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Integrity Payment Systems is a family owned payment processing company that began in 2002. Headquartered in its original location of Illinois, it processes over $3 billion in volume every year. The company claims a dedication to the value of integrity, hence the name. Integrity offers a variety of payment processing options for businesses of all sizes and types, with a specialty in the salon industry. In this Integrity Payment Systems review and profile, we will provide details on the services offered and discuss whether its reputation lives up to its name.
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What payment processing services are offered through Integrity?

Integrity’s website can be a little longwinded, but we’ll make it short and sweet: if it’s an electronic payment, Integrity will probably process it for you. Credit card processing, check acceptance, online payments, and mobile payments are all offered services.

Credit Card Processing

Card payment acceptance is a convenience that many customers now take for granted. With Integrity, you can process major brands of credit cards to help make sure you don’t miss a sale. With Integrity Payment Systems, you will also have options for how to accept the cards. You can do business online, in person, with mobile devices, or standard retail terminals.

Check Acceptance

Paper checks have been around for a long time and are still a preferred method of payment. If you would like to offer your customers the convenience of accepting checks, Integrity has some options for you. One option is to use a check scanner to convert the check into an electronic transaction. Another method is to use the Integrity Money Gate virtual terminal to process the check. Both options eliminate the necessity of going to the bank.

Virtual Terminals and Online Payments

With Money Gate, Integrity’s virtual terminal, you have even more options. You can integrate the program with your company’s website and shopping carts to allow customers to make payments online. Alternately, you can turn any computer or mobile device with internet access into a terminal. Either key-in the transaction or attach a card swiper, and start taking payments.

Money Gate allows for different users to have different administrative access for transactions. You can also set up recurring payments and schedule billing. Another advantage is that sensitive data can be tokenized (turned into a secure code), so that you can safely store it for later use.

Mobile Payments

Business cannot always be tethered to a storefront. If you are in a service industry like lawn care or transportation, of if you attend events like tradeshows or farmers markets, being able to take a payment on the go can be very valuable.

As mentioned above, the virtual terminal is one option for making payments mobile. Another is to use ROAMpay, a means of converting a mobile device or tablet into a terminal. ROAMpay allows you to attach a small card reader to your device. It also has custom apps that allow you to securely take payments.

Other Services from Integrity

Integrity Payment Systems offers options for gift cards, QuickBooks integration, help with PCI compliance, and a referral program.

Gift Cards

Great for a variety of special occasions and events, gift cards can also serve to expand your business’s influence and encourage spending. Integrity can offer customized gift card programs to suit different needs. Even if you are just looking to test how gift cards would do with your business, Integrity says it can help.

QuickBooks Integration

What’s worse than data entry? Another round of data entry. With QuickBooks integration you can eliminate the need for double data entry on tasks associated with your business. Customer billing status, invoices, and payments can all be simplified, saving you time and aggravation.

Help with PCI Compliance

To help you stay on top of your PCI compliance there is Integrity Easy PCI Program. The program was developed by Trustwave and designed to supply you with tools to make managing and maintaining PCI compliance easier. Integrity also has an online PCI management portal for you to use through TrustKeeper.

Referral Program

If you are satisfied with Integrity’s service and would like to refer a friend, or maybe dissatisfied and interested in referring an enemy (kidding!), Integrity has a referral program in which you can earn $100 for each new client you bring.

What are the Cash Flow Improvement Services?

Integrity Payment Systems has experience working with many different businesses and has designed a few services to address common obstacles you might face. The services address recurring billing, savings, and working capital.

Integrity EasyPay

If you find it difficult to stay on top of all the payments you make to people over the course of every month, Integrity has designed a system to help. With Integrity EasyPay, no matter what your billing situation may be, you can smooth out your cash flow by scheduling payments.

Integrity AutoSave

A penny saved is a penny earned, and those pennies add up. Integrity AutoSave is a way of making small scheduled payments to yourself, so that they build into a nest egg for you and your company. Many people find the process of saving much easier when broken into small, manageable increments.

Overnight Money Express

If you have ever suffered from held funds, you know that it can be more than just an inconvenience. It can mean serious costs to your business. If you need your funds now, you can use Integrity’s Overnight Money Express. It’s exactly what it sounds like; get an advance on the funding you need as quickly as overnight.

What about equipment with Integrity?

Integrity supports equipment from Verifone, Nurit, Pin Pad, and Hypercom, but not every model. If yours is not supported, it also offers equipment that you can purchase. Integrity claims to offer next-day delivery on equipment.

Other equipment options are include software that integrates with PCs or mobile devices. Integrity MoneyGate can be used with a PC to be a virtual terminal and payment gateway. Integrity ROAMpay is an offered mobile device platform.

Integrity Payment Systems Rates and Fees

Integrity Payment Systems claims to offer fair pricing on its services, but does not publish the costs or pricing models on its website. If you are interested in knowing how much Integrity Payment Systems would charge your business, you can request a quote directly from this profile. Simply sign in to your CardFellow account (or sign up for free) to get fully disclosed pricing from Integrity Payment Systems.

Integrity Payment Systems Reviews and Online Reputation

Integrity Payment Systems has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2015 and its profile boasts an A+ rating. The company has only 23 complaints closed in the last 3 years, a relatively low number. The viewable complaints allege billing issues, held funds, but above all difficulty cancelling contracts and early termination fees (typically reported at $595).

There are 5 reviews found upon searching Integrity Payment Systems with Ripoff Report. A couple of the reviews claim problems with equipment lease agreements. Others allege issues with contracts, bad customer service, and false promises.

A surprising number of reviews are found on Google reviews, with very mixed sentiments. Integrity has a 2.7 star rating out of 5, and for the most part people either love or hate the service. The number one complaint is customer service experience, strangely that is also the most complimented aspect of the company in these reviews. Hidden fees, expensive rates, and difficulty canceling contracts along with early termination fees are reported in the complaints as well. Others proclaim great pricing and overall service, especially compared with other processors.

So, why the discrepancy among clients? People’s experiences can be very different even when dealing with the same processor. It is not a one size fits all business, which is why requesting a quote and comparing quotes is so important.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


Integrity offers all the usual payment acceptance methods plus helpful extras like gift cards and QuickBooks compatibility.