Visa Business Card Not Present

Interchange rate & fee: 2.65% + $0.10

Also known as:

The Business Card – Card Not Present (or COMM CNP B) is an interchange category that is used to calculate the interchange fee for card-not-present transactions involving a payment made with a business credit card instead of a consumer credit card. The transaction takes place by phone or mail. This category may also apply if a card is not swiped.

Qualification criteria
The Business – Card Not Present interchange category will apply under the following conditions:

  • The card is not present (or not swiped) at the time of purchase
  • The card is used for a non-travel payment
  • The transaction takes place at a US-based merchant with a US acquirer
  • The transaction qualifies for one of the following Visa programs: CPS Card Not Present, CPS E-Commerce Basic or E-Commerce Preferred, CPS Retail/2, or CPS Account Funding
  • Level II data requirements aren’t met (missing data or failed edits)
  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) cannot be a travel service

Typical bundled qualification
Although qualifications for transactions vary, many processors class the Business Card Not Present interchange category as non-qualified for all business types.

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