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Pineapple Payments is a payment processing company founded by Brian Shanahan, who previously founded another payments company called CardConnect. Pineapple is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and has been in business since 2016. In 2017, the company announced it was acquiring Payline, but further details have not been made available yet.

For now, let’s take a look at what you can expect for costs, features, and more when you use Pineapple Payments for your credit card processing needs.

Payment Services

Pineapple offers all the usual payment choices, including the ability to take credit cards in-store, online, or on the road using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Pineapple Payments homepage

For in-store processing, Pineapple can set you up with a countertop credit card machine for basic transaction processing, or a full POS system using an iPad for advanced functions such as gift card redemption.

Online processing offers integration with many major shopping carts and provides tokenization and encryption for security. Additionally, you can take advantage of a virtual terminal for accepting payments over the phone. The virtual terminal includes a subscription billing option for businesses that need to set up recurring payments.

These days, more businesses are choosing to take payments away from a traditional storefront. Mobile payment solutions make it easier. Pineapple offers an EMV-capable swiper and a payments app that includes options to add gratuities and email customer receipts. The mobile solution is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Card information is not stored on your server, helping protect you from data breaches, but you’ll still be able to run reports and view important information on your transactions and history.

Enhanced Data

For businesses that accept corporate or government cards, it’s important to get set up to correctly provide Level 2 and Level 3 enhanced data in order to secure the lowest interchange costs. Pineapple Payments’ virtual terminal and gateway both help you pass Level 2 and Level 3 data with limited input from you.

While this isn’t relevant for businesses that mostly serve consumers, it’s very important for B2B businesses. You can read more in our guide B2B Transactions: Level 2 and Level 3 Enhanced Data.


While Pineapple Payments references equipment and gateways, the company doesn’t provide details on its website about brands and models, pricing, or if you’ll purchase equipment vs. leasing.

The company does specify that machines are EMV chip card capable, and that it offers point-to-point encryption on transactions.

We’ve reached out to Pineapple for more information, and will update this profile as details become available.

Rates and Fees

Pineapple Payments offers a few options for pricing model. If you’re not familiar with pricing models, reading our article on the subject will provide helpful context. Read more at Credit Card Processing Basics: Pricing Model.

The company can charge using an interchange plus pricing model - the most transparent option and the model we require here at CardFellow – or a flat rate model. With interchange plus, you’ll pay the actual cost of interchange and assessments charged by the banks and card brands, plus a separate markup to the processor. With flat rate, all of the costs are bundled together.

Flat rate looks simpler, but is usually not the most competitive. The exception is businesses with small average tickets (under $10) or that only take a few thousand dollars per month in credit cards. If that’s you, flat rate can be beneficial. If it’s not, it would be a good idea to get a quote on interchange plus pricing to compare.

Want to request a free, no obligation quote to compare easily with other processors? Try CardFellow’s free quote request tool.

Pineapple Payments Reviews

As of this writing, there are virtually no reviews for Pineapple Payments other than a few testimonials on the company’s website. Those testimonials praise Pineapple’s professionalism, flexible gateway, and helpful customer service. The reviews include a full name, business name, and reviewer’s position at their business.

Other than those reviews, there’s not a lot to report. The company has not enabled the reviews function on its official Facebook page. Additionally, Pineapple doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau profile, a Yelp profile, or Google Reviews.

The lack of reviews is likely due to the company’s relatively young age. If you’ve used Pineapple at your business, help us out by letting us know what you think. Leave a review!


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