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Rezku Review

POS Systems

From cafe bistros to steakhouses Rezku provides the restaurant industry with iPad apps that are powerful, easy to use, and backed by a dedicated team of in-house support representatives.

Rezku POS is the point-of-sale component in the complete Rezku restaurant management suite, which includes apps for detailed sales reporting and menu costing, customer relationship management, table management and online reservations, and more. The company also states that online ordering capabilities will be added soon.

Lets take a look at the features, costs, and requirements to use Rezku at your restaurant or cafe.

What You’ll Need to Use Rezku

To use Rezku POS in your restaurant, you’ll need an Apple iPad, the Rezku POS app, and your choice of compatible card readers and printers available for purchase from Rezku. For PCI compliance and system reliability, a separate dedicated Rezku POS router is also required. Rezku sells a managed commercial router, which is optional. 

You will also need to use a merchant account with a compatible credit card processor. Rezku previously required merchant accounts through Vantiv, but has since opened up your choices. The system is processor-agnostic, meaning you can choose any company for your merchant account. At CardFellow, we strongly suggest using equipment that allows you to choose your own processor, as it increases your competitive leverage to secure low pricing for your credit card transactions. If you already have a processor, Rezku can work with that existing processor without forcing you to change services. 

Printers, cash drawers, and iPad stands round out the system requirements and are available for purchase separately or bundled into a workstation package. Rezku also supports customer-facing displays and kitchen displays. 

Our Opinion

I recently had the opportunity to try the Rezku system for myself and it's a solid POS system.

Best Rezku Features:

  • Menu images
  • Separate dine-in, takeout, and bar checks
  • Check splitting by number of diners or by specific items
  • Choice of processor for credit card acceptance
  • Staff notifications

The option to include images with each menu item is a feature that contributes to both the look and functionality. Users of other systems frequently request options to add images to menus, but many POS systems still don't support it. As you can see from this screenshot, the use of menu item images is both visually appealing and makes it easier to locate an item quickly.


In this layout, I've organized the category items alphabetically, but you can organize them however you like. Want your top sellers listed first? You can simply go into the back office dashboard, locate the menu you'd like to organize, then drag and drop individual items into place. 

Another handy thing is that Rezku has detailed how-to videos on every aspect of the system available right through the back office dashboard. You can watch the videos from the iPad or from any internet connected device. The best part is that videos are available in a list from the knowledge base, or from individual functions. For example, if you're in the "happy hour setup" screen, a small video camera icon shows at the top. Clicking that will bring up the happy hour setup video.

The system is very intuitive and user-friendly, but if you do need help on a particular feature, the videos probably cover it. And if not, Rezku support is also available to help. 

In short, the Rezku POS system provides tons of features and backs it up with great support. Let's take a closer look at the available features. 

Rezku POS Features

Rezku is a powerful POS system designed specifically for the restaurant and bar industry. Some of the most important restaurant-specific features include tab pre-authorization, splitting and merging checks, gratuities, and ordering by seat. Rezku POS makes use of iPads for wireless order-taking tableside and printing orders to the kitchen. The unique serverless offline mode allows you to continue taking orders from any tablet as well as process credit payments offline. 

Restaurant and Customer Features

As a food-industry POS, Rezku caters to the needs of restaurants and bars, offering features like modifiers, check splitting, customizable menus, timed pricing for happy hours, gift cards, and more. Even better, Rezku will set up your menu for you, saving the time and frustration of doing it yourself. However, you can always add or delete items from the menu once it's set up. You won't have to rely on Rezku to make changes for you.

Modifiers and Order Flow Design

To help servers take orders faster and make sure that the kitchen gets clear instructions Rezku point of sale gives you tools to design the order-taking experience from start to finish. Use forced modifiers to make sure important questions are being asked and unforced modifiers to easily make substitutions or up-sell. You can apply both forced and unforced modifiers to the same item.

For example, if I ring in the black and bleu burger, it first asks if I want to remove any of the items that come on the burger.


