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BankCard USA boasts it has been a payment processor since 1993 and served over 100,000 businesses. That definitely indicates experience, but a lot has changed since 1993. Has the company stayed current with technology? Can it offer the services your business needs? And what about rates and fees? There’s a lot to think about when picking a processor, but this BankCard USA review and profile has got you covered.
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What services does BankCard USA provide?

BankCard USA services are pretty basic, but include payment processing for in-store, online, and mobile payments.

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Never have to say goodbye to a sale with “Sorry, we are cash only.” BankCard USA can allow your business to accept all major brands of credit and debit cards (though American Express may require separate approval). For those who do business in a stationary location, the company offers full point of sale systems as well as countertop terminals and PIN pads, though exact brands and details are not specified.


With an online store you are everywhere your customers have access to internet, but with that freedom comes its own risks. BankCard USA boasts ecommerce solutions to help you process customer payments and collect sensitive customer data with hardware firewalls and a secure server certificate.


Traveling with services or goods is work enough; you don’t want to worry about chasing down a sale after. With mobile processing you can take card payments on the spot, wherever that spot might be. BankCard USA allows you to take payments with compatible smartphones just using a mobile app and optional card reader.

BankCard USA Rates, Fees and “Special Offers”

BankCard USA has some “special offers” on its website: a free terminal, a deal to pay you $1000 if it can’t provide you the lowest rate of verified processors, and a published rate of 0.23%. These types of sales gimmicks are common and great ways to get ripped off by processors. Often offers like this come with lengthy contracts, early termination fees, tiered pricing, or hidden fees.

That’s not to say that BankCard USA won’t offer competitive pricing, but to find out you will need to request a quote. With CardFellow’s free service you can privately receive a BankCard USA quote and compare the fully disclosed pricing information with any other processors you choose. Sign up here!

BankCard USA Reviews

Whoa! How can a company that publishes good advice on how not to get ripped off by a processor have so many angry reviews from people saying they’ve been duped? We’ll give both sides of the story.

The majority of the 35 complaints on Ripoff Report are as lengthy as they are brutal, which is to say very. The outpour of anger is not without a basis though; the reviews claim thousands of dollars of funds held and being made to feel like BankCard USA was treating accounts like its own personal piggy bank. Other enraged reviewers allege being robbed of thousands of dollars due to deceptive lease contracts. Complaints lament being fooled by representatives that promise great rates and rush them into contracts, only to find that the contracts are loaded with fees and offer no protection from those rates being raised. Also, due to the use of terms like “non-qualified” and “mid-qualified” in a review, it is likely that BankCard USA has offered tiered pricing.

A negative review on Google echoes the sentiments on Ripoff Report. However, 2 out of the 3 Google reviews are positive and sound similar to the testimonials on BankCard USA’s website. The testimonials claim great customer service, getting honest facts about pricing, feeling taken care of by the company, and say that they would recommend its pricing and services to others.

But wait, does that mean the positive reviews Google and the company’s testimonials are fake? Not necessarily. The company also boasts an A+ rating and is accredited with the BBB. There are complaints there as well but most are not viewable.

The truth is that we can’t be sure why there is such a disconnect of experience, or why the BankCard’s good advice directly contradicts the sales approaches in the complaints, but pricing and experience can both vary greatly from business to business even when dealing with the same processor, just as sales tactics differ from representative to representative. Don’t let anyone rush you into a contract or lease, and always make sure verbal promises are in the contract.

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Posted by Walter on Sep 18, 2018


We are a food flavoring company and for some reason they treat us like a tobacco company. They tried to charge us bogus fees and we have had to report them to MasterCard for this. I highly recommend staying away from this company. VERY SHADY.