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The CashBack Corporation has an unusual option for credit card processing: you’ll receive cash back for each transaction you process. You’ll also receive cash back when you refer other businesses to CashBack for their processing. CashBack still charges fees for credit card processing, but states that its goal is to help you offset or eliminate fees through the cash back you receive.
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CashBack allows you to accept major credit and debit cards, checks, and gift cards. For every transaction, you’ll receive a cash back reward, paid out at the end of the month. The company offers this video introduction:

The company also supports recurring billing for businesses that offer goods and services on a subscription or membership model. CashBack also states that it can help you design your own custom dashboard.


Some customers still prefer to pay with checks. You can accept them through CashBack Corporation and easily verify the validity of customers’ checking accounts to help minimize the risk of bounced checks and missed funds.

Gift Cards

Gift cards have been shown to increase customer spending. CashBack allows your customers to redeem gift cards at your business. The company doesn’t publish information costs for accepting gift cards or other details. We’ve reached out to CashBack for more information and will update this review as details become available. Read more about accepting gift cards at your business.

CashBack provides business analytics and transaction data to help you effectively manage your business and make smart decisions based on the data. You can view valuable sales information, see when customers are purchasing products, and more.

CashBack Rates and Fees

Despite the cash back component, there are still costs to accept credit and debit cards. CashBack publishes a “starting rate” of 1.6%. There’s no mention of pricing model or other fees, such as monthly fees or PCI compliance fees.


CashBack offers Clover equipment for credit and debit card processing. You’ll have a choice of Clover products, including the Mobile, Go, Mini, or full Clover Station. Which model you choose depends on your specific needs. The Clover Station is a full-fledged POS system with inventory management capabilities, a cash drawer, and more. The Mini and Mobile solutions are smaller, more streamlined POS systems. The Go attaches to smartphones or tablets for portability, allowing you to accept cards on the road, at clients’ homes, or anywhere else your business takes you.

Clovers include instant updates delivered to your device automatically so that you’ll always have access to new features. Some models can also access the Clover app market to allow you to customize your system via apps you choose.

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CashBack Corporation Reviews

As of 2017, we’re not able to locate customer reviews of the CashBack Corporation. The company doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau profile, Yelp reviews, or Google reviews. CashBack does have an official Facebook page, but reviews have not been enabled nor does the company include customer testimonials on its website.

The lack of customer reviews on the internet makes it more important than ever to hear from current and former clients. If you’ve worked with The CashBack Corporation, help us (and other businesses!) Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Aug 02, 2017


CashBack offers credit card processing with money back for each transaction processed. The company doesn't provide a lot of info about costs or pricing models, though.