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Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal Review

Virtual Terminal

The Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal is an online invoicing and data analytics solution. Sending invoices and getting paid has never been easier, with the ability to send one-time invoices, schedule them ahead of time, or set up recurring invoice schedules.

Customer information is safely and securely stored within the system, making is easy to reuse tokenized payment information for future payments. Additional features include a robust analytics dashboard, an app marketplace, roles and permissions security, and inventory management. From within the app marketplace, you can add additional payment solutions, order supplies, activate integrations, and more.

Looking for the basics? Start with Using a Virtual Terminal.

Payments Features

The Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal provides simple and secure ways to accept payments without fancy equipment. You can access the virtual terminal through a web portal where you can send invoices or provide customers with a payment link.

Recurring Invoicing and Payments

Invoices and payments can be scheduled to send daily, weekly, or even annually. Schedules for recurring billing can be exported from the virtual terminal. The system also sends notifications to let the team know when a payment method is set to expire soon, making it simple to reach out to the customer for an updated payment method.

Website Payments

Website payments provide you with a flexible way to collect payments from customers through an online payment link that can be added as a button to your website or shared as a URL – no coding required! The payment link can be customized to show a specific amount or set up to allow the customer to enter in a custom amount to be paid.

Preauthorization / Card Verification

Users can preauthorize amounts and return to capture and settle the transaction at a later date. No funds will be captured until the user goes back to capture either the full or partial amount that was authorized. Balances and cardholder data can be verified without completing a charge in this way. Fattmerchant offers a video explaining this feature and others:

Automatic Settling

If you don’t want to manually settle your transactions, you can set up your account to automatically settle at the end of the day. Remember that not properly settling transactions can lead to downgrades, which may result in more expensive processing fees. Transactions should typically be settled within 24 hours, end-of-day automatic settlement can make things easier.

Read more about interchange downgrades.  

Business Management Features

In addition to the payments features detailed above, the Fattmerchant virtual terminal includes a number of features for business management, including reporting, file attachments, inventory management, mobile app access, and more.

Advanced Dashboard & Analytics

The Fattmerchant dashboard contains valuable analytics for the business owner, including year-to-date and monthly sales and refunds, average sale amount, and volume of transactions. Additionally, the dashboard also provides deeper insight into metrics like daily sales, new vs. returning customers, and hourly sales activity. You’ll be able to get

File Attachments

Files and documents can be attached to transactions, and you’ll also have the option to hide the file until payment is received. This helps to minimize the back and forth of emails for delivery of digital files.

Catalog and Inventory

Track item descriptions and pricing to quickly populate line items within your transactions, as well as inventory levels of physical items as products are sold in real-time.

Mobile App

Fattmerchant also provides free access to an iOS app – providing on-the-go access to analytics and the same robust functionality of the virtual terminal from wherever they may be. Users can complete transactions drafted in the virtual terminal from their device, or even add on an optional mobile reader to accept EMV transactions.

Multiple User Logins

If your business has multiple staff members that access the system, you can set permissions differently for each person, restricting access to only those functions that the staff member needs to complete their job. The administrator controls permissions, which can be updated for new staff members.


The Fattmerchant virtual terminal uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols and 128-bit encryption. Card information and sensitive data is not stored on your system, per PCI requirements. Additionally, Fattmerchant provides anti-fraud tools for added security, including Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV.)

Address Verification allows you to easily compare the customer’s given address to the address on file with the credit card company. CVV (or CVV2) is a verification process that involves checking the 3-digit code (4-digit for American Express) on the card. Codes are printed on the front if it’s an Amex card, and on the back for other cards. These security tools help detect stolen cards or unauthorized card use, helping limit your exposure to fraudulent transactions.


Fattmerchant provides a variety of accessories including a mobile reader that is compatible with iOS devices and a full desktop terminal with a receipt printer option that comes fully integrated with the virtual terminal on any web-based devices such as PCs or tablets.

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Product Features

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Virtual Terminal

  • Batch upload transaction processing
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data

Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal Q&A

Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal Reviews ( 2)

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from John L, on Jan 28, 2021

Slow support and not a good product.

from CardFellow, on Aug 21, 2017

The Fattmerchant virtual terminal lets you easily and securely accept payments and send invoices. A drawback for some businesses is that it doesn't support Level III data.

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