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SQ Merchant Services (not to be confused with Square) is a merchant services company that offers credit card processing and other services for businesses. If you’re considering SQ Merchant Services, here’s what you need to know about their offerings, rates and fees, contract, reviews, and more.
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SQ Merchant Services

SQ Merchant Services offers a basic range of processing and business services. You can take credit and debit cards (in person, online, with mobile devices, or using internet-connected computers), purchase breach insurance, and get cash advances against future credit card sales.

Credit Card Processing

SQ Merchant Services provides credit card processing for in-person transactions using traditional credit card terminals, online processing using the popular gateway, and mobile processing with card readers that attach to smartphones or tablets. With SQMS, you can take major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as PayPal payments.

In addition to in-person and e-commerce forms of payment, SQ Merchant Services offers the Transaction Express system to let you take cards and process them through any internet-connected computer. Transaction Express is ideal for mail and phone order businesses, utilities, healthcare, and more. Real-time processing includes customized reporting to help you track and manage your transactions.

Breach Insurance

We’ve all seen the stories about credit card breaches at major retailers. Breaches can affect small businesses as well. SQ Merchant Services offers a Data Breach Security Program that provides up to $100,000 coverage for different types of data breaches, including terminal theft, credit card receipt theft, skimming, and more. The Data Breach Security Program helps cover costs associated with breach audits, card replacement costs, and industry fines.

Read our article on data breach insurance to determine if it’s right for your business.

Cash Advances

Need money for business purposes like buying inventory, advertising, or expanding your location? SQ Merchant Services offers merchant cash advances. You get cash, and repay it through a percentage of your sales each day. There’s no set monthly fixed repayment. SQ Merchant Services offers same-day approval through a simple application process. A minimum 500 FICO score is required, along with $4,000/month in credit card processing. Only a person with at least 50% ownership in the business can enter into a cash advance, and that person must have spent at least 9 months as the controlling owner. There is a minimum of $5,000.

Can I get equipment from SQ Merchant Services?


SQ Merchant Services is an authorized distributor of Verifone products and offers both leasing and purchasing options. Options vary by model, but SQ Merchant Services’ equipment is PCI compliant and features encryption technology for security.

When considering what’s right for you, note that CardFellow prohibits leasing terminals for certified quotes placed in our marketplace, and suggest that you don’t lease equipment.

If you already have equipment, SQ Merchant Services may be able to reprogram it for you, meaning you can keep using your existing machine.

Customer Service

SQ Merchant Services offers extended customer service hours from 7am – 9pm Monday through Friday, and 7am – 2pm on Saturday. Customer service is closed on Sundays and holidays. Note that the phone lines actually close at 6pm on weekdays and calls will go to voicemail, but the voicemail line is monitored hourly until the 9pm official customer support closing time. Emergency calls received through voicemail will be answered immediately upon receipt.

What does it cost?

SQ Merchant Services doesn’t publish any rate or fee information on their site. Not to worry! Find out exactly what SQ Merchant Services will cost for your business by signing in to your CardFellow account and requesting a quote. Don’t have a CardFellow account? No problem! Accounts are free (really!) and it only takes a few minutes. Head over to our sign up form to get started.

What about contracts and termination fees?

Unfortunately, SQ Merchant Services doesn’t include any information whatsoever about contracts or termination fees. Be sure to read any contracts carefully to fully understand terms, including contract length, possibility for automatic renewals, and any penalties for cancellation.


It’s difficult to find information and reviews for SQ Merchant Services online, probably in part because of the similarity of the beginning of their name to Square. The company doesn’t have a profile with the Better Business Bureau as of November 2015, nor do they have reviews (positive or negative) with Yelp or Ripoff Report. SQ Merchant Services also does not list testimonials or awards on their website.

What CardFellow Thinks

As of November 2015, we have not reviewed any statements for SQ Merchant Services. CardFellow doesn’t rate processors or offer unsubstantiated information and so cannot make a recommendation for or against SQ Merchant Services at this time.

As noted in the profile itself, SQ Merchant Services offers services that CardFellow actively prohibits (such as leasing) and services that we think are usually not in a business’s best interest (like breach insurance.) However, breach insurance and leasing are options with SQ Merchant Services, not requirements.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


SQ works with universal equipment, which is great because you may be able to bring your current machine with you.

SQ Merchant Services
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