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MINDBODY is designed for kickboxing, pilates, hot yoga, spa, and other health and fitness businesses. In addition to a networking app, it also allows for scheduling, searching local deals, and it is a payment processor, too. As an international payment processor, it offers a variety of features that cater to mind/body businesses of all sizes, from individual entrepreneurs to fully staffed organizations. In this MINDBODY review and profile, we will take an in depth look at the scope of services it offers and what clients have to say about working with the company.
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What payment processing options are available with MINDBODY?

MINDBODY serves 42 countries world-wide and allows for payment processing in nearly any form. Whether your clients want to pay in person, online, or set up a recurring payment, MINDBODY has options for you. MINDBODY can accept all major credit card brands.

In Person Options

At a desk
No matter who is visiting your venue or what they have to pay with, presuming it is a valid form of currency, you won’t have to miss a sale. MINDBODY says it has a variety of equipment options for handling cash, checks and payment cards (credit, debit and gift cards).

Mobile (Card Present)
If you travel from place to place, being able to accept mobile payments is a must. By simply attaching a small card swiper to your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), you can take payments anywhere you go.

Mobile (Card Not Present)
It happens, people forget their wallets at home or did not remember their purse while rushing to see you, but if you have their payment information on file it isn’t a problem. MINDBODY has PCI compliant methods of storing your customer’s billing information securely so it can be used when you need it.

Online Options

Customers can use the MINDBODY app, your own personally branded app, or your personalized online store to purchase both services and products. MINDBODY has various options that can cater to what works for your business.

Recurring Payments

Buying a membership or a package deal is a great way for regulars to support your business and save a little themselves too. With MINDBODY’s auto-billing features you can offer these services. Deposits will be put in your account 2-3 days after the scheduled payment.

Gift Cards, Loyalty Programs, and Promo Codes

Gift Cards
MINDBODY offers an electronic gift card service. It allows your customer to personalize a gift card with an image, a message, and the amount.

Loyalty Programs
Why not reward your clients and encourage loyalty by showing your appreciation for their business? With MINDBODY you can create a system of earning and redeeming points based on purchases or bringing friends.

Promo Codes
A promo code can be an effective marketing tool. It offers both incentives for new and existing customers, as well as campaign feedback for your business. Accepting promo codes can allow you to feature your business with deals on websites like Groupon and LivingSocial.

What other services does MINDBODY provide?

Aside from payment processing options, MINDBODY offers services that can help businesses of all sizes:

Customer Tracking

Keeping track of client information can be a burden, but MINDBODY has a system for making this more accessible. Not only will you have access to the customer’s profile (including billing information, phone number, email address, birthday, and photo), but you can view schedules and check-ins as well.

Signed Waiver Storage

Waivers are important for a lot of businesses and MINDBODY has a feature to help create, store, and retrieve them. Customers can digitally sign waivers on the spot, and you can store them in their online account documents.


All of MINDBODY’s services can be made mobile using MINDBODY Express. This means you have the ability to take pretty much all aspects of your business with you wherever you go. Whether you want to view reports and analytics of your business, check or rearrange scheduling, process a payment, or connect with a client, you will have access to it through the MINDBODY Express app.

Are there any options that help with companies that have staff?

For businesses that are more than a one-person show, or would like to grow into one, MINDBODY offers services to facilitate communication and organization of employee information as well as help with payroll.


Being able to stay connected and informed is an important part of managing staff, especially when you are in different physical locations.  MINDBODY allows you and every member of your team to log in to its program for viewing and modifying your schedules and appointments.

Employee Tracking and Payroll

MINDBODY can individually track clock-ins and clock-outs as well as tips and commissions. This can help with motivating staff performance and goals.

You can also run payroll reports and convert the information into ADP, Paychex, or Exact Payroll Services formats.

What kind of reporting does MINDBODY offer?

Along with the fore-mentioned customer tracking and payroll options, MINDBODY also has reporting features for crunching numbers and staying on top of your business’s trajectory. You can keep an eye on trends of revenue and retention, see referral sources, and track what or who is bringing in the most bucks. Other options allow you to analyze sales or memberships, promotions, and more. The company offers this video about integrated reporting:

MINDBODY Rates and Fees

While MINDBODY does display its membership pricing, there is much more to the story of what you will be paying. Charges for processing transactions will vary and are likely to be based on a tiered pricing model. Depending on your business, various other fees will apply.

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MINDBODY was recently accredited with the Better Business Bureau in 2015, and its profile (active since 2005) boasts an A+ rating. The company has had 29 complaints closed within the last 3 years. 4 people have also left negative reviews of the company.

Many of the complaints allege that the software and app are complicated and malfunction, resulting in lost revenue and clients, not being able to retrieve important client information, and sensitive data to be displayed when it should not be.  Clients also discuss difficulty being able to cancel, hidden fees, problems with chargebacks, bad customer service, difficulty with switching service options, and hardware that did not work properly. Aside from problems with the app and software, the most common complaint for MINDBODY was about the “30 day free trial” campaign being misleading and costly.

There were no other reviews for MINDBODY on Ripoff Report, Yelp, or Google reviews. The company does display quotes from clients that praise its services throughout the website, but has no longer testimonials. As for the complaints on the software and app, the service is likely to evolve with time and technology, being aware of your specific business’s current need will help you with your decision. However, when it comes to the complaints regarding the payment services, our advice is to always make sure you are aware of cancellation policies and compare transparent quotes when shopping for a processor.

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Posted by Krista edwards on Oct 10, 2018


This has a lot of bells and whistles. Fancy for sure; would be great for a club. However, if you are truly a small business think long and hard before committing to mindbody. The price for taking recurring gym memberships QUADRUPLED in the four years I used them. When I decided it was not sustainable, it cost me hundreds of dollars to get the stored credit card info out of their server. When I got it it was only half of the information. When I called to ask about the missing people, and about the data itself I was told that when I agree to have that set of reports run I also agree to cut all ties with mindbody including access to their support. So think long and hard because while it is pretty and fancy and does lots of cool stuff, it’s pretty ugly on the other side.

Posted by Chris Oakley on Mar 25, 2016


My business worked with Mindbody Online for about 4 years and it served us well. We enjoyed the options, training and customer service, all of which were wonderful. They have a ton of features, which is both a blessing and a curse. We found it took a lot of training and organization to make the system work for our business. There were many features that we didn't use that cluttered our daily operations and the amount of time I spent with employees trying to figure out the most basic of tasks was too time consuming for us. As a smaller business, we required a simpler, more user friendly software so we ended up switching to another service. It does have most things that a business would need to run efficiently so if you're a medium sized business that doesn't have a high turn over rate for employees, this might be a good option for you. If you're looking for something simple to start up and go and is easy to train employees to use, you might want to look elsewhere.