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Quantum Electronic Payments is a credit card processing company that offers an automatic cash discount program in addition to other pricing options. The company is headquartered in California and serves businesses in a variety of industries across the United States.
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If you’re considering Quantum, this review provides info on the company’s services, pricing, and more.

Taking Payments

Quantum lets you easily take major credit and debit cards as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. You can accept cards in person, online, or over the phone using a virtual terminal.

For accepting cards in person, you can use a POS system or a mobile reader if you’re on the go. Quantum’s online acceptance integrates with your website or shopping cart for fast, secure checkout. The virtual terminal option allows you to take payments over the phone or set up recurring billing.

B2B Transactions

Quantum reference level 3 data, a term that applies in business-to-business transactions. The company offers the PayTrace gateway for passing enhanced data (including level 3) to ensure you receive the lowest possible interchange rates for your B2B transactions. If you're new to the terms "enhanced data" or "level 2 / level 3" and take a lot of corporate or government cards, be sure to check out our guide to B2B transactions.


Unfortunately, Quantum publishes almost no information about available equipment or costs. We spoke to a Quantum rep and were told that the company sells equipment and doesn't lease credit card machines. Some businesses may be eligible for a no-cost terminal loan. 

Quantum sells and supports several major brands, including Dejavoo terminals, the Mynt POS system, and Magtek mobile readers. The company may be able to reprogram your existing machine if you'd like to keep the terminal you're currently using. 

For B2B payments, Quantum uses the Paytrace gateway. However, other gateways are available for online or virtual terminal payments if you don't need or want the B2B capabilities.

Quantum Payments Rates and Fees

Quantum offers traditional processing or an automatic cash discount model. If you opt for traditional pricing, the company claims competitive rates with no increases. However, Quantum doesn’t provide any further details about the pricing model or starting rates. We asked Quantum about their pricing, and the company informed us that they work with businesses to determine the right option.

Automatic Cash Discount

Credit card processing fees aren’t cheap, and some businesses have turned to cash discounting to attempt to incentivize customers to use cash instead of plastic. Cash discounting is legal in all 50 states provided it’s done correctly. You’ll need to list the credit card price, and then offer a discount from that price for customers paying with cash. You are not able to post the cash price and then charge more for cards – that would fall under surcharging cards, which is prohibited in a handful of states, and subject to Visa and Mastercard’s rules in states where it’s legal.

Quantum Electronic Payments calls its program a cash discount program, but the FAQ section of its website states that the price posted will be the cash price, with a small service fee added to credit card transactions. That makes it a surcharge program, which would be prohibited in some states. Read more about credit card surcharges.

Quantum offers this video explaining the program.

The program will cost you $19.95/month for credit acceptance. Your customers will pay 3.9% of the total cost of their transaction as an additional fee. Note that it’s not possible to surcharge debit cards, so you would also be responsible for fees associated with debit cards.

The cash discount program utilizes a Dejavoo Z8 terminal. 

Cancellation Fee

A customer in a review for Quantum referenced a $500 cancellation fee. The company responded to that review stating that the $495 cancellation fee will be enforced per the contract. This indicates that the company does impose a cancellation fee.

At CardFellow, we suggest avoiding contracts with cancellation fees. Some processors may offer to waive the fee, but if so, be sure to get it in writing and verify that there is no cancellation fee in the final contract that you sign.

Quantum Electronic Payments Reviews

Reviews for Quantum are a little light. The company has an official Facebook page, where 7 reviewers give the company a perfect 5-star rating. However, the only review that includes text (calling it the ‘best company on the planet) is from a reviewer that lists Quantum as their employer.

There’s also one review at G2crowd which gives the company 5 stars, citing outstanding customer service and great rates.

At the Better Business Bureau

Quantum has a Better Business Bureau profile which currently shows an A+ rating and 2 customer complaints. One complaint alleges that Quantum charged the business fraudulently. The other complaint claims that Quantum failed to include information about a cancellation fee but then charged such a fee.

In both cases, Quantum responded to the complaints on the BBB’s website, stating that they refunded some fees and there is no fraud. Regarding the cancellation fee complaint, Quantum states that a cancellation fee will be enforced.

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Posted by CardFellow on Sep 11, 2018


Offers a B2B solution, but doesn't provide a lot of details about equipment or pricing.