Clicking "bleu cheese crumbles" will specify no bleu cheese crumbles on the burger. However, I don't have to remove any of the items. I can simply click "next" to move to the next modifier screen: meat temperature. 

While a diner might not have had any changes to the burger, they will need to specify how they want their burger done. That means that this screen is required. If I try to click "next" without choosing a meat temperature, a red error box in the top right corner will specify that I need to select the temperature. 


Use forced modifiers when you want to require a choice - for example, meat temperatures, salad dressings, or choice of sides. Use unforced modifiers if the modifier may or may not apply. For example, one customer may want no bacon on a particular burger while another customer will want the bacon. Unforced modifiers aren't required.

Advanced Check Management

Check management is one of the best features of the Rezku system. You can split checks in a number of ways: split payment types (cash and credit), easy split based on dollar amount, split by items, or split by seat. You can even split a split!

By default, when you click into the checkout screen, you'll have the options "easy split" or "itemized split." Easy split simply divides the check by two (or more) people. Clicking the "add" button adds another "person," thus further dividing the check. In the following images, the top image shows the default two-way split while the bottom shows that the same total can be quickly split again by clicking the "add" button. 


Easy split will divide by the number you choose regardless of whether you've entered items by seat. For example, if you have a party of 6 and enter orders for 6 individual seats, but only 2 people are splitting the bill, you can simply use easy split by 2. 

Itemized split is where you can split the check by specific items or allow for splitting by seat. There's also a "split order" option for when part of a party is still adding items, but another diner wishes to leave and pay their portion. Split order allows you to move some items to an entirely separate check to cash out that diner.

Splitting a Check by Seat

There are two ways to split checks by seat. The easier way is to ring in the order by seat when you initially enter it. To do so you just need to specify the party size and tap each seat to enter that person's order. There's also an option for shared items (such as appetizers for the table) that you can use. If you assign items by seat initially, the system will automatically split the check into separate checks for those seats. Additionally, if there was a "shared" item, it will divide the cost of that item evenly among all checks. In the example below, a party of three split the nachos for an appertizer, so each check reflects 1/3rd of the cost of the nachos.


If you don't initially enter items by seat, you can still split the checks by item. You'll just need to manually choose which items go on which check. However, that's a simple matter of tapping the item and moving it to a new check on the same screen. 

Perhaps you've entered items by seat, but two diners at your party of three want to pay together. No problem - simply merge their checks. When you're looking at the itemized view, you'll be able to click "merge" and choose which checks to make into one. 

You can also use merging to combine two types of checks. No need to make patrons close out their tab at the bar before getting them started on table service. Instead, just merge their bar tab into their dinner with a few easy taps.

On-Screen Authorization

Save paper and speed up checkout with tableside payment, sign-on-screen, and emailed receipts. This popular option gets you quicker turn-times and increases customer service. Still prefer to have paper receipts with signatures? You can turn off the option to allow guests to sign for their bill on the screen. 


The Rezku menu is both beautiful and functional. The color coding in modifiers helps servers quickly see which items a dish includes. If the customer asks ”Does this have onions in it?” the server can quickly answer with confidence using the product information. If modifiers appear in green, they come with the dish by default. Tapping a green modifier will remove it, specifying NO [item] on the order. On the other hand, modifiers in grey are not part of the dish, but can be added. Tapping a grey modifier will add it. 

For example, in the screenshot below, I clicked on the Classic Burger. A modifier screen pops up with 8 modifiers - 6 green, and 2 grey. The green modifiers (mayo, lettuce, onions, pickles, tomato, and ketchup) tell me what comes on the burger. The grey modifiers (bacon and add cheese) can be added at the customer's request. If I tap the green "mayo" modifier, it will turn grey, indicating it's no longer on this burger. If I tap the grey "add cheese" modifier, it gives a choice of cheeses and turns green, indicating that cheese is now part of the burger.


One I choose the cheese and click next, the check reflect that I selected no mayo and added swiss cheese. 


