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Simplefy (not to be confused with Simplify Commerce, by Mastercard) is a processing company located in California. It offers a range of basic processing services - such as credit and debit card processing - as well as additional services like gift cards, merchant cash advances, and ATM placement. If you're deciding on a credit card processor, this Simplefy review will give you details on services, costs, and more to help you make an informed decision.
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Processing Services

Simplefy lets you take major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners’ Club, and JCB. Additionally, you can choose to accept checks through Telecheck.

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You’ll have flexibility in how you take payments – in person with a traditional credit card machine or POS system, in person using a smartphone or tablet with an attached card reader, or online. You can also choose to set up a virtual terminal to hand key card information from orders placed by phone.

Cash Advances

Simplefy offers merchant cash advances as a way to access capital. Cash advances are similar to loans, but with a few key differences: There is no interest rate and no fixed monthly payment. Instead, when you accept an advance, you agree to repay the total and fees through a percentage of your daily credit card sales, which will be deducted automatically.

Cash advances typically have fewer or less stringent requirements than small business loans, but may also be more expensive overall.

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Gift Cards

If you’d like to take advantage of the popularity of gift cards, you can customize a gift card with your business logo to sell at your location. Electronic cards are more secure than paper gift certificates, less prone to customer theft, and make your business look more professional.


Simplefy offers credit card processing machines from major brands like Verifone, Ingenico, and First Data. Countertop (wired) and wireless models are available. Specific features vary by terminal, but machines will be chip card-capable. If you’d prefer a full point-of-sale system, Simplefy offers the Clover POS Station.

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If you need to take payments using a smartphone or tablet, options are available for both Android and Apple devices. The AnywhereCommerce Walker can be used for secure mobile transactions.

For ecommerce businesses, Simplefy supports several payment gateways, including the popular Authorize.Net.


If you’d like to install an ATM at your location to encourage customers to use cash or provide the convenience of one-stop shopping, Simplefy offers several choices for ATM placement. You can choose to buy or lease-to-own an ATM from manufacturers like Halo and Argo. If you decide to impose fees to customers for using the ATM, you’ll keep the fees as extra revenue.

Rates and Fees

Simplefy’s website boasts no startup fees, early termination fees, or hidden fees. The company also states that it doesn’t use deceptive tiered pricing models.

Beyond that, however, rates and fees will vary depending on many factors, including your industry, volume, average transaction size, how you’re accepting cards, and more. You can request a fully disclosed quote from Simplefy using CardFellow’s quote comparison tool.

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Simplefy Reviews

Simplefy reviews are few and far between online. The company doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau profile, a Yelp profile, or Google reviews. While Simplefy has a Facebook page with reviews enabled, there are none available, nor does the company include customer testimonials on its website.

The lack of information makes it more important than ever to hear from businesses that currently or previously worked with Simplefy for credit and debit card processing.

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Posted by CardFellow on Sep 12, 2017


Simplefy's website doesn't provide as much info as we'd like to see, such as more details on pricing model, the gift card programs, and customer reviews.