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EVO Platinum Services Group Review

Evo Platinum Services Group (EPSG) lists corporate headquarters in New York, as it’s a division of Evo Payments International. However, EPSG says it’s a registered ISO and the company has a full website, so we’re giving it a separate profile. Let’s take a look at what the company offers and if it’s a good choice for your business in this EPSG review.

EPSG Rates and Fees

First, what everyone wants to know about – the pricing. Evo Platinum Service Group states that it passes interchange and assessments to you at true cost. That type of price structure is the basis of interchange plus pricing, the model we require here at CardFellow. Interchange plus is the most transparent pricing available, and sets the stage for securing truly competitive processing costs.

However, interchange plus pricing is set individually, tailored to the specific business. EPSG, like almost all interchange plus processors, therefore doesn’t publish “rates” on its website.

The good news is that you can get a quote from EPSG (and any other processor you’d like) right here at CardFellow. We offer a free, no-obligation quote comparison tool that shows you the exact pricing you can expect for your business.

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Credit Card Processing Services

Evo Platinum Services Group offers credit and debit card processing through POS systems and mobile devices. The POS systems are cloud-based, letting you easily run your business from almost anywhere. While the company doesn’t provide a ton of details, it does state thatsystems are customized for the needs of each industry, and may include table layout wizards (for restaurants), barcode creation (for retailers), and features that any business wants, like item descriptions, customer profiles, employee scheduling apps, and more.

EPSG also offers this video about their POS services:

For mobile processing, EPSG offers Charge ‘n Go, an app and card reader solution that works with Android and Apple devices. You can do all the usual payment functions (accept cards, process refunds, calculate taxes, and apply discounts) as well as create an inventory library to add products to the order quickly. A reporting dashboard gives you the ability to see sales history and other data. Charge ‘n Go can accept credit and signature debit cards, prepaid cards, and cash.

Other Services

EPSG references additional services on its website, but doesn’t provide much information. The company says it can set you up with a gift card program or loyalty cards to encourage repeat business and offers payroll services for streamlining your employee pay tasks, including 401(k) planning, worker’s compensation, and more.

Security and Compliance

Evo Platinum Services Group states that it enrolls businesses in the Trustwave PCI Compliance program to help you become and stay PCI compliant. The program also includes data breach protection coverage, which offers up to $50,000 in the event of a breach.

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Equipment through EPSG

EPSG offers the Poynt terminal, a compact, “future-proof” credit card machine that accepts EMV chip cards and NFC (contactless) payments like Apple Pay. It boasts a dual screen – one side faces you, and the other faces your customer. Poynt can be connected via wifi, 3G, or Bluetooth. Get more information at our Poynt POS terminal review.

Evo Platinum Services Group Reviews

The problem with reviews for divisions of larger companies is that you can’t be sure which company the reviewer is talking about. That’s certainly the case with Evo Platinum Services Group, which has very few reviews come up under that name.

A profile for EPSG does come up at the Better Business Bureau’s website, but the mailing address and website are for a different company than the Wisconsin-based one we’re reviewing here.

EPSG’s parent company, Evo Payments International, has a profile with the BBB, where it has an A+ rating, but double-digit complaints, and 3 negative written reviews. Experiences with EPSG may be different.

With such limited information, it’s important to hear from businesses that have used Evo Platinum Services Group. If that’s you, help us out and leave an EPSG review!

If you’ve used EPSG’s parent company, leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


EPSG pushes interchange pass through pricing, which is good to see.

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