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Micros Review

POS Systems

Micros, a company owned by Oracle, has been a staple of the restaurant POS system world for years. Anyone who’s worked in a restaurant has probably come across it at some point in time.

Micros boasts customers that include Pizza Hut, TGIFriday’s, Aramark, Bertucci’s, and more. Is it the right fit for your restaurant or business? In this Micros POS review and profile, we’ll go over the system’s features, pricing, and more.

Is Micros just for the food industry?

While Micros specializes in restaurant and food service POS, it does offer solutions for other hospitality and recreation businesses, like hotels, theme parks, cruises, and casinos. The system can also be used in retail stores, though that’s not its primary purpose and in this profile we’ll focus on offerings for food/hospitality industries.

What You’ll Need

To use the Micros POS system, you’ll need Micros hardware and POS software, along with a merchant account for credit card processing. Micros has its own gateway for integrated payment processing, but does not disclose details on costs or specifications. In the past, Micros and processor Heartland Payment Systems have worked together to create easy integration between credit card processing and the Micros POS, but currently Micros POS doesn’t require use of a particular processor.

Micros POS Features

Businesses can accept payment, enter food orders, and arrange hotel reservations. In addition to accepting cash, credit cards, and debit cards, some systems and devices can support gift cards and PayPal. Micros POS systems can integrate seamlessly for multiple locations, allowing consolidated reporting and inventory management.

Takeout and Delivery
Micros’ web ordering solution offers your customers online food ordering for easy takeout or delivery requests. The web ordering solution includes integration with Google Maps to help customers find your business, and offers a delivery configuration system to show customers your delivery limits. You can also accept online coupons and set up promotions for customers, set up a minimum and maximum order amount, integrate with Facebook for social media promotion, and email order confirmations and payment receipts.

Kitchen Printing
Micros offers kitchen display and print systems for reading restaurant orders and tickets in the kitchen. Merchants can choose between kitchen printers, to directly print tickets to the kitchen, or kitchen paperless displays to eliminate the need to print customer orders. With tablet POS options, the tablets can be anchored in a location using an optional stand, or carried to various locations.

Employee Management
Labor management is an integrated application to help with human resources activity. You can track payroll expenses, schedule staff, set alerts when employees are approaching overtime, calculate labor costs, complete pre-processing payroll tasks such as holiday pay, and more. You can also review sales and tips by employee, manage tax data, and forecast future labor needs. Additionally, Micros offers swipe cards for employees to log in to the POS system.

Reporting and Management

To help manage your business, Micros offers a variety of reports and back-office functions, including labor management, product management, and financial management. Reports are available for multiple locations, helping consolidate and reconcile inventory and sales across multiple branches.

Product Management
Product management options help streamline ordering, receiving, and inventory with a product management database that uses real-time information on inventory levels. Product management extends to the ingredient-level for restaurants, allowing you to track inventory down to the lowest level. Micros also supports recipe management, offering the ability to save prep and serving instructions, including recipe cards and pictures. Additionally, you can view item performance for top selling and bottom selling items, track and analyze vendor bids, and match packing slips to invoices for easy inventory reconciliation.

Financial Management/Reporting
Financial management with Micros lets you create custom reports to view sales information in real-time. Reports can track budgets, sales, and more. Micros offers reporting for profit and loss, daily sales reconciliation, deposits, and expenses.

Equipment and Accessories

Micros POS systems run on Windows operating systems, reducing the learning curve for employees.

The company offers a wide range of hardware. Systems vary depending on business and industry needs, and may include merchant-facing and customer-facing screens, printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, card readers, and more. You can choose to add or remove equipment to create a tailored solution for your needs. Micros hardware can be purchased through POS Depot, a division of Micros.


Micros is PCI-DSS compliant, helping to ensure security for businesses and customers. Micros’ domestic and European data centers are also certified PCI-DSS compliant, ensuring that data in those locations is also secure.

Micros Pricing

The costs of implementing Micros systems can vary wildly depending on how many POS stations you need and what options you choose. Some restaurant owners find that the costs of choosing Micros are too high for their specific budget and needs. Costs for the POS system, accessories, and any required monthly fees, subscriptions, or maintenance packages will be in addition to the credit card processing fees charged when you take customers’ cards for payment.

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Manufacturer’s page

Product Features


POS Systems

  • Mobile device management
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Tableside Payment Processing
  • Patron Online Food Ordering
  • Gift cards and customer loyalty tracking
  • Marketing metrics
  • Inventory management
  • Sales reports
  • Employee tracking & management
  • Payroll metrics
  • Quickbooks data export
  • PayPal acceptance
  • Integrated CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Windows-based system

  • iPad-Based System
  • Android-Based System
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Card Readers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Customer Displays
  • Kitchen Printers & Monitors
  • Checkout Scales
  • Portable Receipt Printers

Micros Q&A

Heartland Payment Systems answer:

There are multiple POS options in the industry that would be more cost effective than Micros. It's up to you if you want to spend more money for Micros, but it might be better to explore some of the cloud based point of sale systems.?


