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Overview of Meevo Salon Software

Meevo Salon and Spa software, also called Meevo by Millennium or just Meevo, is salon software is designed to make managing a salon or spa as easy as possible. To do so, it features standard appointment booking, inventory management, and reporting, and combines this with client loyalty features, smart incentives, marketing, membership billing, integrations, and several other useful features.

Meevo is designed for salons and spas of many different varieties — from spas offering a full range of treatments to specialist salons including massage, manicure/pedicure, hairdressing, and more. It also provides support to spa and salon educators/trainers, and to medical spas and salons offering alternative and complementary therapies.


Meevo Salon Software Features and Benefits

Meevo software offers a number of features in different categories, including spa and salon management, client management, payment processing, and reporting.

Spa and Salon Management

For spa and salon management, Meevo offers plenty of features, including appointment booking with room maximization, text message reminders, and multi-location support.

Appointment Booking

Booking appointments is a crucial function for any spa or salon. Meevo lets you easily book clients, rooms, therapists, and treatments, but also alerts you if you could cross-sell or upsell to increase revenue. For example, it might suggest pre-booking a series of therapies, or suggest complementary treatments together with incentives.

Meevo also automatically ensures that your rooms, equipment, and services are available when they need to be. You can view utilization as a whole or for each part of your business. This will help you understand how to utilize your services more effectively.

Text Message Reminders

Meevo will automatically send reminders and messages to confirm appointments with customers. This helps you avoid lost revenue due to no shows or customers forgetting their bookings, and ensures engagement with your clients.

Works Across Multiple Locations

If you have a chain of salons or spas, you can get real-time data across your whole organization. You can see which locations are performing well, monitor utilization and turnover, and view your key metrics for any part of your business. Or, if you prefer to take bookings over the phone, Meevo can centralize your booking experience, letting you use a call center setup.

Client Management and Marketing

For many salons and spas, repeat clients are a crucial source of business. Meevo helps you ensure that your customers have a positive experience and keep coming back. You can take advantage of a built-in loyalty program, strategic discounting options, and automated email marketing as well as a reputation management module.

Client Loyalty

Another great feature is the built-in customer loyalty system. Clients earn points when they book appointments. Points can then be exchanged for free treatments, money off products, and other incentives that you can set.

Read more about starting a loyalty program.

Automated Email Marketing

Meevohas a built-in customer analysis and email marketing tool. You can drill down into the details of your customers, segment them into audiences and customer types, then send them emails to incentivize them into booking with you again.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is a big component for any business. Meevo offers MeevoPay, an integrated credit card processing solution.

Taking Payments

When clients pay, you can process the sale right through Meevo. You can easily split commissions, put transactions on hold, take multiple payments, and process credit and debit cards.

The MeevoPay solution is a flat-rate processing option that claims low rates, but doesn’t publish them.

Although it’s a secure, PCI compliant payment solution, flat rate processing may result in higher rates. If price is important to you, it may be worthwhile to find a processor first and then choose salon and spa software that the processor can support.

For help finding a processor with great pricing, use this free quote comparison tool.

Membership Billing

Meevo lets you provide subscription and membership services to your customers. Whether this is your main revenue stream or an optional add-on, a monthly or yearly membership fee can be a useful way to smooth out your cash flow. Meevo automatically takes payment and processes ACH, debit, and credit cards. It also updates expired card details so your customers can continue to pay without interruption

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Integration with Intuit Quickbooks Accounting Software

Accounting and financial management can take up a significant amount of time. Meevo integrates with QuickBooks, though there is an additional monthly fee to do so. That fee is currently $37/month.

All transactions, sales, purchases, and other financial information will be captured in QuickBooks to make bookkeeping faster and easier.


In addition to the client management and payment functions, Meevo offers reporting to help you more effectively manage your spa or salon. A navigation center offers quick access to information you need, while inventory management and comprehensive reporting give you further details.

Navigation Center

The navigation center puts all of the key information about your salon or spa front and center, giving you key metrics and reports. You can easily access other parts of the application from the navigation center.

Inventory Management

If you sell retail and manage inventory, Meevo functions as a complete Point of Sale (POS) and inventory management system. It will even automatically reorder stock when your inventory levels are running low. Inventory management functions can be great for salons that sell haircare products like shampoo and conditioner, makeup, nail polish, or other beauty items.

Comprehensive Reporting

Good business management relies on having the right information. With Meevo, the reporting gives you detailed metrics and measures for every part of your business so you can see what you need to improve to maximize customer satisfaction, utilization, revenue, and profit.

It also highlights key growth indicators to help you expand your spa and salon business. You can review and act on areas including:

Frequency of visit.
Encourage clients to come in more often through using pre-booking, incentives, and discounts.

Average client value.
Increase the revenue you get from individual clients by using membership services, cross-selling / upselling, and encouraging purchase of retail items.

Retaining existing clients.
Contact clients who haven’t been to see you in a while through providing reminders and incentives. You can also provide extra incentives to regular, repeat clients to increase customer loyalty.

New client retention.
Maximize the value of new clients by automatically pre-booking their treatments and providing discounts and other incentives for your services.

Client churn and turnover.
Measure the number of clients you’re losing vs. the number of new and repeat clients to ensure you’re focusing your marketing efforts in the right way.

Meevo Salon Software Pricing

Meevo pricing is simple, but comes in several tiers.

  • 1-5 service providers: $139/month
  • 5-10 service providers:$179/month
  • 10-15 service providers: $269/month
  • 15-25 service providers: $419/month
  • Unlimited service providers: $529/month

Plans are available as month-to-month agreements with a 30-day notice for cancellation.


Meevo Salon Software Support

Meevo provides dedicated support to its customers in several ways. A support team provides advice and support on any issues with the software. They can quickly help you resolve any problems and get you up and running again.

The education team provides training and education on using the software. They work with your business to identify opportunities for growth and use industry best-practice together with strategy to help you maximize revenue and profits.

Additionally, the conversions team can help you move from other point-of-sale or salon management software to Millennium.

Meevo Reviews from Customers

When it was Millennium, the reviews on the software were mixed. As Meevo, it appears the company has fixed some of the issues that caused previous complaints. The company has generally positive reviews online though there are still come complaints.

Reviewers on GetApp give the software a 4.3 (out of 5) star total rating, with many rating it high for value and customer support. Ease of use and features score slightly lower, with reviewers pointing out issues such as not being able to edit purchase orders or having trouble with the inventory modules. However, others praise the software for being useful and the customer service team for providing outstanding support.

Meevo includes testimonials on its own website as well. Those reviewers say that the reporting options are unparalleled, the customer service is amazing, remote / on-the-go access to business functions is helpful, and they’re happy to have made the switch. Many of the reviewers state that they were Millennium customers for years before it became Meevo, but are generally pleased with the upgrades and changes since it has become Meevo. Several praised the migration to the cloud or having remote access after years of outdated software.

Have you used Meevo? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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