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ReversePAY is one of the companies offering a “new” processing model. Instead of charging processing fees for each transaction to your business, the company will charge your customers by adding the processing fee to their total.
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This type of “zero fee” processing has both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at how it works, what you can expect, and costs, service and more in this ReversePAY review.

Note that zero fee processing is not available in states that prohibit surcharges.

How does “zero fee” processing work?

Zero fee credit card processing could more accurately be called “automatic surcharge” processing. When customers use a credit card at your business, it costs money to process that transaction. Until now, your business paid that cost, through your processor.

In 2013, the practice of surcharging, or adding a fee to transactions if a customer uses a credit card – became permissible. Zero fee processing adds a surcharge automatically, shifting the cost of transactions from you to your customers. However, the term “zero fee” is misleading, as there are still costs to you.

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About ReversePAY

The company offers a short introduction video, below:

ReversePAY Services

ReversePAY offers credit card processing services to businesses in multiple industries. The company states it can work with both brick-and-mortar and online businesses, though it mentions that the prime candidates for zero fee processing are brick-and-mortar retailers.

With zero fee processing, you’ll be able to accept all major credit and debit cards as you normally would. If you decide that passing the fee to your customers is not a good fit once you’ve signed up, you can request a switch to a traditional pricing model where you’ll pay the costs of processing.


Through its sister company Cash Tech, ReversePAY offers ATM placement with commissions, allowing you to provide a convenient service for your customers and make a little extra money on the side. We’ve reached out to ReversePAY for more details on the ATM program.


ReversePAY mentions that it offers multiple equipment options, with a choice of several PCI compliant gateways. However, the company doesn’t specify what the equipment choices actually are. We attempted to clarify through ReversePAY’s live chat system on two separate days, but no one ever replied to the live chat message. We’ve also reached out by email, and will update this review as more information becomes available.

ReversePAY Costs

So will ReversePAY really cost you nothing? Not exactly.

Surcharges are only allowed on credit cards. Debit cards may never be surcharged, even when “run as credit.” If your customers pay with debit cards, you will still pay the costs of processing the debit transaction. Additionally, you’ll need to pay for equipment through ReversePAY.

Costs to Your Customers

The actual charge to your customers will be determined between you and ReversePAY. Surcharges are capped at 4% of the transaction total or the actual cost of processing, whichever is greater.

Keep in mind that consumers have expressed disapproval of surcharges, and consider all variables before implementing a surcharge for credit card usage.

ReversePAY Reviews

There are virtually no reviews of ReversePAY available as of May 2017. The company has an official facebook page, but no clients have left a review. Additionally, ReversePAY does not list any testimonials on its website, nor does it have a Better Business Bureau profile.

With so little information available, it’s more important than ever to hear from businesses that have used this company. Help us (and your fellow business owners!) Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on May 05, 2017


ReversePAY's automatic surcharge system is an interesting idea that could potentially help businesses save money.