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Founded in 1999 and located in Georgia, Payment Transaction Systems (PTS) is a credit card processing company that offers services to businesses in multiple industries. The company’s website doesn’t provide a lot of information on services, and at the time of this review, several sections are completely empty and others have Latin placeholder text. We’ve reached out to Payment Transaction Systems for further information. Until then, here’s what we can tell you about PTS.


Payment Transaction Systems offers credit and debit card processing for both brick-and-mortar and online businesses. The company promises next-day funding, 24/7 customer service,

PTS states that it offers a merchant cash advance program and an electronic gift card program, but those are two of the services on its website where no additional details are provided. We’ll update this section once we’ve obtained more information from PTS.

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Payment Transaction Systems supports equipment that runs on the First Data platform, including the Clover POS and the FD130 countertop terminal, and universal equipment like the Verifone Vx520. The Clover Station is a full point of sale system that includes functions like inventory management, barcode scanning, and an app store to customize the applications on your system. The FD130 terminal is a more basic countertop credit card reader that allows you to take cards (including EMV chip cards), print receipts, and view limited reports.

The company lists prices for terminals, starting at $150 for some countertop models.

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Payment Transaction Systems Rates and Fees

Despite a “pricing” section on its website, PTS doesn’t publish any information about processing rates or fees. At the time of this writing, the company’s pricing page simply has the heading “Interchange” with no other information or links.

The company does state elsewhere on its website that it doesn’t charge hidden fees and that there is no cancellation fee to end a processing agreement. As with any contract, be sure to read the agreement completely before signing.

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PTS Reviews

For a company that’s been in business for almost 20 years, there isn’t a lot to report for customer reviews. PTS has a Facebook page, but it contains no reviews at all. There are likewise no reviews on Yelp, Ripoff Report, or Google reviews, and the company doesn’t offer client testimonials on its website.

The sole Payment Transaction Systems review we found is on the Better Business Bureau’s website, where it’s marked as a positive review. The reviewer states that they’ve been with PTS for more than 10 years and that service and pricing are both great.

Payment Transaction Systems is not accredited with the BBB and currently doesn’t have a BBB grade.

This lack of information from current or former clients makes it all the more important to hear from businesses who’ve used PTS. Is that you? Help us (and other businesses!) Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Jun 13, 2017


Payment Transaction Systems doesn't provide a lot of info on its website like what gateway(s) are supported for online transactions, what pricing models it offers, etc. We'd like to see more details on the services posted publicly.

We are in the process of releasing a new iteration of our website. With the new iteration, we will provide more information on our gateways. Gateways we support NMS gateway Payeezy Gateway We Will submit a reply in the next few weeks when our new website launches.