As you can see from the screenshots, Rezku offers the ability to include high-res photos, color code your menu, and more. You can leverage your existing food photography to help new staff learn the menu lightning fast. Full color, high resolution image support with no slowdowns.

You can choose from over 16 million custom colors to color-code your menu for fast and easy ordering. Color is proven to increase memorization through association and will help make sure servers are ordering from the right part of the menu.

Timed Pricing Controls and Named Discounts

Scheduled pricing means you have complete control over the cost of your items. You can create daily promoted items or happy-hour specials that change through the week. Setting up timed pricing is easy in the back office dashboard. You'll simply set a name for the promotion, and choose which menu items apply. You can set the hours and days of the week when the promotional pricing is valid, and include any "black out" dates to which the pricing doesn't apply. You'll also set the special promotional pricing in the dashboard. Rezku conveniently lists all of your menu items and the regular price so you don't have to go look up what it normally costs. 


Once you've set your timed pricing, it will show as an option during the appropriate times. In the screnshot below, clicking on the "soft pretzel" item gives the option for "Thursday happy hour" half off pricing.


It's faster and more accurate when staff doesn't have to manually calculate happy hour prices. 

You can also create preset discounts by percent or by dollar amount; for example, ”Employee Discount,” ”Coffee Club,” ”Coupon 06” etc. This allows staff to easily provide the correct discount to a customer. 

Gift Cards

The value of offering gift cards as a tool for increasing revenue can’t be understated. As a promotional tool, gift cards encourage repeat customers and higher ticket averages. Rezku restaurant point of sale offers full-color, durable, reusable gift cards with your existing custom logo and design. Gift cards can easily be redeemed through the POS system using the same process as paying with a credit card.  


The built-in customer relationship manager securely stores guest information such as name, email address, phone number and previous orders. This helps facilitate email and direct mail promotions, and helps you to identify your target customer’s buying patterns. You can also view your top customers, seeing their orders, average order total, and running total. 

Staff Notifications

Need to communciate with staff across multiple shifts? You can write notices to your staff through the back office portal. Notes are divided into three sections - specials, 86'd items, and daily notes.


Staff can view the notes for the day at any time from the login screen before they enter their login PIN.


You're not required to post notes, but it's a great way to get information to your servers, especially at the beginning or end of shifts. 

Reporting and Management Features

Behind the scenes work is just as crucial for food service businesses, and Rezku provides plenty of features to make management easier. the back office dashboard, accessible from the iPad app or an internet-connected device, contains a variety of sales and labor tools. It includes in-depth reports, make it easy to keep track of important data, while ingredient-level inventory management keeps you up-to-date on stock levels.

Sales and Labor

What you need, when you need it. With the sales and labor dashboards, you can view average ticket, net sales, best sellers, labor to sales ratio, and more. The system uses easy to read infographics with live updates in real time.


Additionally, you can use an integrated timecard, with no need to purchase anther labor management app. Record clocking in and out with security verification images, correct inaccurate punches, view hours and overtime, and export labor data to Excel and your preferred payroll system.

In-Depth Sales Reporting

Viewing sales data in so many ways helps you see meaning in the patterns. Rezku POS sales reports include sales-by-user, sales-by-product, sales-by-hour, modifier reports to show which options people choose the most and much more.

The system also helps you keep a close watch on things like discounts, comps, and custom products with the sales exceptions report. It includes the date, time and reason for every discount listed by the staff member who issued it.

Inventory Management and Costing

Using ingredient-level stock management, each product is built from recipes from your inventory. Keep a close watch on menu costs by seeing how supply chain costs effect net profit. Make sure bottle inventory for spirits matches the expected amounts when audited and discourage theft.

Remote Management

Take back your life and get out of the office. With Rezku POS you can manage your restaurant from anywhere. Real-time data is stored in the cloud so you can see sales, labor, and more from any internet connected device. Make live changes to the menu, promotions, pricing and every other setting in Rezku POS from the comfort of your couch, out at a park, or in line at the store.

