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Banctek Solutions, Inc. Review

Banctek Solutions or just Banctek, also known as Zuni Payments, is a credit card processing company based in Denver, Colorado. In this Banctek review and profile, we’ll go over Banctek’s rates and fees, services, customer reviews, equipment options, and more.

Zuni Payments, LLC (doing business as Banctek Solutions) is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo, Esquire Bank, and BMO Harris Bank.

Banctek Card Processing

For accepting credit cards, you can use traditional credit card processing equipment (including countertop terminals, full point-of-sale systems, or using a mobile device) or a payment gateway. You’ll be able to take all the major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners Club, and Discover.


For taking credit and debit cards in person, Banctek offers everything you need. If you have a store, restaurant, or other permanent location, you can use traditional processing terminals or point of sale systems. If you need to take payments in multiple locations, you can utilize Banctek’s mobile options. Mobile payment acceptance is great for delivery businesses, companies that attend trade shows or fairs, landscapers, or any company that regularly takes payments away from a storefront. Banctek’s mobile processing works with both Android and Apple devices.


Banctek offers a choice between several payment gateways, including Authorize.Net, NMI, and more. With your gateway account, you’ll be able to accept payments through your website, set up recurring billing for repeat payments, and accept orders by mail or phone using the integrated virtual terminal.

Additional Services

Beyond card processing, Banctek offers cash advances, gift and loyalty card programs, and ATMs.

Cash Advances

Banctek states it offers cash advances, but doesn’t provide further information. CardFellow cautions that while merchant cash advances may be an easier way to get money than business loans, the simplicity often comes with a high cost. Be sure to check our article “Should You Get a Merchant Cash Advance?

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Value added programs like gift and loyalty cards are also available to you through Banctek. You can take advantage of the popularity of gift cards to entice new visitors or use a loyalty program to reward repeat customers. Banctek also assists with marketing campaigns.


For customers who want to pay with cash, having an ATM on-site can be the difference between making a sale or losing it. Banctek can get you set up with an ATM directly in your store to offer convenience for your customers.

Can I get equipment from Banctek?

You can, but be aware that Banctek offers both equipment sales and equipment leases. In general, we suggest you buy. You can read more about the expenses of leasing in our article cautioning against leasing credit card equipment.

Banctek’s available terminals are PCI compliant. Specific features vary by model, but may include wireless capabilities and cloud-based POS systems.


Banctek takes security seriously and offers the latest encryption technologies. Additionally, it can assist with PCI compliance and fraud detection. Banctek references data breach protection options as well.

What are Banctek’s rates?

Like many processors, Banctek doesn’t publish that information because pricing is determined on a per-case basis. To get a fully-disclosed quote from Banctek, you can request one directly from this review and profile by clicking the green request quote button at the top.

Note that to get a quote from Banctek, you’ll need to be signed in to your CardFellow account. Don’t have a CardFellow account yet? No problem. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Sign up here.

Is there a contract or termination fee?

Yes and yes. As we’ve previously discussed, contracts are not bad, but early termination fees are a bigger problem. Early termination fees are prohibited in the CardFellow marketplace.

Banctek doesn’t state what the early termination fee is, but a review of the complaints at the Better Business Bureau’s website indicate being charged $695 for early termination.

What kind of reports are available?

Banctek offers several different reports to assist you with business management. Deposit reports, transaction reports, chargeback and retrieval reports, and detailed monthly statements are all available to make your business management tasks easier.

Banctek Reviews

The reviews available for Banctek indicate some general issues, but there are relatively few complaints. It does seem from Banctek’s responses that it is generally unwilling to rectify customer issues.

Banctek Reviews and Rating with the Better Business Bureau

There have only been 6 complaints against Banctek lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years, a low number that likely contributes to its A+ rating. However, none of the complaints are listed as resolved. The BBB website states that Banctek responded to the complaints, but the original complainant was either not satisfied with the response, or didn’t reply to the BBB’s request for more information. In most cases, the complainant and Banctek reply to each other a few times with Banctek ultimately not agreeing to the customer’s proposed solutions, so it’s safe to assume that the complainants were not satisfied with the attempts at resolution.

Reviewing the complaints shows allegations of being charged an annual fee after cancellation, failure to uphold contract agreements, unprofessional behavior, high cancellation fees, and unexpected annual fees.

Other Banctek Reviews

Yelp only has one review for Banctek Solutions. It’s a 2-star review stating that although Banctek had competitive pricing, the company is disorganized and accepting cards came with many errors due to problems on Banctek’s part.

Reviews at Ripoff Report are a little less kind – complaints allege that Banctek uses dishonest methods to secure clients, holds funds, falsely advertises low rates, and charges an expensive cancellation fee.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


We like that Banctek offers additional services like gift cards, but we're not fans of the contracts with termination fees.

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