Processor Directory > Review started in 1998 as a webhosting company before it began offering payment processing services. After realizing the need for payment processing and creating an online guide, the company changed its name to then started selling its own processing services in 2003.
Are you a representative? Claim this profile says it can work with companies of all sizes, from startups to multi-million dollar companies. In this review and profile, we’ll explore the services it provides and investigate reviews to find out if they complement or contradict the company’s own testimonials.

What payment processing services does offer?

While the company website might appear a bit muddled, the services Gotmerchant offers are pretty standard and can fit a variety of needs. Credit and debit card processing, check acceptance, gift cards, mobile processing, ecommerce and phone order options, and cash advances are all services that Gotmerchant provides and are discussed in more detail below.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Being able to accept card payments is an important option for most businesses. With Gotmerchant, you have opportunity to accept all major brands of credit and debit cards.

Check Acceptance

Accepting paper checks might have you concerned about the risk of them bouncing. Gotmerchant offers two methods of check acceptance that can ease your worries; the standard check guarantee and the check guarantee and conversion.

Standard Check Guarantee
With this option you do not need any extra equipment. Simply key-in the check’s information on your terminal, and then wait for an approval code. If approved, the funds are guaranteed and you can deposit the check at your local bank. Returned checks can be mailed to the check company for reimbursement.

Check Guarantee and Conversion (Rapid Check)
This option does require a check scanner, but results in a quicker transaction and no need to visit your bank. The check scanner will scan the check and process the transaction electronically. As with the standard option, the funds are guaranteed but you will also have them automatically deposited in your account within 2 business days.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used to boost sales, expand the influence of your business, and track customer spending habits and trends. Gotmerchant offers custom designed gift cards and accessories like envelopes, displays, and decals to go with them. If you are unsure if offering gift cards would be right for you, Gotmerchant has a free 50 card, 60 day trial period.

Mobile Processing

Not everyone can be tied to a storefront for their transactions. If you need to take payments while on-the-go, Gotmerchant has options. You can either key-in the transaction with TouchTone and its automated voice prompt system, or take payments using a device paired with a smartphone or tablet.

Ecommerce and Phone Order Options

If you would like to sell products or services online, you will need a payment gateway that allows you to accept credit cards. Gotmerchant is a reseller of the payment gateway, a very popular gateway service that integrates well with most online stores and shopping carts. will provide a means for your transactions to happen, and Gotmerchant can do the processing.

Alternately, the virtual terminal that provides can be used for taking payments over the phone. You can also manually enter transactions at any time.

Gotmerchant is also compatible with Yahoo online stores.

Cash Advances

If you are in need of working capital, Gotmerchant says it can front your business up to $600,000. You repay it with deductions taken from future sales. Before making a big decision like this, make sure you understand the risks associated with cash advances. Other options may prove to be less expensive in the long run.

What are the equipment options with Gotmerchant?

Whether you need equipment to process cards in-store or off-site, Gotmerchant has terminals that may suit your need. The company also offers point of sale systems for those looking for more than just a method of accepting cards.

Gotmerchant does have options for free credit card terminals, but be careful what you sign up for. Some contracts can hide fees or lock you into paying for more than what the terminal was worth.

Standard Terminals

If you are looking for a way to process credit and debit cards in your store, Gotmerchant offers popular brands of standard terminals like Hypercom, Nurit, and Verifone. Pricing will vary depending on the terminal chosen.

Wireless Credit Card Terminals and Cellphone Processing

Wireless terminals are a fast and reliable way of processing credit cards away from your store. Gotmerchant offers brands like Nurit, Verifone, and Way with pricing that varies depending on the terminal.

If you would like to be able to process transactions using nothing but your phone, Gotmerchant offers Touch Tone. Touch Tone is a service that you can call to key-in your transaction using your cell phone using voice prompts.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

A POS System provides you with the equipment to run transactions as well as software to manage the transactions and other aspects of your business (like employee schedules and inventory). Gotmerchant has 3 different offers for POS Systems that vary according to the needs of your industry. The restaurant POS System and the retail POS System both start at $69/month. The Cloud Based POS System with touch screen monitor is a bit cheaper, starting at $39/month. Got merchant claims not start up fees for any of the systems. Rates and Fees has different pricing models that can also vary depending on processing method.

Tiered Rate System uses a tiered rate system, grouping transactions into "qualified," which is the least expensive rate, "mid-qualified," which is a mid-range rate, and "non-qualified," which is the most expensive rate.

The tiered rate system can be confusing and is often expensive. To find out how much you will be paying you can request information from Gotmerchant through CardFellow. Quotes through CardFellow are fully disclosed and allow you to easily compare pricing from multiple processors.

Retail (swiped) transaction rates advertises pricing for retail (swiped) transactions as follows:

  • Qualified debit: 0.69%
  • Qualified credit: 1.69%
  • Mid-qualified: 2.44%
  • Non-qualified: 3.29%

Additionally, charges a transaction fee of $0.20 for retail (swiped) transactions.

Internet, e-commerce, mail order (keyed) transaction rates advertises pricing for internet, e-commerce, and mail order (keyed) transactions as follows:

  • Qualified debit: 0.99%
  • Qualified credit: 2.19%
  • Mid-qualified: 2.94%
  • Non-qualified: 3.79%

Additionally, charges a transaction fee of $0.25 for internet, e-commerce, and mail order (keyed) transactions.

Monthly Fees and More requires a monthly minimum of $25.00 and charges a $0.25 batch fee.

  • The monthly fee and other charges remain consistent as follows:
  • Monthly Service Fee: $10
  • Setup Fee: $0
  • Re-programming Fee: $0
  • Customer Service Fee: $0
  • American Express Setup Fee: $0

PCI compliance fees are not included. To inquire about PCI compliance fees, merchants must call directly.

Keep in mind that rates and fees on a tiered pricing model like Gotmerchant’s can be changed at any time and may result in higher costs for you.

Interchange Plus Program does offer an interchange plus pricing model, but you will need to request a quote to find out how much your business would be paying. The easiest way to do that is to go through CardFellow, where your quote will be delivered without pressure from sales reps. If you don’t have a CardFellow account yet, you can sign up for free in just a few minutes.

Contract Terms states that its standard term is a month-to-month agreement with 90 days’ notice of cancellation. For customers interested in the free POS system plan, the term is three years. Reviews has 3 pages of testimonials on its website. The reviews praise Gotmerchant for being both professionally and personally helpful, but what does the rest of the internet say about Honestly, not much.

Ripoff Report, Yelp, and Google reviews (all common places people go with gripes) are strangely barren of any kind of comment. Even the company’s profile with the Better Business Bureau is relatively quiet. Gotmerchant boasts an A+ with the BBB and has been accredited since 2010. There have been only 2 complaints closed in the last 3 years, and there are no reviews.

The complaints are in the “Problems with Product/Service” category. Both allege that the contracts were too binding and that cancellation was more difficult and expensive than expected, largely due to equipment issues. One of the complaints was targeted mostly at problems with Harbortouch, the company that provided the equipment.

Overall, the testimonials and general silence about Gotmerchant’s service far outweigh the complaints. If you’ve used Gotmerchant, we’d love to hear your experience. Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 22, 2016


Gotmerchant has been around for a while. It boasts several awards and reviews on its website. Some are from sources we don’t place too much faith in, and one link points to a review of Gotmerchant that has been removed. The company is focusing its marketing and sales efforts on its POS system that offers many features for a flat monthly fee.