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NXGEN Payments is a credit and debit card processing company available to businesses of different sizes across multiple industries and sectors. It aims to provide tailored solutions specific to your requirements. In addition to traditional retail businesses, NXGEN also services academic, non-profit, municipal, government, industrial, and commercial entities.

NXGEN is also one of the companies that offers an “automatic surcharge” pricing model that passes the cost of processing to your customers. In this NXGEN Payments review, we’ll look more closely at the services and costs you can expect.

Overview of NXGEN Payments

NXGEN has 20 offices around the world and can process payments from 30 countries. NXGEN and claims it is the only global payment service provider with local offices Canada, Latin America, and Europe. The company operates in the U.S., Mexico, western Europe, northern Europe, and parts of eastern and southern Europe.

When you use NXGEN for your payment processing, you can accept traditional credit and debit cards, EMV chip cards, checks, and gift cards. NXGEN can process, issue, and deposit checks including corporate and consumer checks, cashier checks, third-party checks and money orders. You can also accept checks by telephone or online.

Finally, if you choose NFC-capable equipment, you’ll be able to accept contactless payments (like Apple Pay or Chase Pay) from your customers.

Industry-Specific Solutions

NEXGEN works with multiple different industries and offers payment solutions geared to that industry. Examples include:

Restaurants — access to reliable hardware and Point of Sale (POS) solutions, integrated tips and gratuities, and security to reduce fraud and chargebacks.

Retail — solutions for online selling, brick-and-mortar stores, and mobile payments. Retail processing is designed to be fast, secure, and reliable.

Online — integration with shopping carts and other online services, low-friction payments, and fast, secure processing for online businesses.

Government, agencies, and municipal services — state and local governments, facilities providers, and other services can accept payments via debit card, credit card, or electronic transfer. Suitable for collecting bill payments, taxes, and fees.

Non-profit and charitable organizations — in addition to providing processing for non-profits, NXGEN has a referral program, NXGIVE that lets organizations get residual income from electronic payment processing.

Health and beauty — specialized payment systems for personal care businesses, options include support for traditional businesses, individual contractors, software integration, and more.

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NXGEN Payments Onboarding

NXGEN has an interesting approach to onboarding new clients. Clients start by reviewing and deciding on the right suite of products. They explore hardware and software options for taking payments and integrations based on business needs. After they have reviewed software and hardware, a consultant from NXGEN works with the client to identify the best setup, arrangements, and fees. The consultant then arranges for integration and installation of software and hardware.

Payment Services and Equipment

NXGEN provides a choice of several different solutions depending on business requirement, including an iPad-based point of sale system, traditional countertop credit card machines, online gateways, and mobile payment systems. NXGEN doesn’t provide prices and doesn’t state if equipment is purchased outright. A Better Business Bureau complaint referenced that the business owner was not aware that equipment came with a non-cancellable 48-month lease, so it’s worth finding out what’s required when selecting equipment.

Point of Sale

NXGEN offers an iPad-based point of sale (POS) solution. This includes all of the standard POS features like inventory management, taking orders and payments, discounts, and reporting. The POS software also provides rich analytics, sales trends, top sellers, and popular items. All data is stored in the cloud meaning it’s available anywhere. There are no setup or transaction fees for the POS solution, although there may be other fees.

In-Store Payment Terminals and PIN Pads

NXGEN provides a variety of wired terminals for taking in-person payments. We’ve reviewed most of this hardware in the CardFellow equipment directory. Their terminal hardware includes options from Verifone and Ingenico. As of 2017, NXGEN offers Ingenico and Verifone models, including wireless options. ?

NXGEN also offers a virtual terminal option that allows you to securely accept payments through your internet-connected computer. Virtual terminals are ideal for taking payments over the phone or by mail, though you can also choose to take cards in person with a virtual terminal if you prefer.

Online Processing

For ecommerce processing, NXGEN offers the Converge solution, offering real-time processing, shopping cart integration, tokenization and more. Converge can be implemented using a hosted payment page or through direct integration with your web site. The flexible API is compatible with most leading shopping cart providers. Alternately, the company offers integration with payment gateways like and PayPal’s Payflow Pro.

