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Buckeye Pay Merchant Services, if you didn’t guess by the name, is located in Ohio and offers merchant accounts, payroll services, and more.

Unfortunately the company’s website doesn’t offer as much information as we’d like. Fortunately, Buckeye Pay is active in the CardFellow marketplace and can be available to answer questions.If you’re in the market for a credit card processing company, this Buckeye Pay review and profile will give you the low down on available rates and fees, services, reputation, and more.

What services does Buckeye Pay offer?

Buckeye Pay offers a basic range of payment processing and business services, including credit card processing, payroll services, ATMs, and mobile processing through a link to PhoneSwipe.

Credit Card Processing

If you’re looking to take credit and debit cards, Buckeye Pay can help by setting you up with payment processing. The company’s website prominently displays information about its $1,000 challenge, saying that if it can’t beat or match your current rates, they’ll give you $1,000. It’s a higher stakes variation of the $500 rate match offers commonly seen elsewhere in the processing world.

Not much information is given on the methods for accepting credit cards, other than Buckeye Pay’s mention of helping you decide on POS systems if that’s your preferred way of taking cards.

Payroll Services

It’s true that calculating payroll yourself can be both complex and time-consuming. Buckeye Pay offers payroll services that cover details like calculating withholding for taxes to providing W2’s to employees.


If having an ATM on-site at your business is important to you, Buckeye Pay can help with that. Offer your customers the convenience of being able to take out cash without having to go to the bank or hunt down a stand-alone ATM.

Mobile Payments

Buckeye Pay’s website references the ability to accept mobile payments, but looking for more information redirects to a company called PhoneSwipe. The PhoneSwipe app and card reader for smartphones allows you to take payments on the go with a compatible smartphone or tablet. The PhoneSwipe reader currently available is not EMV capable. Check out this article if you need info on taking EMV cards with a smartphone.

Buckeye Pay Rates and Fees

There’s no rate and fee information to speak of on Buckeye’s website. If you’d like to know what it will cost your business, use our free quote request tool to get a private, no-obligation quote from Buckeye Pay. Quotes are fully disclosed so you can see all of the costs you can expect to pay for credit card processing.

Buckeye Pay Reviews and Reputation

The internet is pretty silent on Buckeye Pay. There are no customer reviews through any of the usual channels, including Yelp, Ripoff Report, or Google reviews. Additionally, Buckeye Pay does not have a profile or reviews with the Better Business Bureau.

Sometimes no news is good news, but we can’t say for sure whether that’s the case without hearing from clients. Have you used Buckeye Pay? Given the virtually non-existent reputation online, it’s more important than usual to hear from businesses that have firsthand experience processing with this company.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


Buckeye Pay is typically quick to respond to requests for help.