Heartland Payment Systems answer:

You will need to speak with a Micros Reseller in order to make sure that it is supported. 


Micros Reviews ( 12)

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from Patrick Fischer, on Apr 18, 2023

If I could give zero stars, I would. There has not been a resolution on outstanding tickets opened two years ago during the initial implementation. Simple things like time reporting, creating buttons, and marking items as "unavailable" have issues. The system has a lag when servers log out of checks that prevents them from opening the checks on another terminal without a wait that feels like an eternity in the restaurant industry and with direct impact to the guest. Good luck calling support. Most of my experience involves the person I spoke with having no idea how to fix my issue and having to "escalate the ticket." This escalation process will last weeks, months, and in our case, years with no resolution.

from Scott Van Wagenen, on Jan 31, 2020

If I could give 0 stars I would. Interface looks like from some Amiga application form 1993. Ontology is ridiculous. It crashes continuously, and support is non existent and it costs 3x what a more modern and competent system does. I have evaluated/used more than 10 different POS systems of varying quality and I can unequivocally say that this is the worst system I have ever seen. And...Oracle? For god sake why would you ever need Oracle for a restaurant system? Save your money. Stay away from this system.

from Cassidy Kennedy, on Dec 06, 2017

We purchased the new Oracle/Micros POS system in April 2017. Extremely costly and very little support. We were promised specific report writing, and POS functionality that we had on our old system but since we've gone live (April) we've had to piece together reports and we do not have the functions promised. I am on the phone weekly with Micros/Oracle support and it's extremely frustrating. We also have a Gift Card component that has not worked since installation. I have sent numerous emails and made tons of phone calls trying to get the issue fixed and the project manager doesn't even reply to my emails. It's now the holidays and we are losing $$ everyday not being able to sell gift cards, besides the fact that it makes us look bad to our customers.

from scott, on Oct 09, 2017

Before the Oracle merge, service on the various Micros POS we own was very dependable for 20 years. Since Oracle took over, the support and service for our Micros systems (multiple locations) has been extremely poor. It is frustrating and costly to wait long periods for return phone calls or tech visits.

from Bob Gary, on Sep 09, 2017

This company is absolutely clueless. Save yourself a colossal headache and find a company that cares.

from Geoff, on Aug 20, 2017

I've been in hospitality for 20 years. This is the most difficult and trying pos system i have ever used. Consistently crashes during peak hours, horrible outsourced customer service, tech department is incompetent, false promises. Do not buy! Micros res was way better than symphony.

from Angie Morrison, on Aug 10, 2017

Management changes payroll reports after paychecks are calculated and processed. Too easy for managers and employees to argue with the payroll department!

from C. LANDISE, on Jan 01, 2017

Used Micros (now 3700) for 20 years at three locations. While the customer support has never been great (or cheap) it has sunk to new lows since Oracle took over. Layers of bureaucracy to get the simplest change or programming tweaks accomplished. Over a week to get an ordering printer replaced under contract and many hours on the phone plus a plea to the sales rep was required. The individual reps send out personal "cheat sheets" explaining step by step how to place a support order on the incredibly confusing and cumbersome customer interface website. (It looks like it was designed by a 1970's DOS Geek who had English as a third language.) The last straw was the industry-wide upgrade in credit card certificate (SSL) security which happened on Dec 28. 2016 Other Oracle competitors told their clients about its coming and had the fix in place. Oracle just let the system go down and let us hold on with customer support for hours on the holiday. We were then told that they would need two WEEKS to address it because they had so many clients who needed the upgrade! Really hard to believe. We just upgraded all of our hardware a couple of years ago so we are stuck for now with Oracle, but never again! I do not recommend any bar & grill to use Oracle.

from CJK, on Oct 08, 2016

My restaurant has had Micros Simphony for almost two years and it's the most un-user friendly piece of crap ever! Crashes constantly, and good luck getting tech support to answer the phone, or return a voicemail or email message. Worse than useless. At this very moment the system has been down for eighteen hours and no one has lifted a finger or returned a call to help.

from Binda, on Sep 21, 2016

I've used Micros for over 20 years with little or no problems, great customer support...until 2014!! Not sure what has happened with this company, they closed the local office leaving us with no support. When you call the support line you are put on hold for very long, when they finally do answer they offer very little to no support. They charge very high fees for customer support that is practically non existent. After being a loyal Micros customers for over 20 years I am ready to look for a new system that offers support, is more advanced and easier to program.

from Anne, on Aug 27, 2016

The Micros POS system is nearly non-functional. If we use it when our business is busy it crashes. We paid $2,000 for 1 year's support. When we call for support we're put on hold, then after remarkably long waits we're cut off by the phone system, then when someone finally picks up after several more calls they don't know enough about the system to fix it and they hang up on us. Our system is often down for days and when we put pressure on them to get it up and running they tell us we need to pay them more money. It's extortion and they should be put our to business for the fraud they're perpetrating on the small business public.

from CardFellow, on Mar 17, 2016

The Micros POS systems are really common in restaurants, but the costs for installing and using them can get a bit expensive for small businesses.

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