Mobile Payments

Businesses that are regularly on the go often turn to smartphone readers that allow them to securely process payments from almost anywhere. NXGEN offers the Ingenico iCMP reader and Magtek iDynamo or uDynamo, which connect to Android or Apple smartphones to enable payment acceptance.

Automatic Surcharging

In 2013, it became permissible for businesses to surcharge credit card transactions. Surcharging allows your business to add a fee if customers choose to pay by credit card. Visa and MasterCard publish rules regarding surcharging, and some processing companies have begun offering an “automatic surcharge” model where the fee will be automatically calculated and added to the customer’s transaction.

NXGEN offers this service. While the company claims it will drop your processing fees to 0% (because processing costs will be passed to your customers) this isn’t quite accurate. You’ll still have to pay the costs to process debit cards (which cannot be surcharged) and a monthly fee of $19.99 applies.

Convenience and Service Fees

In some cases, country and local governments can get revenue through convenience and service fees. These can be applied for many different types of permits, licenses, bonds, fines, and payments. NXGEN supports service fees for local property taxes, federal, and state income taxes.

Note that surcharging is currently prohibited in 10 states, though several states are currently debating the legality of surcharge bans in court.

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Other Services

In addition to credit and debit card processing, NXGEN offers options for gift and loyalty card programs, merchant cash advances for funding, and consumer financing for your customers. NXGEN also offers:

  • Point of Citation program for collecting payments and fines for county and municipal courts.
  • Data collection and reporting for government and municipal agencies to comply with regulations.
  • Tracking and reporting of donations and referrals for non-profits and charities.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

NXGEN provides loyalty, promotional, and gift card services to improve customer retention and enhance sales. These services are easy to setup and integrate seamlessly with POS and payment processing. The loyalty program tracks loyalty points, rewards, and offers just using the customer’s phone number.

Are gift cards or loyalty programs new for your business? Before you jump in, start with our guides:

How to Start a Successful Loyalty Program
How to Accept Gift Cards at Your Business

Merchant Cash Advance

NXGEN offers merchant cash advances up to $500,000 to qualified businesses. Cash advances are a little different than traditional loans in that they don’t have an interest rate or a monthly repayment schedule. Rather, you’ll repay the advance through daily deductions from your credit card sales.

In most cases, cash advances are easier to obtain and with less stringent requirements than traditional small business loans. However, the fees can often be more expensive. Read more about merchant cash advances.

Consumer Financing

NXGEN also offers a consumer financing program, where you’ll be paid immediately for a purchase that your customer chooses to finance. You can finance up to $5,000 per account, and you’ll be funded for the purchase upfront rather than waiting for the customer to pay off their purchase. Customers can choose 3, 6, or 12-month financing options.


NXGEN provides a complete range of security services to protect transactions. This includes PCI DSS, EMV, and tokenization. It also offers security training as part of implementing new solutions and best practice training for preventing fraud and bad actors. The company offers assistance with PCI compliance to protect your business and from fines associated with PCI DSS breaches.

NXGEN Payments Rates and Fees

NXGEN does not provide up-front payment details for its various services, as these would be tailored to individual businesses. Processing fees vary depending on the volume and value of transactions, the type of cards you accept, how you accept cards and various other factors and fees including software subscription and hardware costs.

However, you can view pricing for your business with no obligation and no sales calls by requesting a quote through’s quote comparison tool. Try it here.

NXGEN Payments Reviews

Interestingly, there are almost no reviews of NXGEN Payments online. The company has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, which only lists one customer complaint against them. The complaint alleges that the business was promised lower pricing and the ability to cancel without penalty, but was charged after cancellation. The business was also unknowingly locked into an equipment lease, which was not able to be cancelled even once the merchant processing account was cancelled.

The company’s official Facebook page has a reviews section where they received an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars over six reviews, however only one review actually provides text commentary.

NXGEN reviews

That review states that the customer support is excellent and that businesses shouldn’t hesitate to work with the company.

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NXGEN offers lots of options for businesses in different industries, but doesn't offer many details about pricing models or equipment costs/leasing.

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