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Ingenico RP750x Review


The Ingenico RP750x is currently the only Ingenico mobile card reader that allows chip and PIN card acceptance. It connects to your smartphone or tablet, but not via headphone jack, as the device has to be large enough to include a PIN pad.

An optional NFC reader can be added if you need to take payments from digital wallets like Apple Pay, but note that the NFC reader isn’t standard.  

Ingenico RP750x

The RP750x works with Ingenico’s ROAMpay app mobile app. Read on to get the full details. In order to use the pair, you’ll need a merchant account.

Using the RP750x

Ingenico’s RP750x is a universal card reader, like all Ingenico machines. That means you’ll have a choice of processors, and the processor is the one that sets the costs to use it. You’ll need a merchant account with a compatible processor and the ROAMpay app in order to use the RP750x to take payments. You can view instant quotes from processors that can support Ingenico card readers by using our private quote comparison tool.


With a cloud-based app, the RP750x can be managed and configured remotely. Additionally, ROAMpay’s features include cash payment recording for easy reconciliation of multiple payment types, signature capture on screen for transactions where customers don’t enter a PIN, automatic tax calculation at the time of sale, the ability to apply discounts to purchases, and the option to enable gratuities during a sale. Additionally, if you don’t have a connection but need to make a sale, you can use an offline mode to accept the payment and process it later. You can also issue refunds if necessary, and customize receipts for transactions.

The app also enables you to collect information about customers, including taking notes for transactions. You’ll be able to see what customers have purchased, and include any notes for future use. If you need to manage inventory, basic functions for tracking allow that as well.


Ingenico states that the RP750x is only about 18% larger than a credit card, meaning it’s still small enough for convenient processing on the go. The reader measures 4” x 2.2” x 0.7”and weighs under 3 ounces. You can connect the RP750x to your mobile device through the audio jack using a cord, or via Bluetooth.

The reader features a monochrome 128 x 64 backlit display, helpful for viewing the screen in all lighting conditions. The 15 rubber PIN pad keys are raised, and there’s a hardware reboot switch.

The RP750x uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that connects to a power source through a USB cable. Ingenico claims that the card reader can process 400 magnetic stripe transactions, 200 EMV transactions, or 100 contactless transactions on a single charge. The RP750x’s lifetime is three years or 500 battery recharge cycles, during which it’s capable of processing a minimum of 100,000 EMV and magnetic stripe card transactions. There’s a buzzer that tells you when a transaction is complete, too.

As for the devices that are compatible with the reader, the RP750x works with both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Need a tablet? Be sure to check out the 5 best tablets for mobile POS systems.


The RP750x and ROAMpay are PCI compliant, and the reader is EMV Level 2 certified and Visa payWave and MasterCard Paypass certified. It also utilizes end-to-end encryption, so the moment you swipe your customer’s card, the data travels securely across the network. The RP750x doesn’t store credit card data, and it won’t store it on your mobile device, either.


With the ROAMpay app, some limited reporting is available. A merchant portal gives you the ability to view reports, including transaction history. As a mobile card reader and app, robust detailed reporting isn’t generally available. If you need in-depth analytics and reporting, a point of sale system may be a better fit.

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  • iOS compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • EMV capable
  • NFC capable

Ingenico RP750x Q&A

Heartland Payment Systems answer:

Please refer to owners manual or Ingenico's website directly.


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from CardFellow, on May 18, 2016

This is one of the few mobile readers that takes chip and PIN cards, not just chip and signature. It can support NFC (contactless) payments, too, with an optional reader but that doesn't come standard.

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