Offline Mode

Unlike other systems that say they have an offline mode, Rezku POS is fully functional offline. Feel confident making and taking orders without setbacks. This is especially important regarding payments. Even without internet access, you can still take credit card payments when using the Rezku point of sale system for iPad.

Security Features

Restaurant management features aren’t the only thing you’ll need in a good POS system. You’ll also want to ensure security for your payments and POS functions. Fortunately, Rezku has you covered. 

User Permissions

Permissions assigned by staff role allow you to easily place workers in the trust hierarchy as either employees or managers. Flexible per-user permissions let you assign specific out-of-role duties to trusted staff or assistant managers or enable specific management functions without giving away the keys to the castle.

By going into the permissions screen for an individual employee (see screenshot below) you can adjust individual permissions without adjusting a users' entire role. 


For example, if an employee works in a supervisor role and doesn't need full management permissions, but does need to be able to do things that a non-supervisor can't, you can adjust those specific things. If a supervisor should be allowed to apply happy hour pricing outside of set happy hour times, you can enable that function for only that employee. 

EMV and NFC Capable

With the latest Ingenico card readers offered with Rezku POS, you can take EMV chip cards and contactless payments from customer cell phones through services like Apple Pay. Using EMV also means you avoid more chargebacks due to non-compliance with EMV standards.

PCI Compliant

Rezku takes data security seriously, and is PCI compliant. Rezku point of sale uses the E2EE encryption standard for all card data at the moment of the swipe or when it’s read. Your customer’s payment information is never stored in its unencrypted form, drastically narrowing your scope (and the expense) of maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

Credit Card Processing

Rezku is processor-agnostic, meaning the system works with any credit card processor. If you plan to accept credit cards through your POS system, you'll need to open a merchant account with a processor. Since Rezku doesn't lock you in to a specific processor, you have the flexibility to find the most competitive pricing. 

If you're not yet a CardFellow member, you can join for free to see special members-only pricing for merchant accounts that will work with the Rezku system. Additionally, you'll get all of our other member benefits, including a lifetime rate lock, no cancellation fees, free ongoing statement monitoring and more. 

Rezku POS Pricing

Rezku restaurant point of sale service plans do not require a contract and allow you to choose how many tablets you wish to use for counter service, bar, and table-side ordering. Plans are suitable for different restaurant sizes and concepts and are configured with the assistance of a Rezku product consultant. Unlimited license plans are also available, allowing you to quickly add or remove iPads on the fly with instant activation. Unlimited licensing is great for busy seasons or even just busy weekends.

Costs for the Rezku system are separate from the costs to accept credit card transactions. 

CardFellow members enjoy free setup (an $899 value) when choosing Rezku.

Equipment and Accessories

As noted earlier, Rezku is iPad-based. The POS also supports industry standard accessories that restaurants need. Quality kitchen printers from Epson and Star Micronics, reliable card readers from Ingenico and MagTek, UPC scanners for retail items and all-metal commercial food scales by Brecknell are all compatible with Rezku.

Ready to get started with Rezku? Get my free CardFellow membership.

Product Features


POS Systems

  • Mobile device management
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Tableside Payment Processing
  • Patron Online Food Ordering
  • Gift cards and customer loyalty tracking
  • Marketing metrics
  • Inventory management
  • Sales reports
  • Employee tracking & management
  • Payroll metrics
  • Quickbooks data export
  • PayPal acceptance
  • Integrated CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Windows-based system

  • iPad-Based System
  • Android-Based System
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Card Readers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Customer Displays
  • Kitchen Printers & Monitors
  • Checkout Scales
  • Portable Receipt Printers

Rezku Q&A

Rezku Reviews (2)

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from Paul, on May 08, 2018

This is what I have been looking for. We kept trying other POS systems but they all had issues. This is a great app and it keeps getting better. No regrets moving to Rezku POS. Thanks a lot for putting together a POS system really made for busy restaurants.

from CardFellow, on Apr 19, 2018

The Rezku POS system is convenient and sleek, with plenty of helpful features.

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