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TSYS WebPASS Virtual Terminal Review

Virtual Terminal

The TSYS WebPASS virtual terminal is proprietary to TSYS Merchant Solutions. It allows you to accept payments online with no coding needed and no special hardware. All that is required is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser.

The virtual terminal is completely internet-based, with no software to install, so you can use it as soon as you’re set up for credit card processing with a TSYS company. The WebPASS terminal is accessible at any time, from anywhere, and features a user-friendly interface for fast learning. When connected to high-speed internet, transactions generally only take seconds to process and data is stored securely on TSYS host servers to reduce security risks to your business. 

TSYS WebPASS Features

With the WebPASS terminal, you can process card-present and card-not-present transactions for almost all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners’ Club, and American Express. Transactions can be processed in-person, over the phone, or by mail. The WebPASS terminal can also process voids and returns, tips, and fees.

You can expect Level III data acceptance, automatic batch processing, multiple users, billing options, and real-time reporting.


Level III Processing

The WebPASS terminal provides support for Level III transactions, such as commercial and government payments. Due to the sensitive nature of Level III transactions, Level III payments require more stringent authorization information. The WebPASS terminal makes accepting a Level III payment easy and secure.

Automatic Batch Processing

Did you know that settling transactions in a certain amount of time can affect the rates you pay for credit card processing? It’s called a credit card processing downgrade and happens when your transactions don’t meet specific requirements. You can take advantage of WebPASS automatic batch processing, designed to prevent downgrades that can occur if miss a batch window.

Multiple Users

If you have multiple locations or more than one employee using the virtual terminal, no problem. WebPASS supports unlimited users. Each user has a separate ID and password, ensuring accountability for each authorized user.

Billing Options

The WebPASS virtual terminal supports billing options for those who need the option to set up transactions such as monthly subscriptions. You can set up recurring billing, installment billing, or deferred building, and keep up to 9 cards on file per customer to reduce the risk of declined transactions. Additionally, TSYS offers an automatic card updater that works to ensure your card-on-file details are up to date even when new cards are issued to your customers.

Real-Time Reporting

With the WebPASS dashboard, you’ll have access to real-time reporting, including transaction information, sales reports, inventory, and more. The terminal features a range of report templates, or you can create custom reports and save them for future use. Reports can be exported in several formats, including Excel, PDF, and CSV.


The TSYS WebPASS is PCI compliant and supports additional security features to help reduce fraud. Available fraud tools include Address Verification System (AVS), Cardholder Identification (CID) and Card Verification Value (CVV2).

Address Verification System

The Address Verification process gives you the ability to compare a customer’s address to the billing address on file with the credit card being used. When you verify that the addresses match, you reduce the chances that you’re processing a stolen card. You can even choose to automatically decline transactions that fail the address verification at the time of purchase.

Cardholder Identification

Cardholder Identification (CID) is an American Express-specific identification for security. With CID, customers and businesses use the 4 digit code printed on the front of a cardholder’s American Express card for transaction authorization.

Card Verification Value

Card Verification Value (CVV2) is a common card security feature. It’s similar to CID, but CVV2 uses a 3 digit code on the back of a cardholder’s card for secure transaction authorization.


The WebPASS terminal can be connected to compatible devices such as card readers to process card-present transactions and take advantage of swiped processing rates. The WebPASS terminal works with Magtek Mini readers for secure card swiping. TSYS recommends using compatible encrypted readers. Compatible devices are plug-and-play style, connecting directly to your computer and not requiring additional software or drivers.

The WebPASS terminal can also print receipts with standard Windows-compatible printers.

Credit Card Processing

TSYS is a member of CardFellow’s credit card processing marketplace, meaning you can get a quote from TSYS right through your free CardFellow account. If you’d prefer to work with a TSYS reseller instead, you can easily compare pricing from companies that can support the WebPASS virtual terminal. Ready to see pricing? Get started. 

Product Features

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Virtual Terminal

  • Batch upload transaction processing
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data

TSYS WebPASS Virtual Terminal Q&A

Heartland Payment Systems answer:

In order to reprint, you will need to search your transaction in your WebPASS/TransIT history. Click on the specific transaction and there is a "print receipt" option for you to use.?


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Like a lot of other options, the TSYS WebPASS virtual terminal can only be used with TSYS processing companies but since there are many resllers who use TSYS, there are more options than there are with the Chase Paymentech virtual terminal

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