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USAePay Mobile Review


USAePAY offers a mobile reader for businesses that take payments on the go, at customer's homes, or in other non-traditional locations.

Right off the bat, be aware that USAePAY does not currently support a mobile chip card reader. If you take a chip card from a customer, you’ll have to run it using the magnetic strip and you’ll be liable for fraudulent transactions. With that out of the way, here’s what USAePAY’s mobile app can do.

In order to use the mobile app, you’ll need a merchant account with USAePay.


USAePay’s mobile app lets you accept cash, credit cards, and check payments. The USAePAY mobile payment app offers basic transaction processing, with a few more advanced features like the ability to accept more than one form of payment per transaction. You can also accept and record cash transactions, and automatically calculate sales tax. Additionally, USAePay offers customer profile management, inventory management, and the ability to set security permissions for other users. The inventory management option lets you add, edit, and store products in a secure database.


USAePay’s mobile apps are compatible with several card readers. Neither the company’s site nor the Android app description specifies which card readers are compatible with the Android version of the application. However, the iTunes app description includes card reader compatibility information.

The iOS app is compatible with the PaySaber Clip and PaySaber Jr. card readers. Both of these card readers accept magnetic stripe credit cards, but do not accept EMV (chip) credit cards. Neither the PaySaber Clip nor the PaySaber Jr. run on batteries; you can recharge both of them through a proprietary plug-in charger.

USAePay’s iOS app is also compatible with Infinite Peripherals’ Linea Pro 5 and 6 card readers. They are both magnetic stripe card readers and cannot accept EMV chip cards, although there is an option to accept NFC/contactless payments. (See more on the difference between EMV and NFC.) Also, neither of them runs on batteries – you can recharge it through a mini-USB cord.

As mentioned, the USAePAY app is available for both Android and Apple devices. You may be able to use it with your existing smartphone or tablet, but be sure to check the latest compatibility and device specifications first.


USAePay is PCI Level 1 compliant. The mobile app allows you to take advantage of USAePay’s fraud prevention suite. There are over a dozen fraud prevention features available, including the ability to block a transaction based on address verification, bank information number restriction, limits on the customer’s host or IP address, a country blocker, a bad credit card database, duplicate transaction detection, restrictions based on email addresses, fraud risk assessment, barring multiple credit cards per transaction, define allowable transaction amounts, and verify zip codes.

Another security feature is tokenization, which turns credit card numbers into non-sensitive data so no one else can use them.


USAePay supports optional accessories such as Bluetooth-connected printers for quickly printing customer receipts at the time of sale, barcode scanners to quickly enter product information from SKUs, and card readers to make transactions faster by allowing swiping cards instead of manually keying information.

Product Features



  • iOS compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • EMV capable
  • NFC capable

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from CardFellow, on May 18, 2016

The USAePAY mobile app can only be used with USAePAY merchant accounts, so it can't be transferred to other processors. It also doesn't have an EMV option for taking chip cards yet.

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