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TSYS MobilePASS Review


*** TSYS MobilePASS has been replaced by ProcessNow Mobile. ***

*** The TSYS MobilePASS is being replaced by ProcessNow Mobile. As of autumn 2016, MobilePASS devices are still functional, but will not be sold going forward. ***


The TSYS MobilePASS is an app that lets you take payments in real time using your smartphone instead of dedicated credit card machines. MobilePASS is TSYS’s proprietary mobile payment solution, and works with Apple and Android devices. One drawback is that TSYS currently doesn’t offer a card reader capable of ”dipping” new EMV chip cards. Read on for the rest of the details about what MobilePASS can and cannot do for your business. 

Using TSYS MobilePASS

The TSYS MobilePASS app is available for download from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon and can be used with Android and iOS devices, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. TSYS MobilePASS supports an unlimited number of users, assigning each user a unique user ID and password.

You’ll be able to accept traditional credit cards – including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners’ Club, JCB, and Discover – as well as signature debit cards. (It’s not currently possible to take cards that require a PIN for authorization.) You can manually key in card numbers, or attach an optional card reader to process swiped cards. In many cases, swiping credit cards results in lower costs for you.

As mentioned, the currently available card reader cannot support chip card payments. You can still take chip cards, but you’ll have to run them as magnetic strip transactions, and you’ll be liable for any fraudulent activity that occurs. 

The TSYS MobilePASS app can record and process cash payments.

TSYS MobilePASS Features

The TSYS MobilePASS app also offers the ability to void transactions and process refunds, capture signatures electronically on screen, allow customers to add tips, and email receipts to customers at the end of a sale. You can also track and view basic sales reports directly from the compatible mobile device. (If you need access to more robust transaction reports, the Merchant Center online reporting hub gives full transaction access.)

Perhaps one of the most requested features for mobile processing is a store and forward mode. TSYS MobilePASS includes an auto-process offline (store and forward) feature which will store transactions in the event of a lost connection and process them when a connection becomes available again. Note that the auto process offline feature can be turned off; if it is off and a connection is lost, the transaction will be cancelled and you’ll receive an error message.

The app provides optimized color schemes for day or night transactions, improving visibility depending on the lighting conditions.


TSYS MobilePASS comes with several security features designed to keep cardholder data safe. Card data is sent with high levels of encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption and information is not stored on your mobile device. Compliance updates are automatically integrated into the app, simplifying compliance. Additionally, TSYS MobilePASS offers verification code support, allowing you to enter card verification codes for additional security, and Address Verification Services, so you can verify the cardholder’s address with the address on file with the credit card company.


The costs for using TSYS MobilePASS to take cards will be determined by the processing company that you use. Any processor that is compatible with TSYS may be able to offer MobilePASS for smartphone and tablet processing. If you’d like no-obligation quotes for your business, you can request pricing and review it privately by using this simple quote request tool

The cost for the reader itself will vary depending on where you purchase it. 

Product Features

Selective: TSYS


  • iOS compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • EMV capable
  • NFC capable


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from CardFellow, on May 31, 2016

The big drawback to the MobilePASS is that available readers don't currently take chip cards. Would like to see an option for a reader than can take those new cards.

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