Visa Corporate Card Not Present

In Visa’s published interchange table as of summer 2023, this category shares a generic name (Commercial Card Not Present) with purchasing cards. Previously, the categories had two different, if similar, names – Corporate Card Not Present and Purchasing Card Not Present. Now, they simply share the name Commercial Card Not Present. You may still see them abbreviated differently on statements. For example, COMM CNP C (for corporate) or P (for purchasing.)

Interchange rate & fee: 2.70% + $0.10

Also known as:

Commercial – Card Not Present (or COMM CNP C) is an interchange category that is used to calculate the interchange fee for card-not-present transactions involving a payment made with a corporate credit card instead of a consumer credit card. The transaction takes place by phone or mail. This category may also apply if a card is not swiped.

Qualification criteria
The Corporate Card – Card Not Present interchange category will apply under the following conditions:

  • The card is not present (or not swiped) at the time of purchase
  • The card is used for a non-travel payment
  • The transaction takes place at a US-based merchant with a US acquirer
  • The transaction qualifies for one of the following Visa programs: CPS Card Not Present, CPS E-Commerce Basic or E-Commerce Preferred, CPS Retail/2, or CPS Account Funding
  • Level II data requirements aren’t met (missing data or failed edits)
  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) cannot be a travel service

Typical bundled qualification
Although qualifications for transactions vary, many processors class the Corporate Card Not Present interchange category as non-qualified for all business types.

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