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Elite Merchant Solutions is a credit card processing company that provides services to businesses in a number of industries all across the United States. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company provides a full range of processing services and ATM programs, as well as working capital. Curious if it’s the right fit for your business? Read on for our complete Elite Merchant Solutions review.

Elite Merchant Solutions Services

As a payments company, Elite Merchant Solutions offers several important services, including credit and debit card processing, check processing, ATM placement programs, working capital, and gift card programs.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Elite Merchant Solutions provides credit and debit card processing that allows you to accept all major cards, including American Express. EMS offers American Express’ OptBlue pricing, a model that has potential to lower costs from traditional Amex acceptance. Read more about OptBlue.

Check Processing

If you have customers that still prefer to pay by check, you can accommodate them by using the EZCheck program. EZCheck is an electronic check transfer program that turns paper checks into an electronic transaction at the time of the sale. You will not need to manually deposit paper checks at the bank, helping eliminate check deposit fees. If your business has multiple locations, all checks can be deposited into the same account for easy access to the funds.

ATM Placement

If you want to offer an ATM at your business, Elite Merchant Solutions will install a machine for you. The company offers a choice of several brands and models, and states that you’ll be eligible to keep 100% of the customer surcharge for use of the ATM.

Working Capital

Working capital, also called a merchant cash advance, is a type of funding program different than a business loan. Unlike business loans, there is no interest. Rather, you’ll agree to a set repayment fee. Additionally, funds are typically repaid through a deduction of a percentage of your daily credit card sales. Working capital funding usually has looser eligibility requirements than traditional business loans, but may be more expensive in the long run. Read more about merchant cash advances.

Gift Cards

While EMS references a gift card program on its website, the company provides very little published information. We reached out to EMS and were told that the traditional gift card program offers an option of 30 pre-designed cards that can be customized with your business name or you can submit a fully customized design. EMS requires a minimum order of 100 gift cards, but there is no separate per-transaction fee for redemption.

Elite also provides information about Yiftee, an electronic gifting option. Yiftee lets customers purchase gifts online for pickup at a store or restaurant. You can offer electronic gift cards for your store through Yiftee (and be listed on the Yiftee website) with no special equipment and no revenue sharing required. The electronic gift card is sent to customers instantly via text, email, or Twitter account.

Rates and Fees

Like many credit card processing companies, Elite Merchant Solutions doesn’t publish rates and fees. There’s no information about pricing on the company’s website beyond stating that they offer “wholesale pricing” and can save you money.

However, you can easily get a fully-disclosed quote from EMS to review in private, with no sales pressure, right here at CardFellow. Just fill out this short form to see quotes instantly.

Equipment Options

EMS offers PCI compliant terminals from major manufacturers Verifone and First Data. Specific features vary by model, but can include backlit screens, wireless terminals, EMV chip card acceptance, and more.

If you need a full-featured point of sale (POS) system instead of a basic countertop terminal, you can choose from the Clover Station or Foundry POS.

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Elite Merchant Solutions confirmed to CardFellow that there are several options for obtaining machines. Countertop terminals can be purchased (starting at $299) and you’ll own the machine. Qualified clients have the option of borrowing a terminal at no cost. POS systems can be leased (started at $49/month) or purchased outright. In some cases, EMS will allow you to split the payments for a POS system.

In addition to processing equipment, EMS offers ATMs by Nautilus, Tranax, and Genmega. As with terminals, the ATM features vary by model. Some models are weatherproof, feature Braille keypads, offer a choice of languages, and more.

Elite Merchant Solutions Reviews

On its website, EMS includes a page for testimonials. Reviewers praise the company’s no-nonsense approach, low fees, great customer service, and helpful online technology. Reviews include the client’s full name, position in the company, and business name.

Better Business Bureau

Elite Merchant Solutions has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2009 and currently has an A+ rating. On the BBB’s site, EMS has 9 customer reviews (7 positive, 2 negative) and 7 formal complaints.

Many of the formal complaints allege that EMS didn’t cancel the customer’s processing account as requested, instead continuing to bill the customer. In almost all of those instances, EMS responded by apologizing and offering to refund the additional charges. In other complaints, reviewers state that EMS charged an early termination fee despite the merchant not officially getting set up with Elite before cancelling, and that Elite deducted funds from accounts that they weren’t supposed to.

The negative review warns against using Elite Merchant Solutions, claiming poor customer service, continuing to deduct fees after account closure, and not issuing promised refunds for those fee deductions.

The positive reviews praise EMS for outstanding service, prompt responses, great rates resulting in savings, and help answer questions. One positive review is mistakenly marked negative, but praises EMS for pleasant customer service and a seamless switch.

Ripoff Report

There is one complaint for Elite Merchant Solutions in the Ripoff Report directory, which states that the company ripped off the reviewer’s older parent. The reviewer alleges that EMS sent a short contract without a cancellation fee, but was later provided with a longer contract that included a cancellation fee, stating that that was the contract that had been signed. EMS allegedly refused to refund the $500 cancellation fee although the customer had changed his mind and never used EMS’ services.

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Posted by CardFellow on Jul 10, 2017


EMS provides some details about services on its website, but we'd like to see more information on pricing and terms, the gift card program, and options for online processing.

Hi thank you for your post. Pricing: We place all of our customers on an interchange program with no contract (month to month) with no early termination fee. The best (and free) way to see exactly how much can be saved is by faxing or emailing a statement to 818-290-5277 or I will have the numbers back to you with in 24 hrs. Gift card programs: We have a couple, you can do standard gift cards custom made for you and your business or we have E GIFT CARDS with a company called YIFTEE, again please call 818-503-4545 ask for Bjay to discuss further. On line processing: We have many options there as well, the most common online option is with but again there are many more options. Please feel fee to call or text my cell should there be any further questions