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NCR Silver Review

POS Systems

NCR has been in the transactions processing business since the late 19th century. The company has been on the cutting edge of technology since it launched. So it should come as no surprise that NCR offers a cloud-based POS system for processing transactions, known as NCR Silver.

The NCR Silver app runs on iOS or Android. This app is designed for retailers, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, service providers, liquor stores, vape shops, and food trucks. NCR also offers the NCR Silver Pro Edition, an iOS app built for restaurants. Read on to learn if either of these solutions is right for your business.

What You’ll Need

To use NCR Silver, you’ll need an iOS device or the plug-and-play Android-based NCR Silver Register. If you want to take credit cards, you’ll need a credit card reader, and if you’d like to accept cash payments, you’ll need a cash drawer, too. NCR Silver offers a line of compatible products.

The NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition has the same hardware requirements as the NCR Silver app. To accept credit cards, you’ll need to sign up for a merchant account with a payment processor. NCR’s POS solutions are supported by almost all credit card processors.

NCR Silver Features

The NCR Silver app supports a variety of retail types, quick service restaurants, and sit-down establishments. The company offers this introduction video:

You can manage inventory and employees, as well as track sales and cash inflow from any of your business’ branches. The NCR Silver website emphasizes that the app has multi-store functionality, so if you open up a new location, NCR Silver grows with your brand. Do you send out marketing emails or have a loyalty program? NCR Silver enables you to manage those activities within the app.

Inventory Management

Are your hotcakes selling, well, like hotcakes, while no one wants to order omelets? NCR Silver’s inventory management feature gives you this information so you can make decisions about what inventory to stock.You can easily see your current inventory levels to easily determine when you need tor reorder popular items.

Reporting and Employee Management

NCR Silver provides reports on sales and cash inflow for any and all branches of your business. The app’s website touts the convenience of being able to access these reports from anywhere. You may also be able to integrate with QuickBooks for easy account reconciliation. As for employee management, NCR Silver wants to make managing your employees a breeze. The app assigns roles and tracks who’s clocked in and out.

Integrated Marketing and Loyalty Functionality

Getting the word out about your business and retaining your customers can feel like a full time job. With NCR Silver, you can write marketing emails and manage your customer loyalty program within the app.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition Features

The NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition app is designed for quick service and sit-down restaurants as well as bars. Its features are built to meet the needs of restauranteurs: NCR Silver Pro includes a table layout function, a staff management option, the ability to create event-based discounts, flexible payment and check-splitting capabilities, and 24/7 support.

Table Layout and Staff Management

When your servers are having a busy night, NCR Silver Pro can ease their burden a bit by showing a mirror of your restaurant’s table layout so they can deliver orders faster. On busy nights, your wait staff might start to fall behind. NCR Silver Pro lets you see how long orders have been waiting so you can redistribute servers and keep your customers satisfied.

Event-Based Discounts

Does your restaurant or bar hold Happy Hour? With NCR Silver Pro, you can create event-based discounts to attract more customers


Your most loyal customers deserve the option to run a tab. NCR Silver Pro gives restaurant and bar owners the ability to create and track tabs for customers. When customers want to split the bill, NCR Silver Pro lets servers divide the check quickly.

24/7 Support

NCR Silver Pro includes 24/7 support, so if you have a question at closing time, a live agent is there to help you.


The NCR Silver Pro app boasts advanced sales reporting functionality. Not only will it tell you how many sales you’ve made, it will also show you missed sales opportunities and offer recommendations on how to cut down on comps.

NCR Pricing for Credit Card Processing

NCR Silver’s website doesn’t publish credit card processing costs, because it’s not a credit card processor. Your credit card processing company will set this cost. The fees for credit card processing are in addition to the POS software and the hardware and accessories you may need to purchase.

Want to know what you’ll pay for credit card processing? Request a free no-obligation quote from the processors that support NCR Silver.

NCR Silver and Silver Pro Pricing

NCR doesn’t publish the costs of either the Silver or Silver Pro app online. The POS software costs are in addition to credit card processing fees and the hardware and software you may need to purchase.

NCR Silver and Silver Pro Accessories

NCR offers a wide variety of accessories for the Silver and Silver Pro apps. It sells an iOS bundle that includes an iPad stand, a card reader, a countertop printer, and a cash drawer. If you’d prefer to use Android products, NCR sells a package including an integrated tablet, stand, and card reader. Customers can add a cash drawer, customer display, printer, and scanner to this bundle.

Aside from the iOS and Android packages, you can purchase an EMV card reader and stand, a traditional credit card reader, a countertop printer, an integrated scale, a barcode scanner, an iPad swivel stand, a cash drawer, a register scanner, and a customer display.

Product Features


POS Systems

  • Mobile device management
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Tableside Payment Processing
  • Patron Online Food Ordering
  • Gift cards and customer loyalty tracking
  • Marketing metrics
  • Inventory management
  • Sales reports
  • Employee tracking & management
  • Payroll metrics
  • Quickbooks data export
  • PayPal acceptance
  • Integrated CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Windows-based system

  • iPad-Based System
  • Android-Based System
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Card Readers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Customer Displays
  • Kitchen Printers & Monitors
  • Checkout Scales
  • Portable Receipt Printers

NCR Silver Q&A

NCR Silver Reviews (1)

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from CardFellow, on Apr 14, 2016

NCR Silver has POS options for small and larger businesses. The system runs on a tablet (Android and Apple are both options) so it can be portable if necessary. Great option for many business types.

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