout process for the total of the rented item.

Restaurant Features

Food service businesses of all kinds will find features that streamline the customer experience. You can set up “combo meals” and suggested upsells, manage bar tabs, split or merge checks, and customize menu items as often as needed.

Restaurants and bars will appreciate the age verification function with ID scanning to help ensure that customers purchasing alcohol are of legal drinking age. Specialty food businesses, such as yogurt shops or fruit stands, can integrate a food scale to sell items by weight.

Behind the scenes, you can easily track inventory down to the ingredient level, helping to reduce wasted items due to spoilage and keeping your best sellers in stock.

Looking to take orders or payments tableside? Paradise can do that, too, helping speed up turnover and provide added convenience for customers.

Restaurants that want to use Paradise can have the company set up the initial menu for you, ensuring your system is ready to go with your specific information.

Equipment and Accessories

The Paradise POS system runs on iPads. You will not be able to use this software with other operating systems, so if you’re using an Android or Windows tablet, you’ll need to look for another POS option. (Check out our extensive POS system list to see Android and Windows compatible tablet POS systems.)

You can also customize your ideal system by adding optional accessories, such as cash drawers, card readers, barcode scanners, weight scales, and printers. 

Paradise recommends Star accessories, but may be able to support certain Epson equipment.

Credit Card Processing with Paradise POS

As mentioned earlier, Paradise POS doesn't lock you in to one particular processor. Rather, the company is "processor agnostic" and can be used with countless processing companies, allowing you to choose the right fit while still using a Paradise system.

It's also worth noting that the Paradise system can be configured for an automatic cash discount program, a method of providing an incentive to pay with cash and avoid credit card processing fees. This has the effect of surcharging credit card customers, but the Paradise cash discount program is a true cash discount (not a surcharge) as it offers a rebate to customers paying with cash, which is listed on their receipt. You'll also have access to reporting on the cash discounts given to easily track the program.

However, it's not required to use cash discounting. You can also use the POS system with traditional credit card pricing options.

Read more about surcharges and cash discounts.

Training and Support

Paradise is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and boasts quick turnaround times for set up and short wait times for 24/7 customer service.

The company states that if you provide all needed info upfront, you can have your POS system ready to go next-day. Paradise provides a 2-hour training with new clients over the phone and using screen share to walk you through your system's features. Paradise is also able to remotely access the system if you need assistance in the future.

As a Paradise client, you'll have access to 24/7 customer support, with maximum hold times of 15 minutes so you can be sure you won't waste time waiting on a representative.


Another area that Paradise skips over is costs, not even listing a starting cost or whether the system is a one-time or monthly fee. Paradise explained to us that they don't list costs as those prices will vary depending on where you obtain the machine.

However, as a rough starting point, Paradise says that businesses can expect to pay around $1,300 per station with a monthly fee of around $49 per station. The montly fee includes 24/7 support and Paradise states that if there is a hold time for help, it's not more than 15 minutes. 

If you’ve used Paradise POS at your business, let us know what you think by leaving a review! Are you a retailer or a restaurauter? Did the Paradise POS offer all the functions you need and want for your business? What do you think could be improved or what features did you miss? Do you think the Paradise POS system is a good value for the money? And the big question – would you recommend it to other business owners?

Product Features


POS Systems

  • Mobile device management
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Tableside Payment Processing
  • Patron Online Food Ordering
  • Gift cards and customer loyalty tracking
  • Marketing metrics
  • Inventory management
  • Sales reports
  • Employee tracking & management
  • Payroll metrics
  • Quickbooks data export
  • PayPal acceptance
  • Integrated CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Windows-based system

  • iPad-Based System
  • Android-Based System
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Card Readers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Customer Displays
  • Kitchen Printers & Monitors
  • Checkout Scales
  • Portable Receipt Printers

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from CardFellow, on Mar 29, 2018

Paradise offers retail and restaurant options, which makes it easy to use this system for specific needs.

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